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Early Career Chemist (MRACI CChem)

RACI Chartered Membership (MRACI CChem) is a mark of excellence and a quality assurance that you, as an RACI Chartered Chemist/chemistry professional, practise to the highest standards within the profession.

It is the pinnacle of RACI membership, and use of the MRACI CChem affix after your name signifies your professionalism and expertise to both employers and colleagues. You will have access to a range of invaluable benefits and services to support you in your day-to-day work and give access to cutting-edge knowledge and research.

RACI Chartered Membership enables you to work with the RACI to help shape the future of the chemistry profession and be part of a reputable institute recognised the world over.



You are joining a network of over 6,000 chemistry professionals in Australia and overseas and being part of a prestigious and world renowned institute.


As a Chartered Chemist, you are able to use the MRACI CChem affix after your name to signify your professionalism and expertise.

Raise Your Profile

As a MRACI CChem, you may the RACI logo on your personal stationery to communicate your quality to employers and peers.

Professional Development and Recognition

As an RACI Member, you are eligible for National, State and Divisional Student Awards and funding opportunities.

Subscription to Chemistry in Australia

You will receive monthly issues of Chemistry in Australia, the RACI’s member magazine.

Reduced Rates at RACI-sponsored Events and Conferences

As an RACI member, you are eligible for discounted member rates at RACI-sponsored conferences and many events.

RACI Member Directory

Our member directory provides the opportunity to network with chemistry professionals in Australia and internationally.

State Networks

State Branches run programs of events meeting a range of local needs including education, industry, professional development and social events.

Special Interest Networks

Divisions are special interest groups which aim to promote and advance their individual areas of chemistry in a member community.

Lifestyle Benefits

You will have access to a range of lifestyle benefits including travel, entertainment, insurance and other financial products from premium suppliers through the Member Advantage program.

Book Discount

As an RACI member, you are eligible for 25% off Wiley and Elsevier books.


RACI Early Career Chemist Membership (MRACI CChem) is for:

  • Existing RACI members who have finished their PhDs and are 0-3 years post-PhD

Acceptance as an RACI Member will be based on the recommendation of the RACI Assessment Committee.


The RACI has developed a membership price for early career chemists, where in your first two years after completing a PhD you pay 65% of the standard MRACI CChem. You will need to submit proof of completion of your PhD when you upgrade to this membership type, and at the end of this scheme you will be upgraded to an MRACI CChem membership.

Note: to be eligible for this scheme, you must have been a RACI member as a postgraduate student.

Membership Period: 24th Feb 17 to 24th Feb 18

Please select the appropriate type from the options below:

First Year Post-PhD

Period: 24th Feb 17 to 24th Feb 18
Annual Rate: $175 (GST inclusive)
Pro Rata Cost: $175.00

This membership does not allow online signup.