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Nominations open for the Archibald D. Olle Prize! 

06-05-2024 11:08

It is with very great pleasure that I announce nominations are open for the Archibald D. Olle Prize! The deadline for nominations is 3 July 2024.

This Award is a national award, administered by the NSW Branch of RACI. It is an annual prize awarded to a member of the RACI who submits the best treatise, writing or paper on any subject relevant to the interests of the Institute. 

Archibald Ollé was very active in the chemical and scientific life of NSW in the first 40 years of the twentieth century, and his wife, who outlived him, left a bequest to the RACI NSW Branch to his name with an annual prize. The NSW Branch Committee administers the Prize and has established the following conditions.

  • Nominations are invited from candidates themselves or from persons knowing suitable candidates.
  • Nominees must be financial members of the RACI and have been for 12 months preceding the date of nomination.
  • Each nominee shall submit a single scientific work published during the period 1 January - 31 December 2023 (i.e., award should be for publications made in the previous year)
  • Nominations must be in writing, setting out the name, address, academic qualifications, and present position of the nominee and be signed by the nominee and nominator.
  • Where the work involves more than one author, the nominator should arrange for all the other authors to send an indication of the contribution of the nominee.  Though submission of multi-authored works is not discouraged, authors should be aware that in the past the adjudicators have found it very difficult to establish the relative merits of single and multi-authored works in terms of making an award to an individual.
  • There is no monetary award for the Ollé Prize.
  • Nominations should be addressed to:

            The President

            The Royal Australian Chemical Institute, NSW Branch

            School of Chemistry

            UNSW Sydney 2052


Nominations must be received on or before 3 July 2024.

Applications should be made in a single PDF document via the NSW Branch Receipt will be acknowledged by return email.

  • n all matters relating to this Prize, the decision of the NSW Branch Committee shall be final, and the Committee may not make an award if, in the opinion of the assessors, the submissions are not of a sufficiently high standard.  
  • The award is presented at the Presidents’ Dinner or AGM according to the timing of decisions and availability of the recipient.

  The result will be communicated to all entrants and will be published in “Chemistry in Australia”. 

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