The Division is home for all like-minded professionals including researchers, students and industry experts who are interested in the training, research, development and demonstration of a wide range of carbon related science and engineering.

Our Purpose

Our Carbon Division was created to:
  • Provide a unique interaction platform for professionals from industry, academia and public funded research organisations who are interested in carbon related science and engineering
  • Disseminate the latest research and applications of carbon
  • Provide a space for the professional development of carbon scientists
  • Encourage students to embark on a career in carbon related academic research or industries.

Our broad areas cover:

  • materials design, modelling, product development, and structural and functional applications of carbon materials composed primarily of elemental carbon
  • formation, structure, properties, behaviour, and technological applications of carbon
  • synthetic or natural carbon materials and products such as graphene, graphite, carbon fibre, carbon nanotubes, and carbon foams
  • hybrid materials including dispersions, coatings, fibres and composites
  • application areas including sectors such as energy, coatings, aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics, sports, and construction.

Divisional Committee

Chair Dr Nishar Hameed
Chair Elec Dr Nisa Salim
Secretary Joe Shapter
Treasurer Dr Nisa Salim
Committee Member Yuan Chen

Regular Events

Our Carbon Division is very active in holding regular events. Highlights include:
  • A national conference (CIC) every 18-24 months where the latest academic research and commercial sector innovations are presented.
  • Lectures presented by eminent carbon experts in several locations.
  • Several state-based, one-day student and ECR symposia held annually.

Carbon Division Awards

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Become Involved

If you would like more information on our Carbon Division, or how to become involved, please contact us below.

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