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NSW Titration Competition 2017 - 13th Mar 17

NSW, June 2017

2017 NSW Schools Titration Competition

The NSW Chemical Education Group invites you to participate in the NSW Schools Titration Competition. This is the largest competition of its kind in Australia with over 6000 entrants in the past five years.

Students compete in teams of three and, in ninety minutes, perform a set of acid-base titrations to determine the unknown concentration of dilute acetic acid. A team's score will depend on the accuracy of the work of its members. The best team score wins medals for the team and all competitors receive certificates.

The competition is open to students enrolled in the Preliminary & HSC chemistry course and is held at venues throughout NSW. For most Sydney venues the date of the competition will be Saturday 17 June, starting at 9 am and finishing by 12 pm. Limited Sydney places are available earlier than this. Regional NSW competition dates and times will vary and your regional organiser will confirm.

Full details, including confirmed dates can be found at: www.nswtitration.com

Entry begins on 13 March at which time entry will become available via the website. Early entry is not permissible and must close 19 May. Please note that due to overwhelming popularity the 2016 Sydney competition was filled several weeks before the closing date.

The entry costs per team of three are:

  • $57 (inc GST) some larger Sydney venues to include a RACI Nyholm Chemistry Lecture.
  • Sydney University, Fri 16 June: "Mother Nature's Molecules - the good, the bad and the ugly" by Dr Alice Williamson
  • University of NSW, Fri 16 June: "The World of Nuclear" by Dr Lidia Matesic
  • WSU, Campbelltown, Sat 17 June (TBC): "The World of Nuclear" by Dr Lidia Matesic

$42 (inc GST) all other venues.

Each School may enter a maximum of 8 teams and compete at one venue only.

Competition entry can be used to satisfy 1.5 hours of practical experience and contribute to NSW Chemistry syllabus outcomes-P2, P10, P12 & H12[12.2(a),(b),12.4(b)].

Any queries? Please email raci-nsw@raci.org.au