Chemistry and Art Competition

A challenge for student’s imagination and creativity.

Chemistry is the fundamental science behind all life and matter.  What are children’s perceptions of chemists, the chemical sciences and industry which uses chemistry?  Here is an opportunity for children to express their own ideas creatively, limited only by their own imagination!  

How does the Competition work?

For teachers, here are some rules and suggestions to tell your students:

What can be submitted?

Students are asked to create a 2D image no greater than A4 size which depicts their thoughts about chemistry, chemists or the chemical industry.  

The subject of the artwork may be:

  • Crystals, solutions, powders, chemical mixtures or compounds
  • Laboratories or other workplaces where chemical experiments are performed
  • Apparatus and equipment used in chemistry laboratories
  • Factories or processing equipment used in industry associated with chemistry and chemicals such as paints, detergents and disinfectants, foodstuffs like chocolate and cheese, beverages, glass bottles and plastic containers, pharmaceutical products,  fertilizers used in gardens and agriculture, etc.
  • Anything else related to chemistry

What can be used to create the artwork?

  • Drawing with pen, Texta, charcoal, crayon, or chalk on paper, board or similar
  • Painting with watercolours, oil or acrylic paints on paper, canvas or board
  • Photography – digital, Polaroid or traditional
  • Digital media such as Pro-Create, Illustrator or other artistic design software (digital artwork must fit within and be printed to A4 paper size)
  • Collage, linotype or suitable medium or mixed media

Conditions of Entry

  1. This free competition is open to all Australian Students, and the top artworks in each category will receive a prize. 
    Based on the distribution of entries, 2023 categories are as follows: 
    • Foundation Year (Prep or equivalent) to Year 4
    • Years 5 & 6 
    • Years 7 & 8
    • Year 9
    • Years 10, 11 & 12
  2. Please post your entries to arrive by Monday 1 May 2023 to:
    RACI, Attention: Pam Devine, Chemistry and Art, RACI QLD, PO Box 406, Everton Park, QLD 4053
  3. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you would like your artwork returned.
  4. Each entry must be certified by a teacher or supervising adult that the entry is the student’s own original work. This can be done online at the same time as adding student details online here.
  5. Certificates and small prizes will be awarded to the winning entries in each category. 
  6. An independent judge will be appointed whose decision will be final. 

 Entries to the 2023 Competition have now closed. Details of the 2024 Competition will be published during Term 4 2023.

Do you have a question?

If you would like to ask a question, please email the Chemistry and Art Competition Coordinator.


The 2023 competition has now closed. Details of the 2024 competition will be announced in Term 4 2023.