NSW Pharmaceutical Science Group

The NSW Pharmaceutical Science Group was established in 1959 to “promote the dissemination and exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, particularly related to the Pharmaceutical Sciences”.

The Group has pursued this objective by the regular organisation of seminars with a panel of expert presenters. The presentations address specific topics or themes as variously applying to production, quality assurance, laboratory, regulatory and R&D of therapeutic goods.

More recently the Group has organised webinars, addressing aspects of the science and consequences of Covid-19 and intends to pursue the use of webinars for other topics. Nonetheless, there is an expectation that “traditional” seminars will be re-introduced when permitted.

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25 October 2022
Establishing and Maintaining Data Integrity Seminar

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Chair - Mr Scott Colbourne
Secretary - Mr Scott Colbourne
Treasurer - Mr David Edmonds
Committee Member - Mrs Niesha Davis
Committee Member - Ms Ivon Diaz
Committee Member - Ms Annette Fordham
Committee Member - Dr William Glover
Committee Member - Dr Chen Lim
Committee Member - Dr Jurgen Lindner
Committee Member - Mr Denis Moore
Committee Member - Mrs Noor Salman Qamar
Committee Member - Mr Gonzalo Verges
Committee Member - Dr Nial Wheate
Committee Member - Mrs Colleen Wood


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RACI Members are entitled to ARCS members rates at ARCS events. To apply, contact ARCS directly on (02) 8905 0829. Remember to quote your RACI membership number.

For ARCS Events click here (note that this page is applicable to non-members of ARCS).

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Article: Regulatory and Other Requirements in Drug Development


David Edmonds, December 2019.


This article describes how, in conjunction with good and comprehensive science, a knowledge of TGA/Regulatory requirements and guidelines at the earliest stages of drug discovery and development should enhance the quality of the drug development.


The article can be downloaded here.