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In partnership with the world’s leading scientific bodies, RACI brings you the latest news headlines locally and from across the globe. Featuring article summaries from ACS, RSC and Science Alert.

Stretchy graphene sensor feels the strain

Fish scales of graphene oxide on stretchable tape could make… Read more >

Deciphering the color code of bioluminescence

Two amino acid residues help tune the wavelength of light… Read more >

Pfizer outbids competitors for Medivation

Drug major hopes $14 billion deal will cement a lead… Read more >

Metal-free metamaterials switch between blocking and transmitting light

Removing metals opens up possibilities for the engineered structures Read more >

Chemical regulation related to drop in U.S. illicit drug users

Study examines availability of substances used to manufacture cocaine, methamphetamine… Read more >

Membrane separates hydrocarbon isomers in energy-saving process

So-called carbon molecular sieve purifies precious para-xylene from… Read more >

Agent kills pain like morphine but loses some side effects

Researchers find molecule that turns on opioid pain-relief pathway… Read more >

Industrial gas giants seek megamerger

Combination of Praxair and Linde would create world’s biggest… Read more >

Piramal expands in North America with acquisition of Ash Stevens

Indian firm gets one of the few independent U.S… Read more >

Organic crystals designed for flexibility

Harnessing weak interactions between molecular building blocks could be a… Read more >

Terahertz radiation probes polymers

Two recent studies shed light on polymer elasticity and crystallization… Read more >


Brian Clegg gets to the heart of the matter on… Read more >

Tap water of 6 million in the US contains industrial chemicals

Study finds perfluoroalkyl substances exceeding safety limits across the country… Read more >

Closing the window on air pollution

Switching off fans and closing car windows can minimise drivers… Read more >

Treasury throws lifeline to scientists with European funding

Promises to match European research funding secured before Brexit made… Read more >

ACS to launch chemistry preprint server

Authors will be able to deposit draft chemistry papers in… Read more >

Republican EPA chiefs endorse Clinton

Two EPA heads who served Republican administrations disavow Trump, endorse… Read more >

Algae confirmed as culprit in Rio green pool saga

Accidental addition of hydrogen peroxide destroyed hypochlorite allowing algae to… Read more >

Magnetic fields deliver cancer-killing bacteria to tumour’s heart

Guided microbes packed with drugs can reach the parts of… Read more >

Rethinking organic C–Hemistry

Nina Notman meets the organic chemists intent on breaking bonds… Read more >

EC eyes Dow-DuPont deal

European regulators worry merger will undermine competition in agriculture Read more >

Who you gonna call?

Fires, explosions and lifesaving advice are just part a normal… Read more >

The sky’s the limit

Ali Bouzari explains why food tastes worse on aeroplanes, and… Read more >

Amine behind mask hides its reactivity

Chemists mask amines’ unwanted reactivity with carbon dioxide and overcome… Read more >

Chemistry preprint server plan generates sparks

The American Chemical Society’s chemistry preprint server scheme has… Read more >

Tamed sodium in water comes out of the blue

Controlled conditions prevent alkali metal in water exploding letting researchers… Read more >

Synthetic melanin makes color-changing skin

Humidity-driven hue shifting is fast and reversible Read more >

A faster way to find medicines hiding in nature

Crystallography approach creates a shortcut for capturing and characterizing enzyme… Read more >

Diatoms become silica scaffolds for growing molybdenum disulfide

Hybrid silica-MoS2 material could be used in optoelectronics, catalysis… Read more >

European Regulators Put Dow DuPont Deal Under Microscope

Commissioners are concerned deal will undermine competition in agriculture and… Read more >

Potential new source of atmospheric aerosols identified

New study questions prevailing assumption that fatty acids aren’t… Read more >

German Chemical Producers Upbeat

Trio of specialty chemical firms raise their forecasts for 2016… Read more >

Fresh out of school

There are some things that just need to be learned… Read more >

European regulator to look into tattoo inks

European Chemicals Agency may recommend an EU-wide ban on… Read more >

Chinese investor in Hinkley Point faces nuclear espionage charges

Nuclear firm allegedly obtained US information and expertise without government… Read more >

Greenland shark is longest lived vertebrate in the world

Radiocarbon dating reveals elusive Arctic sharks could live to more… Read more >

ACS launches chemistry preprint server

Authors can deposit draft chemistry papers in online archive before… Read more >

Radiotracer helps neuroscientists study epigenetics in the brain

Molecule maps density of histone deacetylases in people Read more >

EPA watchdog declines to investigate chemistry professor

Inspector general turns down environmental groups’ request for a probe… Read more >

Perfluorinated chemicals linked to military bases, airports

New analysis finds association between drinking water contamination and non… Read more >

6-epi-Ophiobolin N

When it comes to cascade reactions, radicals are king of… Read more >

Green diving pool debacle at Rio Olympics

Chemistry underpinning rapid change in pool’s colour remains murky… Read more >

Transition metal material captures inert neon

First interaction between neon and a transition metal could lead… Read more >

Reprieve for some Australian climate scientists facing the axe

Number of climate scientists to lose jobs cut from 100… Read more >

AFM tips on demand

The resolution of 3-D printing is getting so good… Read more >

Small boats on stormy seas

Political instability hits small companies hardest Read more >

Rohm and Haas fined for safety violations

Fines relate to a trimethylaluminium explosion that injured four in… Read more >

US government sued over merger crackdown

Business groups challenge Obama’s steps to limit tax inversions… Read more >


Is there a single hormone that cause hunger, and is… Read more >

Biochemist settles $8 million case against his university

George Washington University biochemistry professor sued over removal as head… Read more >

Shrimp shells keep wine fresh

Shellfish byproduct made into sulfite-free wine preservative Read more >

Revolutionary computer program could change chemistry forever

Software can tell chemists how to make new molecules from… Read more >

Single agent targets three parasitic infections

Discovery could lead to improved drugs for Chagas disease, leishmaniasis… Read more >

Moseley’s spectrometer

Henry Moseley changed the face of the periodic table before… Read more >

Membrane reactor turns methane into aromatics

Catalytic technology could turn untapped hydrocarbons into valuable chemical feedstocks… Read more >

Hidden face revealed beneath Degas painting

Portrait reconstructed using x-ray fluorescence elemental maps Read more >

Deals flourish in sulfur chemicals

Veolia and Ineos to boost presence in industry with acquisitions… Read more >

Natural product helps obese mice lose weight

Molecule increases sensitivity to hormone that regulates hunger and energy… Read more >

Aussie rules

The world’s most liveable city is a renowned hub… Read more >

Toddlers at highest risk of chemical eye burns

Finding overturns commonly held belief that adults were at greater… Read more >

It’s in the blood

Fuel cell that fits inside human vein generates power from… Read more >

Oxygen measured for the first time in a galaxy far, far away

Data offers snapshot of evolving galaxy 12 billion light years… Read more >

Super quick synthesis in Leidenfrost lab

Chemical reactions can proceed an order of magnitude faster in… Read more >

Bacterial compass components give up cosmic clues

Trace radioactive iron residues forged in a stellar furnace are… Read more >

Fracking air pollution study retracted

Corrected results show airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons near fracking operations… Read more >

New liquid-liquid approach allows catalytic reactions to go with the flow

Emulsions immobilized within columns turn biphasic catalysis into a continuous… Read more >

Pfizer acquires Bamboo Therapeutics

Deal brings gene therapy technology and key manufacturing capabilities Read more >

New battery packs more storage capacity than standard Li-ion devices

Advance lies in electrode material made of lithium oxides in… Read more >

Scott Miller to lead the Journal of Organic Chemistry

New editor-in-chief will succeed Dale Poulter on Jan… Read more >

Unapproved, genetically modified wheat disrupts U.S. trade

Japan, S. Korea halt U.S. wheat shipments following discovery… Read more >

Refinery fostered weak safety, Chemical Safety Board says

Report probes sulfuric acid accidents that injured workers Read more >

Iron catalysts diversify amino acids and peptides

New method mimics peptide-synthesis enzyme complexes found in microorganisms… Read more >

Blood laser exposes body fluid’s molecular make-up

Optofluidic lasers may inject life into in vivo monitoring of… Read more >

A colour is worth a thousand spectra

Analytical method simplifies screening of photocatalytic reactions Read more >

Shaping up at the nanoscale

Rods, stars or spheres? Rachel Brazil looks at the shape… Read more >

GSK and Verily launch Galvani Bioelectronics

Drug giant and tech firm form a company to create… Read more >

Athletes at Rio Olympics face advanced antidoping technology

Officials can now check for long-ago anabolic steroid use… Read more >

Alanna Schepartz will take the helm of Biochemistry

Yale professor of chemistry says big changes are coming to… Read more >

Rio Olympics teams with Dow to leave a low-carbon legacy

New materials and upgraded manufacturing to help Brazil reach its… Read more >

China tops 48th International Chemistry Olympiad

U.S. earns a gold, two silvers, and a bronze… Read more >

Chemistry Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail dies at age 70

Caltech chemist will be remembered for pioneering field of femtochemistry… Read more >

A bit of light work

Success prospecting for helium shouldn’t halt efforts to conserve… Read more >

Standard antibody will bolster biopharma

New NIST reference material will help validate and compare analytical… Read more >

Amgen and Advaxis partner on immuno-oncology

Deal covers rights to system for building cancer therapies specific… Read more >

Antibiotic partnership plans accelerated drug development

Public–private venture will invest $350 million over five years… Read more >

New chemicals add concern over e-cigarettes’ health impact

Two potential carcinogens detected for the first time in electronic… Read more >

Periodic Graphics: The Russian doping scandal

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning untangles the… Read more >

Thyroid disrupting chemicals found in household dust

Virtual screening method predicts compounds that bind to thyroid hormone… Read more >

GSK and Verily launch Galvani Bioelectronics

Drug giant and tech firm form a company to create… Read more >

New antibody standard could aid biopharma development

NIST reference material will help companies design and test analytical… Read more >

Passing the test

Francisco Radler, the man in charge of the 2016 Rio… Read more >

Job cuts at Takeda, Boehringer and Arena

Hundreds of positions eliminated as companies re-evaluate R&D… Read more >


When the communion bread starts secreting blood, could this be… Read more >

Glucose-fueled power source delivers high-energy bursts for medical implants

New hybrid device combines the best of biofuel cells and… Read more >

China tops 49th International Chemistry Olympiad

U.S. earns a gold, two silvers, and a bronze… Read more >

Analysis provides a glimpse at the lifestyle of our single-celled ancestors

Researchers discover that the last universal common ancestor between bacteria… Read more >

Busting a myth about mechanochemical crystallization

Adding varying amounts of liquid yields multiple crystal forms Read more >

Firms tout resilience, cost-cutting in difficult quarter

Consumer spending, agriculture among bright spots in earnings Read more >

Brexit pondered at European science conference

U.K. scientists state need to retain funding, mobility Read more >

A tomato that can travel and doesn’t taste like cardboard

Researchers find a gene that slows down ripening but doesn… Read more >

Tesla spurs demand for lithium chemicals

Albemarle, FMC, and others to boost output of lightest metal… Read more >

U.S. agencies could cut researchers’ administrative burdens

GAO calls for uniform information collection requirements, cutting data requests… Read more >

Brazil proposes new policy for chemicals

Draft legislation would require registration of substances Read more >

Structures of ‘hot’ cancer target solved

Knowing HDAC6’s configuration could help researchers design therapeutics Read more >

Research teams characterize complete Alzheimer’s fibrils

Studies provide atomic-level view of full dimeric fibrils of… Read more >

Sniffing out a new antibiotic

A powerful antimicrobial weapon emerges from the bacterial battle in… Read more >

Exxon, SABIC plan Gulf Coast ethylene cracker

Project marks first major U.S. shale gas play for… Read more >

For a new twist on a common lab tool, evaporation is friend, not foe

Relying on evaporation to mix droplets balancing on tiny pillars… Read more >

Research teams characterize complete Alzheimer’s fibrils

Studies provide atomic-level view of full dimeric fibrils of… Read more >

Analysis provides a glimpse at the lifestyle of our single-celled ancestors

Researchers discover that the last universal common ancestor between bacteria… Read more >

Legionnaires’ outbreaks in Flint linked to corrosive tap water

Corrosion in drinking water pipes allows deadly bacteria to flourish… Read more >

Shortcut leads to branched tryptophans

An evolved enzyme builds β-branched tryptophan analogs in one step… Read more >

Adding a catalytic membrane to lithium-air batteries improves performance

Preventing buildup of harmful products boosts battery efficiency and lifetime… Read more >

Agricultural chemical deals ripen

Milestones are hit in all three global agchem transactions now… Read more >

Post-Brexit, Ineos embraces its Britishness

Big chemical firm moves businesses back to U.K., eyes… Read more >

Third Rock-backed Fulcrum Therapeutics launches

Company to attack rare diseases with protein-targeting small molecules… Read more >

Protein stays stable without its charges

A protein with its charged amino acids swapped for neutral… Read more >

U.S. Energy Department awards $40 million to speed nuclear waste cleanup

Multi-investigator research centers to focus on weapon production wastes… Read more >

Researchers demonstrate they can store data by pushing around atoms

Rewritable atom-based memory has data density 500 times higher… Read more >

New radiotracer allows scientists to count synapses in people’s brains

Radiolabeled molecule could aid researchers studying the loss of synapses… Read more >

Justine Roth found dead in her home

Johns Hopkins chemistry professor is remembered for tackling tough scientific… Read more >

Synchronized bacteria attack tumors

Engineered microbes grow and burst in cycles to release anticancer… Read more >

Chemists string together four different group 15 elements in a single molecule

Research team aims to someday get in all five elements… Read more >

Japanese firms invest in diaper raw materials

Demand is strong as urban Asians adopt Western methods of… Read more >

Charge-free protein retains its structure and function

A protein that had its charged amino acids swapped for… Read more >

U.S. Energy Department awards $40 million to speed nuclear waste cleanup

Multi-investigator research centers to focus on weapon production wastes… Read more >

U.S. Congress clears the way for limits on drone flights near chemical plants and refineries

Industry is concerned about potential accidents as well as espionage… Read more >

Enzymes threatened by biotech corn

Alpha-amylase-containing corn is rendering addition of enzymes unnecessary… Read more >

U.S. Congress clears the way for limits on drone flights near chemical plants and refineries

Industry is concerned about potential accidents as well as espionage… Read more >

Fuel efficiency alone does not bring climate benefits for eco-engines

Gasoline direct injection engines use less fuel, but produce more… Read more >

Bruises from Brexit start to show in U.K. chemistry enterprise

Key organizations are ready to fight for sector’s future… Read more >

Wireless badges sense hazardous chemicals

Device uses nanotubes immersed in an ionic liquid Read more >

Obama expected to sign GMO food labeling legislation

Measure would eliminate state requirements, create national standard Read more >

Bacterial ticker tape puts cells on display

Microfluidic device shows how microbes change over generations Read more >

Social behavior may have immune connection

Immune cells release protein that regulates social behavior in mice… Read more >

Mutant enzyme provides a route to novel triterpenes

A single amino acid change leads to synthesis of new… Read more >

Money flows for drug service firms

Converging investments highlight strength in the Western service sector Read more >

Merck to cut jobs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, expand in Massachusetts

Discovery and early development chemists most impacted by shake-up… Read more >

All or nothing is a better strategy for keeping drinking water lead levels low

Partially replacing lead water service lines with copper increases lead… Read more >

Silk-based hydrogel could deliver sustained chemotherapy to tumors

An injectable hydrogel made with silk nanofibers releases breast cancer… Read more >

Federal study of MCHM concludes

Chemical, which spilled into a West Virginia river in January… Read more >

Dendrimer-RNA nanoparticles offer fast, customizable vaccines

Researchers design particles carrying self-replicating RNAs to produce immunity… Read more >

Dow to shut down solar shingle business

Demand suffered from competition with cheaper traditional solar panels Read more >

U.S. appeals court maintains six-month notice for generic-like biological drugs

Ruling could delay introduction of lower-priced biosimilar Read more >

U.S. Senate advances bill on labeling genetically modified food

Measure would prohibit states from enacting their own laws Read more >

University of Hawaii lab explosion likely originated in electrostatic discharge

The root cause was failure to recognize and control the… Read more >

Novel strategy finds long-sought inhibitor for cancer-related enzyme

After two decades of effort, researchers identify clinically viable agent… Read more >

Nutrition and epigenetics link found in mice

Low-protein diet given to pregnant mice can interact with… Read more >

High temperatures turn nanoparticles into single-atom catalysts

Conditions that ordinarily destroy nanoparticle catalysts can be used to… Read more >

Fibrant to shutter U.S. caprolactam unit

Global oversupply and low margins contribute to the decision Read more >

Study launched of Gilead’s Ebola antiviral

Trial could provide route to approval for the small molecule… Read more >

AstraZeneca shifts partners for antibodies against skin diseases

New licensing deals move drugs between Valeant and Leo Pharma… Read more >

Engineered microbes make silver nanoparticles

Repurposed bacterial iron-storing systems provide a greener process for… Read more >

Three materials start-ups attract funding

Firms say their technology will improve performance of solar cells… Read more >

Mining landfills for resources doesn’t always benefit climate

Landfill mining may pose greenhouse gas burden in areas with… Read more >

Tiny peptide targets brain injuries

Molecule could help researchers deliver therapeutics for traumatic brain injury… Read more >

Asymmetric difluorination of alkenes achieved

Challenging reaction efficiently generates sought-after chiral difluoromethyl groups Read more >

Antarctic ozone hole shows signs of repair

New study documents increase in O3 levels for the first… Read more >

Glyphosate temporarily allowed in EU

Controversial herbicide reauthorized until end of 2017 Read more >

Pfizer goes to China for biologic drugs

Planned $350 million facility will employ single-use bioreactors from… Read more >

Dow to lay off 2,500 in wake of Dow Corning purchase

The company is also closing two plants in effort to… Read more >

U.K. chemistry enterprise feels ‘Brexit’ pain

U.K. scientists and chemistry-based companies brace for a… Read more >

New method used to discover potential helium source

Technique could alleviate recurrent shortages of the noble element, used… Read more >

Structure of Ebola virus’s glycoprotein reveals an Achilles heel

Drug designers may want to target a region that destabilizes… Read more >

A sound device corrals bacteria in blood

Microfluidic device uses sound waves to concentrate bacteria from blood… Read more >

Updated law boosts EPA regulatory power over chemicals

Congress gives agency more authority to regulate health and environmental… Read more >

New method used to discover potential helium source

Technique could alleviate recurrent shortages of the noble element, used… Read more >

How spongy silicon could open new doors in bioelectronics

New form of silicon boosts element’s biocompatibility and activates… Read more >

Patent royalties suit against Harvard settled

Details of the agreement between former grad student Mark Charest… Read more >

Sulfate aerosols implicated in global warming slowdown

Increased emissions in China combined with decreased emissions in North… Read more >

Firms claim biobased routes to ethyl acetate and glycols

Greenyug and S2G work with manufacturing partners to prove their… Read more >

German firm claims new route to methanesulfonic acid

Grillo’s direction reaction of methane and SO3 could open… Read more >

India raises bar on foreign investment

Ownership of up to 74% may spur consolidation in a… Read more >

Ligands could help recycle nuclear waste

Robust nitrogen-based ligands bind selectively to actinides and separate… Read more >

U.K. chemistry enterprise feels ‘Brexit’ pain

U.K. pharma, chemical organizations, scientists pushed to where they… Read more >

USGS finds data fraud, closes chemistry lab

Misconduct has led to delays and 1 retraction in environmental… Read more >

Light and organic chemistry could make smarter, flexible devices

A blend of organic materials bolsters bendable data storage devices… Read more >

Process for resolving U.S. patent disputes stays

Supreme Court upholds system that helps generic drugmakers challenge patents… Read more >

Biologists evolve a reverse transcriptase that can proofread

The enzyme copies RNA into DNA without making mistakes Read more >

U.S. International Chemistry Olympiad team selected

Students head to the International Chemistry Olympiad in Tbilisi, Georgia… Read more >

Jumpstarting nanoparticles with UV light

A zap from a laser can restore fluorescence in silicon… Read more >

Albemarle sells Chemetall to BASF for $3.2 billion

Deal strengthens BASF’s coatings position and lets Albemarle reduce… Read more >

PCBs and other organic pollutants reach the deep ocean

Persistent organic pollutants extend 2,500 m deep in the… Read more >

Albemarle sells Chemetall to BASF for $3.2 billion

Deal strengthens BASF’s coatings position and lets Albemarle reduce… Read more >

Ultrasound implant safely opens blood-brain barrier in patients

New method could help anticancer drugs reach brain tumors Read more >

Diarylethene molecular switch has staying power

Devices fitted with light-activated molecules last longer than a… Read more >

Protein cages made in the lab resemble protective virus constructs

Self-assembled icosahedral structures might one day be used for… Read more >

EU proposes criteria for identifying chemicals that alter hormones

Debate over classification of pesticides, biocides intensifies Read more >

U.S. Supreme Court facilitates larger patent damage awards

Ruling gives patent owners greater clout in infringement cases Read more >

Infinity cuts drug discovery operations

Decision comes after a failed clinical trial for the PI3K… Read more >

Merck to acquire Afferent

Big drugmaker to pay $500 million for biotech firm developing… Read more >

Chiral molecule found in interstellar cloud

Interstellar propylene oxide could shed light on life’s handedness… Read more >

Tobin Marks wins Priestley Medal

Organometallic pioneer honored for materials and catalysis research Read more >

Chemists engineer metalloproteins with novel activities

New protein engineering method yields proteins capable of catalyzing reactions… Read more >

Perovskite phosphor boosts visible light communication

Flashy nanocrystals help LEDs send data in the blink of… Read more >

U.S. Chemistry Olympiad team selected

Students head to the International Chemistry Olympiad in Tbilisi, Georgia… Read more >

Westlake Chemical to buy PVC rival Axiall

$3.8 billion deal ends months of wrangling between the… Read more >

Chemours to divest sulfuric acid unit

Sale to Veolia ends divestment program that began after spinoff… Read more >

High-energy battery electrodes load up on sulfur

A new lithium-sulfur battery electrode packs more energy with… Read more >

Nanorods spit in the face of high humidity

Carbon-based structures reversibly shed water as humidity rises, unlike… Read more >

Bioprinted placenta model could point to preeclampsia treatments

3-D printed cell array could allow scientists to study… Read more >

Volunteer Service Award to Richard Cobb

Chemical technician is passionate about making a difference Read more >

John Brauman Receives Parsons Award

Stanford chemist honored for exceptional public service Read more >

Tobin Marks wins the 2017 Priestley Medal

Organometallic pioneer honored for materials and catalysis research Read more >

Green success stories: The 2016 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Annual awards recognize chemical innovations that prevent pollution and promote… Read more >

Mercury sandwich complex snags fluoride

Exotic mercury-anion binding in anticrown complex could be a… Read more >

Diverse sources release pharmaceutical compounds to water

Sewer overflows and septic fields add to environmental contamination Read more >

Westlake Chemical to Buy PVC rival Axiall

$3.8 billion deal ends months of wrangling between the… Read more >

Chemists announce the end of the innocence for cyclopentadienyl

Supposedly unreactive ligand caught in the act of protonation, suggesting… Read more >

Glyphosate faces uncertainty in EU

Member states fail to agree on reauthorization of controversial herbicide… Read more >

Autonomous chemically fueled molecular motor revs up

Molecular motor runs all by itself, without external intervention, on… Read more >

Emerging drug firms reap investments

Licensing and acquisition deals reach new highs in 2015 Read more >

Synthetic drug traffickers outpace U.S. laws, senators say

Hundreds of new substances lack controls, pose threats Read more >

Merck to make drugs for contract manufacturer

Pharma giant plans $60 million investment in microbial facility to… Read more >

Acetate’s unexpected role in obesity

Gut microbiome in rodents makes the small molecule, which promotes… Read more >

Outsourcing flourishes for synthetic biology firms

Ginkgo Bioworks, Amryis partner with firms that supply millions of… Read more >

Rock chemistry could solidify CO2 for storage

Reactions with basalt mineralize greenhouse gas to carbonate in two… Read more >

Chemours headed for bankruptcy says short seller

Liability related to perfluorooctanoic acid may overwhelm the DuPont spin… Read more >

Proposed names for new periodic table elements announced by IUPAC

Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 are likely to become… Read more >

Could crime scene bloodstains reveal a person’s age and the time of the crime?

Forensic assay measures concentrations of a blood enzyme that varies… Read more >

Chemical reaction lights the way for tracking microRNA in living organisms

Probes provide first-ever technique for visualizing small RNA sequences… Read more >

Senate sends chemical safety legislation to Obama

President expected to sign measure soon Read more >

Emerging drug firms reap investments

Licensing and acquisition deals reach new highs in 2015 Read more >

An ion-selective detector made of paper

Disposable device that can be used in the field consists… Read more >

Virus helps unmask anticancer drug to attack brain tumors

Phase I clinical trial results show promise for new glioma… Read more >

European science ministers call for open access

By 2020, publications of publicly funded research are to be… Read more >

Recreational drug kratom hits the same brain receptors as strong opioids

Chemists study the neurochemistry of alkaloids from the Mitragyna plant… Read more >

Microplastics stunt fish growth and alter behavior

Exposure study of perch embryos and larvae adds to growing… Read more >

Atomic force microscopy takes home Kavli prize

Gerd Binnig, Christoph Gerber, and Calvin Quate will share foundation… Read more >

Nanopollens pack a sticky antibacterial punch

Nanoparticles that mimic the rough surface of pollen grains boost… Read more >

Jazz Pharmaceuticals to buy Celator Pharmaceuticals

Deal worth $1.5 billion brings promising nanoparticle-based cancer… Read more >

Specialties maker Vertellus files for bankruptcy

Dynamic chemical firm succumbs to stiff competition in China Read more >

Thermo Fisher to acquire FEI

Instrument giant fills a gap in its portfolio with $4… Read more >

U.K. fractures over fracking

England approves first gas well in four years, but Scotland… Read more >

Thermo Fisher to acquire FEI

$4.2 billion electron microscopy acquisition fills a gap in… Read more >

Pathogen uses promiscuous molecule to scavenge metals

Researchers discover that S. aureus imports nickel, cobalt, zinc, copper… Read more >

Parmesan test can detect cheesy imposters

Real Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese does not contain cyclopropane fatty acids… Read more >

More drugs are succeeding in clinical trials

After a 15-year decline, chances are better that a… Read more >

U.S. House passes pesticide deregulation bill

Proponents recast bill as way to help fight Zika virus… Read more >

REACH deadline looms, industry is warned

Firms that fail to register chemicals by June 2018 face… Read more >

Cloud-forming particles don’t need sulfuric acid to assemble, trio of studies show

Findings could have implications for modeling climate effects Read more >

Toxic chemicals from fracking wastewater spills can persist for years

North Dakota fracking boom leaves residues of radium, selenium, lead… Read more >

The brain may offer a target for treating type 2 diabetes

Injection of growth factor into rodent brains normalizes blood glucose… Read more >

Imagination and reality flow in opposite directions in your brain

Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and… Read more >

Here's everything that kills us in one morbid chart

Researchers have reviewed all the causes of death recorded in… Read more >

This is the first look at what happens to uranium fuel during a nuclear meltdown

Scientists have managed to observe uranium fuel becoming molten for… Read more >

WATCH: Do Beards Make Men Sexier?

The science is in - studies have shown that there's… Read more >

WATCH: This band-aid gel instantly stops bleeding

Meet the band-aid of the future - VetiGel is a… Read more >

This new folding electric bike can fit in your backpack

Ever wanted a bike that you can fold up and… Read more >

This new plastic breaks down in just 3 hours

Researchers have used fructose to create a new type of… Read more >

The Large Hadron Collider has observed two brand new particles

Two never-before-seen “heavy-weight” baryon particles have been… Read more >

New Alzheimer’s test detects disease 10 years before diagnosis

A new blood test for Alzheimer’s can detect the… Read more >

QUIZ: Which famous brain is your mind most similar to?

Procrastinating from work? Why not map your neurological activity and… Read more >

WATCH: Gecko-inspired Spiderman sticky pads are here

Ever dreamed of scaling the side of a building like… Read more >

New study reveals what checking your phone is doing to your neck

New research suggests that looking down to check your phone… Read more >

WATCH: The Sixth Extinction - this time, we're the asteroid

A whopping 98 percent of the species that have ever… Read more >

New brain exercises teach people to see letters as colours

Scientists have taught people to experience synaesthesia, a neurological phenomenon… Read more >

Philae found organic molecules in its 60 hours on a comet

In the short window of time the European Space Agency… Read more >

Neuroscientists 'rediscover' entire brain region linked to reading

Neuroscientists have ‘rediscovered’ a large part of the brain that… Read more >

New self-filling water bottle harvests drinking water from the air

Austrian designer Kristof Retezar has invented a new device for… Read more >

WATCH: Does Smiling Make You Happy?

Happiness makes us genuinely smile, but can forcing a smile… Read more >

Scientists are using artificial skin to find better bandages for burn victims

Researchers from Australia are using lab-made skin and a… Read more >