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Electrochemistry Division

Welcome to EDRACI, the Electrochemistry Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

The Division exists to promote the study, research, and application of electrochemistry, especially within Australia. The Division has a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, who are part of the elected committee.

Activities of the Division include:

Organisation of meetings, symposia, postgraduate student schools, and local workshops sponsoring awards to recognise achievement in Australian and international electrochemistry, disseminating information of interest to electrochemists via our website, and an email list to provide rapid announcements to the electrochemical community other initiatives that promote electrochemistry.

The last meeting of the Division was the 20th Australian/New Zealand Electrochemistry Symposium (20ANZES) and ISE Satellite Student Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry, Sunday 17th April 2016 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Held in conjunction with the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry and the ISE.

Electrochemistry Notices

If you have notices of meetings, positions vacant, etc, that you would like emailed to EDRACI members then please send them to the EDRACI Secretary. If you would like to receive such information, please send your email address to the EDRACI Secretary.


Dr Chuan Zhao
University of New South Wales

T. (02) 9385 4645
F. (02) 9385 6141
E. chuan.zhao@unsw.edu.au


Dr Debbie Silvester-Dean
Curtin University

T. (08) 92667148
F. (08) 9266 2300

E. D.Silvester-Dean@curtin.edu.au


Prof Damien Arrigan
Curtin University

T. (08) 9266 9735
F. (02) 9266 2300
E. D.Arrigan@curtin.edu.au

Further Information

Visit our website at www.edaq.com/EDRACI

Further Information