2021 Mentoring Program Blog - Post 3

Written by Roberto Garcia Soto, 2021 RACI mentee, and Trainee Consultant at MAS Management Systems. 

Published 12 May 2021

Blog Post 3 : Networking Opening Messages

Hello mentors and mentees,

I am Roberto Garcia Soto, I am one of the mentees that is working currently in this program.
I would like to hear your opinions in regards a topic related to the Networking podcast.

I have been working on LinkedIn by sending inmails to start-ups CEO’s, lab staff and recruiters. My question is what would you consider to be a good message to open up the conversation in each of the cases?

Below you can find my templates:

1. Start up CEO

a) First paragraph: Greeting
b) Second paragraph: Personal experience that relate you to the start up
c) Third paragraph: Express your motivation to form part of the industry and your contributions
d) Fourth paragraph: Tell about your qualifications, invite them to connect, say good bye

2. Recruiter

a) First paragraph: Greeting
b) Second paragraph: Tell about your soft skills and qualifications
c) Third paragraph: Express your career expectations and what you could contribute to an organisation
d) Fourth paragraph: Invite them to connect and to stay in touch

3. Lab staff

a) First paragraph: Greeting
b) Second paragraph: Express interest on what they do
c) Third paragraph: Tell them a bit of what you can do
d) Fourth paragraph: Ask them advise on how to get inside to the industry and let the conversation flow

*** In case of no reply, I push two or three times. If there is no reply I prefer to stop so I don’t annoy that person and not damage that connection that can be useful in other time in my career.

Please share your templates and give an opinion on mine. linkedin.com/in/robertogarciabiotech

Hope you all to be safe and to see you in the webinars or their recordings,

Kind regards,


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