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Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc., was founded in January 1917, and has several special interest divisions including the Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology (formerly the Division of Medicinal and Agricultural Chemistry, and the Division of Biomolecular Chemistry).

The division had as its patron the eminent Australian scientist Adrien Albert who was world renowned for his work in toxicology and chemistry. The division has named its most prestigious lectureship, The Adrien Albert Lecture after him.

The division has established reciprocal links with the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society and has held two highly successful joint conferences.

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Peter Scammells

Immediate Past-chair

Michael Kassiou


Jonathan Morris


Andrew Harvey

State Reps

Peter Duggan (VIC)

Rachel Codd (NSW)

Matthew Piggott (WA)

Andrew Abell (SA)

Sally-Anne Poulsen (QLD)

ECR Liaison

Lenka Munoz

Hendra Gunosewoyo

Foreign Societies Liaison Officers

Dave Winkler

Shelli McAlpine

Committee Members

Jonathan Baell, Chris Burns, Bret Church, Renate Griffith, Joanne Jamie, Michael Kelso, Richard Payne

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