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IUPAC Affiliate Membership

The RACI offers members the opportunity to become affiliates of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

IUPAC was founded in 1919, and has the goal of promoting chemistry in its widest sense. Chemists in many countries are connected to IUPAC through national adhering organisations (NAOs); in our case, the NAO is the Australian Academy of Science. Although a number of RACI members are active in IUPAC we are still seeking ways to bring RACI and IUPAC closer together.

IUPAC’s Affiliate Membership Program (AMP) provides members with:

  • bimonthly copies of Chemistry International (CI), containing information about all IUPAC programs and their operation, general news about developments in international chemistry, and discussion articles about contemporary issues in science. Also included regularly in CI is a diary of IUPAC-sponsored conferences; these conferences receive advance publicity through articles in CI, and interesting reports are published on their conclusion. Readers of CI are also kept up to date with current projects, and provisional recommendations or draft technical reports seeking general comment prior to approval;
  • 10% discount on the registration fees of IUPAC sponsored conferences;
  • discount of 25% on the cost of all IUPAC publications such as Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC nomenclature books and compendia of data, and reports of many IUPAC-sponsored conferences.

Becoming an IUPAC Affiliate Member

IUPAC Affiliate Membership costs $55.00 including GST.

To become an IUPAC Affiliate Member download the form here and return to the RACI by email at member@raci.org.au.