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Explore the heart of collaboration at the RACI, where success intertwines with valued alliances across diverse sectors of our wider community. Aligned with organisations sharing our zeal for knowledge advancement and positive change through the chemical sciences, we leverage collective expertise to navigate challenges. 

To our current partners, gratitude for your trust in us. To potential collaborators, discover a partnership transcending transactions, forging a lasting impact. Together, we can build a brighter future for all. 

To find out more about how you can benefit from partnership with us, call +61 (03) 9328 2033 or use the Contact Us form on this website. 

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Our Partners

Chemistry Societies

American Chemical Society (ACS)

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is dedicated to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of chemistry professionals. 

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Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS)

The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) unites 32 chemical societies in the Asia-Pacific, promoting the advancement of chemistry and the interests of professional chemists in the region.

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Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)

The Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GDCh) is the largest chemical society in continental Europe, with around 30,000 members from science, business, and the liberal professions. 

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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is a leading professional association dedicated to advancing the chemical sciences. It connects chemical scientists, shapes the future of the field, and publishes quality research to benefit humanity.

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University of New South Wales (UNSW)

UNSW Sydney is a leading Australian university committed to excellence in research, education, and creating positive global impact through innovative solutions.

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Associations and Peak Bodies

Accord Australasia

Accord represents the hygiene, personal care and specialty formulated products industry - enhancing the business operating environment and recognition of our industry’s positive role in society.

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Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST)

The AIFST unites food industry professionals to advance and inspire the Australian food sector through education, collaboration, and recognition, ensuring a robust, innovative, science-based industry.

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Surface Coatings Association Australia (SCAA)

Surface Coatings Association Australia (SCAA) is a leading organization dedicated to advancing the technology and education of the surface coatings industry. They provide technical education and foster a community of professionals.

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Business & Industry

Leeder Analytical

Leeder Analytical provides specialist testing and expert consultancy across a wide range of areas including environmental forensics, food and beverage testing, auditor support, identification of unknown chemical compounds, chemical residues and impurities.

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pH Factor

Since 2010, pH Factor has been helping Australian beauty, cosmetics, and home care brands formulate, create, and deliver award-winning, market ready products.

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Sharp & Howells

Sharp & Howells is a consulting chemical analysis and industrial forensic chemistry laboratory, the oldest NATA-accredited privately-owned chemical lab in Australia.

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Specialist Organisations


VETASSESS is Australia's largest skills assessment service, offering assessments for over 360 professional and trade occupations. They assess qualifications and work experience for migration and employment purposes.

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