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Periodical - Presidents Message

By Palli Thordarson posted 28 days ago


RACI signs of greening

After an unusually wet and warm El Nino summer, we in the more southern parts of Australia are well and truly in autumn with winter on the horizon (although for someone born in Iceland “winter” in Australia isn’t quite what people from the artic regions experience).


Those of you that read my articles know that I am fond of using weather metaphors and that previously I have discussed the unsettled weather that the RACI has been dealing with more or less since the pandemic started. But now I feel confident to say that calmer weather is ahead.


The work that our staff has been doing on restructuring our operations - including event management and the website – is largely done. We have seen a notable uptick in the number of events and meetings being organised across the RACI. The ECR / Young Chemistry committee and groups are getting more active.


We are also seeing more interest from industry for various level of engagement. And most importantly perhaps, our membership numbers are pointing upwards! In short, there are green sprouts everywhere.


 Chemfest – November 2024

Pre-pandemic, these were often awarded as part of our AGM/Assembly weekend meeting which usually took place in November (and usually in Melbourne). In 2024 we want to once again return to this format with weekend of 15-16 Nov tentatively already set aside for this.


However, the format will be slightly different with the award dinner being preceded by get-together expo allowing industry and academic centres / groups alike to showcase their work and meet.


We chose to call this weekend of celebration of the RACI – Chemfest. Stay tuned for more details about Chemfest as the program develops over the coming winter before the real spring has sprung for the RACI at Chemfest in November.


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28 days ago

Exciting news! Will this upcoming Chemfest be a hybrid event combining in-person and online activities?