Chem Education

Founded in the late 1960s, the Chemical Education Division supports RACI state branch chemical education groups through facilitating activities with secondary school teachers and students (including titration competition heats, crystal growing and lecture tours). In this way we can help advance the teaching of chemistry at both the secondary and tertiary levels, and promote interest in, and understanding of, chemistry.

Our Purpose

We created the Chemical Education Division to:

  • provide a networking platform for those with a common interest across multiple education sectors
  • disseminate the latest research in, and applications of, chemistry education and practice
  • provide for the professional development of secondary and tertiary educators
  • encourage students to embark on a career in chemical sciences and teaching.

Divisional Committee

Chair Dr Reyne Pullen
Chair Elec Dr Dino Spagnoli
Secretary Dr Sara Kyne
Treasurer Dr Stephanie S. Schweiker
Past Chair A/Prof Erica Smith
ECR Representative Dr Stephen George-Williams

Regular Events

Our Chemical Education Division is very active in holding regular events. Highlights include:

  • A Symposium scheduled in between RACI Congress events which aims to bring together the diverse community representing chemistry educators (engaged in research and practice) who teach in tertiary and secondary contexts in Australia.
  • Events on Discipline Day at the Australian Conference for Science and Mathematics Education.
  • Utilising the Chemistry Discipline Network (ChemNet) to share news and resources to subscribers in order to build strong communication for the Division and reach the wider community of chemistry educators. 

Chemical Education Awards

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Become Involved

If you would like more information on our Chemical Education Division, or how to become involved, please contact us below.

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Explore Australia's largest community of chemists. A dynamic online platform that fosters discussion, builds networks and offers professional growth opportunities. Join and enhance your connections, share knowledge, and stay at the forefront of chemical advancements through conferences, seminars, workshops, and lectures.

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The Chemistry Discipline Network

The Primary way in which we communicate with our division is via The Chemistry Discipline Network. The Network was funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council from 2011 - 2013. The network continues as a way to connect people with an interest in tertiary chemistry education.

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