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National Congress 2014

The RACI National Congress will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from December 7 to December 12 2014.

Visit the official congress website here: www.racicongress.com

The 2014 RACI Congress will bring together chemists with interests ranging from biological pathways to advanced materials to novel synthesis. The meeting will focus on industrial, academic and educational symposia and provide many opportunities for attendees to network with colleagues from many diverse backgrounds. The meeting represents a new approach to the RACI National Convention traditional held every five years. This Congress will emphasise the cross disciplinary nature of chemistry and many of the symposia will explore exciting new areas of chemistry, discuss upcoming challenges to the industry, explore the boundaries of the traditional types of chemistry and examine future trends in chemistry and the related sciences. Inspiring the next generation of chemists will also be an important feature of the meeting and will see young chemists including those still in secondary school interact with the leaders in the field.

Adelaide is known as the City of Churches as in the early days many stone churches were built and this architecture is still very common. The city is surrounded by parklands, sports fields, walking and cycling tracks and beautiful gardens. The conference will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre which is the heart of the city. The central business district of the city is a one mile square surrounded by green parklands with the River Torrens passing through the centre of the CBD. The conference hotels and venue are within an easy walk of each other and both are an easy walk to many of the attractions of the city. Adelaide is home to many museums, galleries, great pubs and restaurants which are all an easy walk from conference venue. Slightly further afield, but still easily reachable by public transit, are great beaches such as Glenelg or pleasant walks through the Adelaide Hills for a relaxing time away from the city.

A number of plenary speakers have been announced and have been profiled on the RACI2014 website, including Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Phil Baran, Stacie Canan, Makoto Fujita, Daniel Nocera and others! Read more about the plenary speakers here.

In addition to the nine international Plenary speakers that have been secured, an additional thirteen keynote speakers have been confirmed for the 2014 National Congress.
They are:

Luisa De Cola, Universitie de Strasbourg
Peter Schreiner, University of Geisen
Paul Mulvaney, University of Melbourne
Michael Sailor, University of California San Diego
Steve Armes, Sheffield University
Shuhong Yu, University of Science and Technology of China
Annabella Selloni, Princeton University
Annette Beck-Sickinger, Research Group Beck-Sickinger
Craig Lindsley, Vanderbilt University, Department of Chemistry
Joachim Herberle, Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Physics
Neil Vasdev, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Graeme Cooks, Purdue University, Department of Chemistry
Kazuma Mawatarai, University of Tokyo