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Organic Chemistry Division Awards

The Athel Beckwith Lectureship - Sponsored by John Morris Scientific

The Organic Division of The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc. has established an annual funded lectureship to allow outstanding, recently appointed, organic chemists to travel around Australia and present the results of their research work. The objective is to provide the Lecturer with the opportunity to achieve broader recognition and exposure at an early stage in their career.


There is no age limit, however nominees must have been appointed to their first academic or industrial position (at least academic level B or equivalent), and within the five years preceding the closing date of nominations. Nominees should not have been invited to present a plenary lecture at an RACI Divisional Conference. Only in exceptional circumstances will individuals falling outside these bounds be considered.

Requirements of lectureship

The Lecturer will be expected to present a lecture in at least six state/territory capitals and/or major regional centres during the year of the lectureship. A brief report of the lecture series will be required. The lecture program will be developed in consultation with the selection committee, with final approval by the Chair of the Organic Division.

Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses up to a maximum of $3,500 will be provided. Nominations should be submitted to the Chair of the Organic Chemistry Division by June 30, 2016. The recipient will be announced in July 2016.

Chair - Dr John Tsanaktsidis - john.tsanaktsidis@csiro.au

Past Recipients

1998 - Robert Baker and Paul Savage (inaugural)
2002 - Steven Langford
2003 - Malcolm McLeod
2004 - Kate Jolliffe
2005 - Jason Smith and Spencer Williams
2006 - Mark Coster and Kellie Tuck
2007 - Peter Rutledge
2008 - Matthew Piggott
2009 - Danielle Skropeta and Fei Liu
2010 - Scott Stewart
2011 – David Lupton
2012 - Richard Payne
2013 - Keith Stubbs
​2014 - Chris McErlean
2015 - Jonathan George

The A. J. Birch Medal

The premier award of the Organic Chemistry Division of the RACI is the A. J. Birch Medal for excellence in organic chemical research conducted in Australia by a member of The RACI. One medal may be awarded at each National Meeting of the Division and the recipient shall normally be invited to present a paper to the National Meeting at which the award is made.

Past Recipients

1992 – Athel Beckwith and Les Field (inaugural)

1994 – Lew Mander
1996 - Michael Paddon-Row
1998 – Max Crossley
2000 – Chris Easton
2001 – John Bowie
2003 – David Black
2004 – Martin Banwell
2005 – Chris Strauss
2006 - Carl Schiesser
2008 – Michael Sherburn
2010 – Mark Rizzacasa
2012 - Steven Pyne
​2014- Curt Wentrup

Organometallic Chemistry Award

The 2016 Organometallic Chemistry Award, jointly awarded by the Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Divisions of the RACI, will be open soon for nominations.

The award is given to a financial member of the RACI, with less than 12 years of professional experience since completing their most recent relevant qualification, for contributions to the development of organometallic chemistry. The contribution will be for research work published, or accepted for publication, including patents and industrial reports. The work covers the period of ten years immediately preceding the award, with the major proportion being carried out in Australia. The award is for any area of organometallic chemistry encompassing synthesis, structure, catalysis, environmental, industrial materials, main group, transition metal and f-block chemistry.

Candidates may apply personally or be nominated by other members of the RACI. Proposals should contain the following information: a brief curriculum vitae; a list of publications for the past 10 years (2005 to the time of the nomination) for which there has been a significant contribution to the field of organometallic chemistry; reprints of no more than 10 of the most significant of these publications; and any supporting information that could be helpful to the Selection Committee. Nominees should also arrange for two independent testimonials to be forwarded to the Award Secretary via email to OrganometallicAward@raci.org.au.

Nominations should be forwarded to OrganometallicAward@raci.org.au by TBA

Student Bursaries for Conference Travel - generously sponsored by CSIRO

The Organic Division of the RACI is calling for applications for student bursaries to assist current RACI student members, who have been a member for at least 1 year, with attendance at organic chemistry related conferences within Australia.

Up to 10 bursaries of up to $500 will be provided for travel to conferences for the 2016 calendar year (January 1 to December 31). To apply please send a CV, your RACI membership number, details of the conference to be attended and an abstract of your poster or oral presentation to the Chair of the Organic Chemistry Division by June 30 2016.

Chair - Dr John Tsanaktsidis - john.tsanaktsidis@csiro.au

The Mander Best PhD Thesis in Organic Chemistry Award

The Mander Best PhD Thesis in Organic Chemistry Award recognizes the best PhD thesis submitted in the previous two years in the field of organic chemistry. This award is for outstanding achievement and communication in organic chemistry. The recipient will receive a cash prize of $1000, generously provided by Davies Collison Cave.

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Organic Chemistry Division will award the prize annually to an RACI member who is judged to have submitted the most outstanding PhD thesis in organic chemistry under the auspices of an Australian University and whose degree has been approved in the previous two years.

The award is open to anyone working broadly in the field of organic chemistry. One prize will be awarded each year but can be shared if the judges deem two or more theses are of equal standard. If the committee considers that none of the theses submitted reach an appropriate standard, no award will be made. To be eligible for the award, the candidate must be a financial RACI member for at least 12 months and must have had the PhD degree approved by the governing body of an Australian University within the previous two years dating from the close of applications. No candidate may be nominated more than once.

The nomination should be made by the candidate’s supervisor(s) by email to the Chair of the Organic Chemistry Division of the RACI by June 30, 2016. The nomination should include all papers published by the candidate, a citation describing the significance of the work, and examiners' reports.

Chair - Dr John Tsanaktsidis - john.tsanaktsidis@csiro.au