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Government Response to The ARC Review


The RACI is delighted to see the Government’s response to the independent review panel: “Trusting Australia’s Ability: Review of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Act 2001,” which was led by Prof. Margaret Sheil FRACI, Vice-Chancellor of the Queensland University of Technology. The Government has indicated that it agrees with all the main recommendations of the review panel and has asked the ARC to commission the work required to implement the review panel’s recommendations.

RACI President Prof. Pall Thordarson FRACI CChem said ‘The RACI is proud to have taken part in this review process and to see that the final outcome of the process reviews will to a large degree match the recommendations that the RACI put forward to the independent panel’. This includes the establishment of an independent board that will appoint the CEO, that the CEO and not the minister will approve grants and that grant guidelines and processes will be simplified and streamlined in line with best international practice, including possibly where appropriate, a two-step process for rapid initial assessment of expressions of interest and eligibility criteria.


Prof. Thordarson: ‘We look forward to seeing the final outcome of this work and to continue the consultation process with the Government and the ARC’.



Full statement in pdf available here

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