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2017 Committee Members


A/Prof. Mike Perkins
Flinders University

Vice President

Prof. Chris Sumby
University of Adelaide

Past President

Prof. Greg Metha
University of Adelaide


Dr Jason Gascooke
Flinders University


A/Prof. Tak Kee
University of Adelaide

Communications Officer

Prof. Hugh Harris
University of Adelaide

Committee Members

Dr Dave Jeffery
Dr Sue Pyke
Dr Paul Smith
A/Prof. Stewart Walker


(representatives are also committee members)

Chemical Education Group (Click here)

Robyn Pillans

For information on the activities for schools run by the SA Branch, including the Crystal Growing and Titration Competitions, click here.

History and Archives (Click here)

John Mason

Industrial Chemistry Group

Dr Ken Pidgeon

Pharmaceutial Sciences Group

Dr Matt Sykes

Physical Chemistry Group

Dr Ula Alexander

Polymer Chemistry Group

Melanie McGregor

Retired Chemists Group

John Mason

Synthetic Chemistry Group

A/Prof. Martin Johnston

Young Chemists Group (Click here)

Kym Scroggie

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Past Events and Activities

2015 Science Alive photo story (Click here)

2014 RACI SA Branch SACE Merit Ceremony (Click here)

Links to Seminar Webpages

University of Adelaide - Chemistry Departmental Seminars

UniSA Pharmaceutical Discussion Group - which runs seminars on the first Friday of each month.

Flinders University - School of Physical Sciences Seminars.

Chemical Education Group

History and Archives Group

Young Chemists Group