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Signing of MoU between the RACI and VETASSESS


The RACI is pleased to announce the signing of an MoU with VETASSESS. VETASSESS is the designated skills assessing authoring for the Australian Government and the independent assessment partner for chemistry related occupations. This MoU will see the RACI and VETASSES work together to:

  • endorse and validate VETASSESS assessment criteria for chemistry related occupations
  • provide advice on assessment appeals for chemistry occupations
  • disseminate up-to-date, industry-specific insights
  • review and validate VETASSESS assessment criteria for chemistry-related occupations as required
  • explore and conduct cross-promotional and other activities of mutual benefit where appropriate

RACI CEO, Mr. Shenal Basnayake stated that ‘Australia is an enviable destination for those wanting to build careers and futures for themselves and their families, and the RACI looks forward to working with VETASSESS to enable Australia to benefit from the best global talent available’.

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