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School Affiliate Member

Download a School Membership Flyer here.

As a result of being active in chemical education at primary and secondary school level the RACI has developed a school affiliate membership to assist schools in the provision of chemistry education.

As an RACI School Affiliate the school, teachers and students all benefit, with access to educational resources and an invaluable opportunity to find out more about the chemistry profession through networking with other RACI members.


Annual Lectures

Most regions run annual regional lecture series to inspire an interest in chemistry and related sciences.

Chemistry Quiz and Competitions

Your school will have access to theoretical and practical competitions including the RACI’s ANCQ, titration and crystal growing at reduced rates*.

Subscription to Chemistry in Australia

You will receive monthly issues of Chemistry in Australia, the RACI’s member magazine.

Support for Chemistry Teachers

You will have access to support, should you wish to reach Chartered Chemist (CChem) status.

Professional Recognition

As an RACI member, you are eligible for National, State and Divisional Teaching Awards.

Discounted Entry to RACI-sponsored Events and Conferences

As an RACI member you will receive discounted entry to our conferences and most events, and have the opportunity to network with chemistry professionals.


RACI School Affiliate Membership costs $190 per financial year.

School teachers who are full members (MRACI and above) of the RACI will receive a 50% discount on membership if their school is an affiliate member.

* RACI School Affiliate Members will receive a refund cheque from the RACI to the value of 10% of the fees paid for students participating in any RACI-organised school competition. The refunded amount must be used for science based activities.

Membership Period: 24th Feb 17 to 30th Jun 17