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The Carbon division, which is more broadly known as the Australian Carbon Society, is a collection of all those people who are interested in carbon materials: their design, synthesis, characterisation, modelling and exploitation, including the technology involved in that exploitation. Our aim is to promote Australian carbon science and encourage collaboration between Australian carbon researchers and beyond, including groups associated with other carbon groups around the world. Members are drawn from academia, other research organisations such as CSIRO and industry, and from a wide range of disciplines, including the chemical sciences and engineering, physics, biology, earth and environmental sciences and agriculture. If you are interested in joining the Australian Carbon Society, please e-mail Igor Aharonovich

The Society runs a two-day annual meeting, OzCarbon. The intention of the meeting is to bring together all the carbon scientists and technologists from around Australia and beyond to learn about the latest research and developments in the field and to foster fruitful collaborative relationships for the benefit of the carbon community’s members and society more broadly. The meeting is now set to occur in early December of each year. The websites for upcoming meetings are listed below:

New Diamond and Nanocarbon Conference (NDNC, 28/5-1/6 2017)


A/Prof. John Stride

Past Chairs

Prof. John Zhu
Prof. Mark Biggs

Prof. Max Lu


Dr. Igor Aharonovich


Dr. Jason Dutton

Board Members

Prof. Joe Shapter

Prof. Dan Li

Dr. Jun Ma

Dr. Alejandro Montoya
Dr. Irene Suarez-Martinez
Dr. Jian Liu

Past Board Members

Dr. Chun-Yang Yin

A/Prof. Chris Pakes

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