Tailored for our members nationwide, Branches host educational activities, networking events, and opportunities to connect regularly in person. With a Branch in every state and territory, you’re always in good company.  

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Australian Capital Territory

The RACI's ACT branch is dedicated to promoting chemistry within the broader community, with a special emphasis on organizing engaging events for primary and secondary school students. This commitment extends to the seamless coordination and execution of events and activities tailored for our local members.

New South Wales

Monthly, our vibrant RACI NSW Branch committee joins forces to craft exciting plans, curating a calendar filled with engaging activities and events. We're dedicated to creating memorable experiences for our local members and extending the excitement to the wider community!

Northern Territory

The NT Branch of the RACI is a tight-knit team that comes together every two months to cook up exciting plans! Our mission: crafting regular activities and events that not only energize our local members but also spread the enthusiasm to the broader community. Despite being a compact bunch, we're a dynamo, specializing in thrilling competitions for school students, networking extravaganzas, and prestigious awards for undergrad and research champs. Calling all chemistry enthusiasts in the NT from the education and industry sectors – let's make our community even more vibrant together! Join us on this adventure!


Prepare for a monthly infusion of excitement! The QLD Branch of the RACI stands out as more than just a committee – we are dedicated to orchestrating enriching experiences. Our objective is to curate a monthly calendar filled with impactful activities and events, catering not only to our local members but also to the broader community.

Moreover, we have established specialized interest groups within our branch, fostering mini-communities where members with shared interests can engage in networking, event hosting, and connect with the wider chemistry community. Explore a realm of boundless opportunities and consider joining us on this journey – because in chemistry, we don't just study; we embark on a professional adventure!

South Australia

Welcome to the heartbeat of chemistry in SA! The RACI's SA Branch committee convenes monthly to craft a vibrant calendar of activities and events, not just for our local members but for the wider community.

But that's not all – we've cultivated diverse specialist interest groups within our Branch. These groups are hubs of networking and tailored events for members with specific interests, inviting the broader chemistry community to participate. Join us in creating connections and advancing the field – your involvement is key to our collaborative success!


In the heart of Tasmania, our RACI community thrives with tight-knit camaraderie despite its size. From coast to coast, our members work and study, forming a dynamic network across the island.

Operated seamlessly through the Branch, we foster a unified community, sans separate special interest groups. Our dedicated volunteer committee, meeting bi-monthly, orchestrates an array of engaging activities for both local members and the broader community – think networking opportunities, site visits, online professional development, quiz nights, and youth activities. Ever keen to grow, we welcome members interested in joining our committee. Let's shape the future of chemistry together!


Step into the dynamic world of chemistry in Victoria! The RACI's Vic Branch committee comes together monthly, crafting a vibrant tapestry of activities and events for our local members and the broader community.

But that's not all – our Branch boasts an array of specialist interest groups, each offering unique opportunities for membership participation. These groups are the heartbeat of tailored experiences, and we extend a warm invitation for you to join and contribute your passion and expertise. Let's elevate the chemistry community together!

Western Australia

Embark on a monthly journey with the RACI's WA Branch committee as we curate exciting activities and events for both our local members and the wider community.

Dive deeper into our Branch, where diverse specialist interest groups flourish, offering a myriad of experiences for our members. Join us in these engaging ventures – your involvement is the missing piece that completes our chemistry community puzzle!