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In partnership with the world’s leading scientific bodies, RACI brings you the latest news headlines locally and from across the globe. Featuring article summaries from ACS, RSC and Science Alert.

Fly farming pioneer AgriProtein attracts investors

Firm harnesses hungry fly larvae to reduce waste, feed livestock… Read more >

Designer molecule tracks copper’s role in fatty liver disease

Copper-selective probe is a new tool for studying metal… Read more >

Patheon acquires a Roche facility

South Carolina plant will beef up pharmaceutical service firm’s… Read more >

Solar device desalinates water efficiently

Thermal insulator boosts performance by protecting the device’s sunlight… Read more >

Group grades retailers on safer chemicals in products

Walmart, Target get highest marks for reducing priority chemicals of… Read more >

ACS journals enact new safety policy

Authors to be required to address novel or significant hazards… Read more >

Japanese firms eye shale gas revolution

Petrochemical joint venture will import propane as new raw material… Read more >

Boron nitride unexpectedly converts propane to propene

Low-cost, metal-free material shows promise as catalyst for… Read more >

Handheld artificial nose sniffs out rotting meat

Detecting meat freshness could reduce food waste and prevent food… Read more >

Teaching aryl Grignards new synthetic tricks

Classic organometallic reagent reacts with bench-stable oxaziridines to forge… Read more >

Turning blood cells into light-controlled drug carriers

Researchers store drugs in red blood cells as vitamin B12… Read more >

Axial Biotherapeutics launches with neuroscience focus

New microbiome firm connects gut microbes with autism and Parkinson… Read more >

Companies invest in aquaculture ingredients

BASF, Cargill, Calysta advance alternatives to wild fish Read more >

ACS among science organizations calling for Trump to appoint a science adviser

Groups ask president-elect to prioritize science in transition Read more >

Names for elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 finalized by IUPAC

Nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson complete the seventh row of… Read more >

EPA flexes muscle under new TSCA

Agency picks first 10 chemicals, including asbestos, for safety evaluation… Read more >

ACS among science organizations calling for Trump to appoint a science adviser

Groups ask president-elect to prioritize science in transition Read more >

Obama pick for U.S. Chemical Safety Board has strong industry ties

If confirmed, Meidl would bring CSB to full complement of… Read more >

Vanderbilt neuroscience drug advances to clinic

Phase I study of Alzheimer’s treatment represents shift in… Read more >

Diet and microbiome conspire to modify epigenetics

Short-chain fatty acids produced by the mouse microbiome in… Read more >

Protein provides new route to carbon-silicon bonds

Bacterial cytochrome c demonstrates first example of biologically catalyzed organosilicon… Read more >

Young blood may not cure aging ills after all

New method for mouse blood exchange could clear up conflicts… Read more >

DuPont readies a pension freeze

Cost saving measure will hit in 2018, after its merger… Read more >

Federal overtime rule blocked by court would affect chemistry postdocs

Judge says Obama Administration exceeded its authority in requiring such… Read more >

Making affordable antireflective coatings for flexible surfaces

Simple way to make antiglare coatings could be useful for… Read more >

Lilly Alzheimer’s drug fails

The firm will not seek regulatory approval for solanezumab Read more >

A step toward mitochondrial gene therapy

Peptide-based system delivers DNA into mitochondria Read more >

Cement could be a helpful carbon sink

Model suggests cement reacting with CO₂ can offset part of… Read more >

U.K. premiere pledges extra $2 billion for R&D

Money would offset funds Britain could lose when it exits… Read more >

A step toward mitochondrial gene therapy

A self-assembling, peptide-based gene delivery system might one… Read more >

Dams increase mercury exposure for Canadian indigenous communities

Damming for hydropower boosts toxic methylmercury in traditional diets Read more >

Cleantech industry ponders Trump presidency

With climate policies in the crosshairs, companies pin hopes on… Read more >

Ashland may exit butanediol

Company says the business doesn’t match its new specialty… Read more >

Elegant way to build β-lactams

Palladium-catalyzed process weds aliphatic amines and carbon monoxide Read more >

Ignacio Tinoco dies at age 85

Colleagues reflect on the passing of UC Berkeley professor and… Read more >

Beware of a bogus ChemRxiv

Phony version of ACS preprint server is online Read more >

Synthetic biology pulls CO2 out of the atmosphere

A suite of enzymes borrowed from humans, plants, and other… Read more >

Roche launches network for cancer immunotherapy

Drug firm will spend $100 million at 21 institutions across… Read more >

Synthesis of poison dart frog toxin brings surprises

Asymmetric route to batrachotoxin opens avenues for studying sodium channels… Read more >

X-ray technique captures fast ligand-binding dynamics

Rapid mixing device combined with tiny crystals enables researchers to… Read more >

EPA reaffirms plan to ban chlorpyrifos on food

Agency cites concerns about neurotoxicity of organophosphate insecticide Read more >

Chemical traces yield ‘lifestyle sketches’

Compounds left behind on personal objects such as cell phones… Read more >

A healable polymer for stretchable electronics

Intrinsically stretchy semiconductor has promise for wearable sensors and displays… Read more >

Third Rock- and Atlas-backed Magenta launches

Biotech will try to overhaul stem cell transplants Read more >

Hyperlens lights a new path to nanofabrication

Metamaterial lens beats diffraction limit and could bolster photolithography Read more >

Seabirds eat plastic pollution because it smells good

Study shows that plastic debris grows algae, which in turn… Read more >

Evonik gets biobased methionine technology

German firm seeks to supplement synthetic production of animal feed… Read more >

Texas project is headache for contractor Fluor

Cost overruns at Chevron Phillips cracker turn project into a… Read more >

Bromine-containing dyes dwarf flame retardants in house dust

Mutagenic azo dyes are the most prevalent brominated compounds in… Read more >

Bugs, they’re what’s for dinner

Edible insects could supply as much dietary iron as meat… Read more >

How evolution repurposed a bone gene for brain development

Study suggests gene that mice express in muscle and bone… Read more >

Mutagenic dyes prevalent in house dust

Screening unveils the largest class of brominated compounds present in… Read more >

What election 2016 means for the chemistry enterprise

Less federal research funding and regulation expected Read more >

New route for taming poison ivy’s itch

Blocking immune system protein interleukin-33 squelches itch signaling in… Read more >

Novel vaccines block iron scavenging by bacteria

Agents starve bacteria by raising antibodies to capture the small… Read more >

Brexit could hit U.K. life sciences hard

Separation from Europe will impact R&D funding, drug regulation… Read more >

What Election 2016 means for the chemistry enterprise

Less federal research funding and regulation expected; expansion of legal… Read more >

Trump’s views on major science policy issues

Earlier this year, the then-candidate answered 20 questions from… Read more >

Strong run ends for Japanese chemical firms

First-half results paint mixed picture Read more >

Bugs, not beef

Edible insects could supply as much dietary iron as meat… Read more >

Tesla to launch solar roofs

Amid planned merger with SolarCity, Tesla founder Musk thinks attractive… Read more >

Pfizer discontinues work on bococizumab

Anti-cholesterol therapy was the drugmaker’s latest attempt at… Read more >

Aramco buys Novomer’s CO2-based polyols business

Saudi oil company says carbon dioxide-based polyols will flourish… Read more >

Replacing inhibitor’s hydrogen bond boosts potency

Peptide blocks key signaling pathway involved in cancer and other… Read more >

Early career scientists don’t necessarily publish more important research

The most successful papers come at random times in scientists… Read more >

Breaking bonds in unstrained rings

Catalyst system activates carbon-carbon bonds in cyclopentanones Read more >

Nanosensor reveals temperature variation in the muscles of live creatures

Nanoparticles containing a pair of fluorescent dyes can detect microscale… Read more >

Nanosensors track temperature in live creatures

Fluorescent nanoparticles map microscale temperature patterns in beetle muscles Read more >

DHS seeks advice on bomb chemicals

National Academies studying ways to control availability of substances used… Read more >

Airway-on-a-chip smokes cigarettes to study respiratory disease

Microfluidic device lined with human cells produces same smoking biomarkers… Read more >

Hedge fund manager wins U.S. drug patent challenges

Federal tribunal tosses out Shire, Celgene claims Read more >

EPA greenlights 2,4-D and glyphosate mixture

Proposal would expand use of Dow’s Enlist Duo herbicide… Read more >

General Electric to exit water treatment by 2017

Proceeds will pay for an enlargement of the firm’s… Read more >

New York City discovery venture advances

Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute adds a development arm, Bridge… Read more >

Peter Dorhout is the 2017 ACS president-elect

Four other board director positions have also been filled Read more >

John D. Roberts dies at age 98

Caltech chemistry professor brought NMR to organic chemistry Read more >

Peter Dorhout is 2017 ACS President-Elect

Four other board director positions also filled Read more >

New weapons in the fight against fungal wilt

C&EN and CAS examine the intellectual property behind the… Read more >

Formaldehyde protects lignin during biomass processing

Simple treatment keeps natural polymer from turning into sludge Read more >

Heat-shock proteins have unrecognized roles in cells

This family of cellular paramedics doesn’t just help peptide… Read more >

Firms aim to fathom diseases

Genomics Medicine Ireland and BlackThorn Therapeutics get venture support for… Read more >

Homeland Security seeks help on bomb chemicals

National Academies studying ways to control availability of substances used… Read more >

First-ever solid-state iron-bismuth compound created

Elusive species completes iron pnictide series Read more >

Long-sought atmospheric intermediate detected

Study helps confirm 43-year-old mechanistic proposal for CO2… Read more >

Dow, DuPont raise earnings amid demand for cars, houses, and food

Chemical firms beat lackluster global economy by selling into consumer… Read more >

Chlorine gas released in Kansas distillery chemical mix-up

U.S. Chemical Safety Board investigating accident Read more >

BASF explosion impact lingers

Marketplace impact continues during investigation Read more >

Chemical Safety Board says multiple errors led to fatal accident

Two workers died in 2013 Williams Olefin chemical plant explosion… Read more >

Potential diabetes treatment uses light-activated gel to release insulin

Injectable insulin-carrying polymer could offer a less invasive way… Read more >

XPrize seeks water from the air

Foundation to award $1.75 million to developer of cheap… Read more >

Asthma patients could stop wheezing thanks to worm spit

Protein secreted by hookworms helps block immune responses associated with… Read more >

Antitrust review delays ChemChina’s Syngenta purchase

Regulators appear to be preparing a closer look at this… Read more >

3-D printer builds heart-on-a-chip device

Device coupling living tissue and sensors could one day screen… Read more >

A better blood test for liver damage

A set of five proteins in patient blood samples can… Read more >

Chemical Safety Board says multiple errors led to fatal accident

Two workers died in 2013 Williams Olefin chemical plant explosion… Read more >

ACS establishes new journal for earth and space chemistry

Joel Blum of the University of Michigan is named inaugural… Read more >

ExoMars orbiter ready to map trace gases

Although Schiaparelli lander crashed, mission’s orbiter will take data… Read more >

One-step method determines reaction products’ yield, enantiomeric excess, and configuration

Technique accelerates evaluation of amine-containing chiral compounds Read more >

Perlara signs rare disease pact with Novartis

Start-up seeks to advance its unusual business model with… Read more >

Fatal explosion hits BASF’s Ludwigshafen site

Two workers dead, one missing; 20 plants shut down or… Read more >

Self-propelling motors could target cargo to the gut

Tiny tubes travel a preset distance in the intestine and… Read more >

Shell bids for cellulosic ethanol plant

Refiner may snag large Abengoa facility for $26 million Read more >

Putting a human cost on endocrine disruptors

Study quantifies health care spending and lost wages stemming from… Read more >

Interruptores endocrinos: ¿cuál es el coste para los humanos?

Un estudio calcula el gasto en sanidad y las p… Read more >

Sticking it to the internet of things

Futuristic “smart” decals rely on conventional semiconductor materials and processing… Read more >

BASF, Avantium move on biopolymer

Companies form joint venture for key monomer furandicarboxylic acid Read more >

Mercury from WWII submarine wreck pollutes sediments off Norway

But the discharge probably has not contaminated the marine food… Read more >

Antifungal RNA spray protects barley plants

Plant vascular system transports RNA designed to shut down critical… Read more >

Rotterdam eyed for waste-to-chemicals plant

Enerkem and partners select Dutch port for methanol project Read more >

Shell considers Iran chemicals

As sanctions ease, the oil major is interested in participating… Read more >

CRISPR edits sickle cell mutation

Edited blood stem cells could someday help patients produce healthy… Read more >

EPA expedites action on five chemicals

Agency moves to reduce exposure to persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic substances… Read more >

Europe’s chemical industry confronts shrinkage

Asian growth, U.S. cost advantage lead to declining sales… Read more >

Russia withdraws from plutonium, nuclear research pacts

Deteriorating talks with U.S. over Syria prompted Moscow’s… Read more >

Total sells plating chemicals unit Atotech

$3.2 billion sale marks continued exit from specialty chemicals… Read more >

University of Hawaii fine lowered 40% for lab explosion

Settlement with state occupational safety and health agency reduces number… Read more >

Microbial enzyme could help clean up explosives

New way to detect and destroy the increasingly popular munition… Read more >

Lignin waste could sustainably safeguard titanium-based sunscreen

Coating titanium dioxide nanoparticles with lignin traps free radicals formed… Read more >

Ampac Fine Chemicals buys East Coast pharmaceutical chemicals plant

Leading U.S. contract drug manufacturer expands with a third… Read more >

Artificial metalloenzyme is most efficient ever

Designer enzyme is a fast stereoselective carbene-insertion catalyst Read more >

Novamont opens bio-BDO plant

Italian firm will use the intermediate in biodegradable plastics Read more >

New chemical firms debut on the New York Stock Exchange

Activist investors played a behind the scenes role in formation… Read more >

Fossil fuel methane emission underestimated

Study finds these releases may be twice as much as… Read more >

Silkworms that eat carbon nanotubes and graphene spin tougher silk

Strong, conductive carbon-reinforced silk could be suitable for wearable… Read more >

Tokuyama gives up on Malaysian silicon plant

Japanese firm joins Dow Corning in abandoning a polysilicon facility… Read more >

Molecular machines garner 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Three chemists recognized for their work on mechanically interlocked molecules… Read more >

Yoshinori Ohsumi wins 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Researcher's work provided the basis for understanding autophagy, or… Read more >

Chevron embraces ionic liquids

Oil company uses the novel salts as alkylation catalyst in… Read more >

Cooking up the ultimate sweetener

Manus Biosynthesis has developed a scalable fermentation process to make… Read more >

Sandwichlike sensors sniff out organic water contaminants

Design of the fluorescent nanosheets was inspired by dog noses… Read more >

Antioxidant coating could help reduce marine biofouling

Surface interferes with formation of mussels’ biological glue Read more >

Who will win the 2016 Nobel Prize In Chemistry?

C&EN reporters and panelists predict the recipients of this… Read more >

Neuron receptor helps spread toxic Parkinson’s fibrils

Transmembrane protein could serve as a new target for Parkinson… Read more >

Chemists prepare an inorganic double-helix structure for the first time

The well-defined semiconducting material features intertwined tin iodide and… Read more >

Pfizer decides not to split

Drug firm calculates that the sum of its parts beats… Read more >

Lanxess to buy Chemtura for $2.5 billion

Deal marks German firm’s turn to additives and away… Read more >

Designer protein’s units communicate

Allosteric metalloprotein’s disulfide bond senses presence or absence of… Read more >

Breakthrough performance for 2-D material

Working transistor shows MoS2 can live up to its theoretical… Read more >

U Hawaii fined $115,500 for lab explosion

State agency found 15 workplace safety violations associated with blast… Read more >

Fuel composition influences engine emissions of carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes formed when a diesel engine burned fuel with… Read more >

Blast at China’s Wanhua kills four

Accident at world’s largest producer of key polyurethane material… Read more >

Molybdenum disulfide transistors break through a performance limit

Devices made out of the two-dimensional semiconducting material show… Read more >

Lanxess to buy Chemtura for $2.5 billion

Deal marks German firm’s turn to additives and away… Read more >

FDA okays first DMD drug

Sarepta wins approval for Duchenne muscular dystrophy treatment but must… Read more >

Evonik crowdsources students for new ideas

Web-based search targets the millennials and also serves as… Read more >

Minerals in Medicine Exhibition

NIH, Smithsonian collaborate to highlight health applications of minerals Read more >

Going to new lengths with better fibers

Microfluidics produces thinner, stronger, longer collagen fibers Read more >

University of Hawaii fined $115,500 for lab explosion

State occupational safety and health agency found 15 workplace safety… Read more >

Radical protein modifications

Versatile method uses C–C bond formation to decorate proteins… Read more >

Plastics shine bright to warn of invisible cracks

Damage to polymers ruptures microcapsules, releasing fluorescent molecules Read more >

Blast at China’s Wanhua kills four

Accident at world’s largest producer of key polyurethane material… Read more >

UN targets antimicrobial resistance

United Nations meeting and industry declaration focus on health issue… Read more >

Sanofi sues Merck over insulin patents

Drugmaker seeks to blunt impact of new generic competition Read more >

Chemical industry officials defend merger ‘tsunami’

Senate panel questions consolidation in agrochemical sector Read more >

Sponge made of coffee grounds scrubs lead and mercury from water

The material could make it easier to use coffee waste… Read more >

A look at the explosives used in the New York bombing

Some reports suggest bombs contained a combination of Tannerite and… Read more >

Membrane coating could help remove endocrine disruptors from wastewater

Adding a hydrophilic coating to a nanofiltration membrane helps clean… Read more >

MOF traps molecules that gum up bioethanol production

Material selectively separates furanics from sugar solutions Read more >

Sanofi signs with Google unit on drug/electronics combinations

Joint venture Onduo will pursue type 2 diabetes treatment and… Read more >

Isotope analysis points to violent moon origin

Collision between young Earth and Mars-sized planet formed the… Read more >

Isotope analysis points to violent moon origin

Un estudio sugiere que la Luna se formó a partir… Read more >

Covalent drugs target cancer protein via new linker

Inhibitors block Mcl-1 protein by reversibly binding to lysines… Read more >

2016 Lasker Award recipients named

Michael J. Sofia is among the winners of this highly… Read more >

Congressional panel battles over subpoenas of scientists

House Science Committee Republicans say inquiries important to protect federal… Read more >

High potassium levels silence T cells in tumors

Helping the cells deal with these elevated concentrations improves the… Read more >

Catalyst flip-flops chirality to build copolymer

Method strings together alternating norbornene building blocks into AB copolymer… Read more >

Relay Therapeutics launches to tackle protein movement

Third Rock-backed firm will look for allosteric inhibitors for… Read more >

Geography plays role in fate of two deals

Linde-Praxair merger is off, PotashCorp-Agrium merger is on… Read more >

Bayer clinches deal for Monsanto

But giant agrochemical acquisition will face close antitrust scrutiny Read more >

Chemists reversibly evolve enzyme

Demonstration shows that structural dynamics play an important role in… Read more >

Kratom users protest imminent ban

DEA's new temporary classification prompts White House demonstration Read more >

Catalyst flip-flops chirality to build patterned copolymer

Like a chiral switch, catalyst helps string together alternating norbornene… Read more >

Richard Holm and Stephen Lippard to share Welch Award

Chemists honored for their research that benefits mankind Read more >

Amphetamine boosts rats’ recovery from brain injuries

A new animal model of traumatic brain injuries can help… Read more >

Relay Therapeutics launches to tackle protein movement

Third Rock-backed firm will look for allosteric inhibitors for… Read more >

U.S. presidential candidates answer 20 questions on science

Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and Stein offer positions on key problems… Read more >

Geography plays role in fate of two deals

Linde-Praxair merger is off, PotashCorp-Agrium merger is on… Read more >

Drug use in Athens rose dramatically after economic crisis

Concentrations of legal and illegal drugs in wastewater skyrocketed after… Read more >

Metabolite abnormalities pinpointed in chronic fatigue syndrome

Blood plasma study reveals chemical signature associated with lowered metabolic… Read more >

Air-pollution-derived magnetic nanoparticles found in human brains

Magnetite particles, which can be inhaled, may play a role… Read more >

Cosmetic chemistry on view in New York City

First North American In-Cosmetics exhibition showcases anti-aging ingredients… Read more >

Signal in the noise: The K-beauty boom

C&EN and CAS examine the intellectual property behind the… Read more >

Two biobased companies sell U.S. plants

Ineos Bio and Elevance change direction on biobased fuels and… Read more >

DEA ban puts damper on research into kratom’s painkilling effects

Schedule I listing may stall testing of plant’s natural… Read more >

Hawaii targets sunscreens with oxybenzone

State asks public to steer clear of these products to… Read more >

FDA bans antibacterials in consumer soaps

Agency says manufacturers have not demonstrated safety or effectiveness of… Read more >


Brian Clegg gets to the heart of the matter on… Read more >

Tap water of 6 million in the US contains industrial chemicals

Study finds perfluoroalkyl substances exceeding safety limits across the country… Read more >

Closing the window on air pollution

Switching off fans and closing car windows can minimise drivers… Read more >

Treasury throws lifeline to scientists with European funding

Promises to match European research funding secured before Brexit made… Read more >

Republican EPA chiefs endorse Clinton

Two EPA heads who served Republican administrations disavow Trump, endorse… Read more >

Algae confirmed as culprit in Rio green pool saga

Accidental addition of hydrogen peroxide destroyed hypochlorite allowing algae to… Read more >

Magnetic fields deliver cancer-killing bacteria to tumour’s heart

Guided microbes packed with drugs can reach the parts of… Read more >

Rethinking organic C–Hemistry

Nina Notman meets the organic chemists intent on breaking bonds… Read more >

Who you gonna call?

Fires, explosions and lifesaving advice are just part a normal… Read more >

The sky’s the limit

Ali Bouzari explains why food tastes worse on aeroplanes, and… Read more >

Amine behind mask hides its reactivity

Chemists mask amines’ unwanted reactivity with carbon dioxide and overcome… Read more >

Chemistry preprint server plan generates sparks

The American Chemical Society’s chemistry preprint server scheme has… Read more >

Tamed sodium in water comes out of the blue

Controlled conditions prevent alkali metal in water exploding letting researchers… Read more >

Fresh out of school

There are some things that just need to be learned… Read more >

European regulator to look into tattoo inks

European Chemicals Agency may recommend an EU-wide ban on… Read more >

Chinese investor in Hinkley Point faces nuclear espionage charges

Nuclear firm allegedly obtained US information and expertise without government… Read more >

Greenland shark is longest lived vertebrate in the world

Radiocarbon dating reveals elusive Arctic sharks could live to more… Read more >

6-epi-Ophiobolin N

When it comes to cascade reactions, radicals are king of… Read more >

Green diving pool debacle at Rio Olympics

Chemistry underpinning rapid change in pool’s colour remains murky… Read more >

Transition metal material captures inert neon

First interaction between neon and a transition metal could lead… Read more >

Reprieve for some Australian climate scientists facing the axe

Number of climate scientists to lose jobs cut from 100… Read more >

Small boats on stormy seas

Political instability hits small companies hardest Read more >

Rohm and Haas fined for safety violations

Fines relate to a trimethylaluminium explosion that injured four in… Read more >

US government sued over merger crackdown

Business groups challenge Obama’s steps to limit tax inversions… Read more >


Is there a single hormone that cause hunger, and is… Read more >

Biochemist settles $8 million case against his university

George Washington University biochemistry professor sued over removal as head… Read more >

Shrimp shells keep wine fresh

Shellfish byproduct made into sulfite-free wine preservative Read more >

Revolutionary computer program could change chemistry forever

Software can tell chemists how to make new molecules from… Read more >

Moseley’s spectrometer

Henry Moseley changed the face of the periodic table before… Read more >

Membrane reactor turns methane into aromatics

Catalytic technology could turn untapped hydrocarbons into valuable chemical feedstocks… Read more >

Hidden face revealed beneath Degas painting

Portrait reconstructed using x-ray fluorescence elemental maps Read more >

Aussie rules

The world’s most liveable city is a renowned hub… Read more >

Toddlers at highest risk of chemical eye burns

Finding overturns commonly held belief that adults were at greater… Read more >

It’s in the blood

Fuel cell that fits inside human vein generates power from… Read more >

Oxygen measured for the first time in a galaxy far, far away

Data offers snapshot of evolving galaxy 12 billion light years… Read more >

Super quick synthesis in Leidenfrost lab

Chemical reactions can proceed an order of magnitude faster in… Read more >

Bacterial compass components give up cosmic clues

Trace radioactive iron residues forged in a stellar furnace are… Read more >

Blood laser exposes body fluid’s molecular make-up

Optofluidic lasers may inject life into in vivo monitoring of… Read more >

A colour is worth a thousand spectra

Analytical method simplifies screening of photocatalytic reactions Read more >

Shaping up at the nanoscale

Rods, stars or spheres? Rachel Brazil looks at the shape… Read more >

A bit of light work

Success prospecting for helium shouldn’t halt efforts to conserve… Read more >

Standard antibody will bolster biopharma

New NIST reference material will help validate and compare analytical… Read more >

Amgen and Advaxis partner on immuno-oncology

Deal covers rights to system for building cancer therapies specific… Read more >

Antibiotic partnership plans accelerated drug development

Public–private venture will invest $350 million over five years… Read more >

Passing the test

Francisco Radler, the man in charge of the 2016 Rio… Read more >

Job cuts at Takeda, Boehringer and Arena

Hundreds of positions eliminated as companies re-evaluate R&D… Read more >


When the communion bread starts secreting blood, could this be… Read more >

Imagination and reality flow in opposite directions in your brain

Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and… Read more >

Here's everything that kills us in one morbid chart

Researchers have reviewed all the causes of death recorded in… Read more >

This is the first look at what happens to uranium fuel during a nuclear meltdown

Scientists have managed to observe uranium fuel becoming molten for… Read more >

WATCH: Do Beards Make Men Sexier?

The science is in - studies have shown that there's… Read more >

WATCH: This band-aid gel instantly stops bleeding

Meet the band-aid of the future - VetiGel is a… Read more >

This new folding electric bike can fit in your backpack

Ever wanted a bike that you can fold up and… Read more >

This new plastic breaks down in just 3 hours

Researchers have used fructose to create a new type of… Read more >

The Large Hadron Collider has observed two brand new particles

Two never-before-seen “heavy-weight” baryon particles have been… Read more >

New Alzheimer’s test detects disease 10 years before diagnosis

A new blood test for Alzheimer’s can detect the… Read more >

QUIZ: Which famous brain is your mind most similar to?

Procrastinating from work? Why not map your neurological activity and… Read more >

WATCH: Gecko-inspired Spiderman sticky pads are here

Ever dreamed of scaling the side of a building like… Read more >

New study reveals what checking your phone is doing to your neck

New research suggests that looking down to check your phone… Read more >

WATCH: The Sixth Extinction - this time, we're the asteroid

A whopping 98 percent of the species that have ever… Read more >

New brain exercises teach people to see letters as colours

Scientists have taught people to experience synaesthesia, a neurological phenomenon… Read more >

Philae found organic molecules in its 60 hours on a comet

In the short window of time the European Space Agency… Read more >

Neuroscientists 'rediscover' entire brain region linked to reading

Neuroscientists have ‘rediscovered’ a large part of the brain that… Read more >

New self-filling water bottle harvests drinking water from the air

Austrian designer Kristof Retezar has invented a new device for… Read more >

WATCH: Does Smiling Make You Happy?

Happiness makes us genuinely smile, but can forcing a smile… Read more >

Scientists are using artificial skin to find better bandages for burn victims

Researchers from Australia are using lab-made skin and a… Read more >