Education & Outreach

Welcome to the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, where we've been dedicated to advancing chemistry education for over a century. Our diverse resources cater to learners of all levels, offering engaging experiments, competitions, and programs that spark curiosity and celebrate scientific brilliance. Through outreach initiatives, we promote scientific literacy nationwide, while our accreditation service ensures high standards in university chemistry courses. Join us in creating a community where knowledge thrives and the transformative power of chemistry is realized. Explore our Statements page to see how we drive positive change and shape the future of chemistry.

Educational initiatives & competitions

The RACI is committed to providing activities and educational opportunities for the next generation of chemists in Australia, and throughout the world. Every year we organise a number of state-based and national events, competitions and activities that both assist teachers in explaining concepts and stimulate interest in science in students.

University accreditation

Embark on a dynamic partnership with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), where we collaborate closely with higher education institutions to elevate their chemical science programs to unparalleled professional standards. Our shared goal is to empower students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive as practicing chemists.

RACI statements & policies

Discover RACI's guiding principles and policies, shaping a foundation of excellence. Explore our statements and policies webpage for a transparent insight into our commitment and standards.

Latest News

Explore RACI's latest updates, featuring member opportunities, events, and global science news. In collaboration with leading scientific bodies, stay informed about local and global headlines.

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Discover the abundance of benefits at RACI, where students and teachers can unlock a world of opportunities through school affiliate memberships, offering discounts on individual member fees and competitions, coupled with a rich trove of invaluable teacher and student resources.