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It's not just chemists and chemists in training who want to be part of the RACI. If you have a professional interest or passion for chemistry and want to become part of the RACI, you can join as a RACI Associate Member.


RACI Associate Membership provides the opportunity to extend the reach of your professional contacts as it provides a platform to network with individuals within the chemistry profession and is ideal for individuals who are interested in chemistry or chemistry related disciplines; for example a Business Development Manager for an organisation that distributes laboratory supplies.

There are a few limitations

  • There is no post nominal
  • You will not be able to vote in governance activites
  • You will not be able to go to RACI conferences at member rates



 Membership Magazine

  • Your membership includes online access to 4 quarterly issues per year of Chemistry in Australia, the RACI's member magazine.

  • Networking at the local level

  • State Branches run programs of events to meet a range of local needs including education, industry, professional development and social events.


  • magazine

    Chemistry in Australia

    You will have online access to 4 quarterly issues of Chemistry in Australia, the RACI’s member magazine, per year.

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    Associate Rate: $113

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