Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Division Awards

2020 Graeme Batley Medal Recipient, 

Professor Conor Hogan 

Published 23 March 2022 

After considerable delays, the Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Division would like to officially announce and congratulate Professor Conor Hogan (La Trobe University) on his award of the Graeme Batley Medal (2020), which recognises excellence in pure or applied scientific work in Australia that involved substantial analytical chemistry, or for service to Analytical Chemistry in Australia over the past fifteen years.

Professor Hogan is a leader in the area of electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection, which lies at the interface of analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and photochemistry, and he is known internationally for his work linking mobile technologies to chemical sensing. This epitomises a broader theme of his research; to simplify analytical technologies such that measurements can be made quickly and easily, by non-scientists, outside of the laboratory setting. Prof. Hogan’s research encompasses the development of new materials, new molecules and new understanding; and the translation of breakthrough science into chemical and biosensor technologies for real-world applications such as medical diagnostics, environmental sensing and food testing.

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Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Division Awards nominations close 13 May 2022. 

The Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Division invites nominations for the following awards:

  • PAUL HADDAD MEDAL for early career excellence in analytical chemistry.
  • GRAEME BATLEY MEDAL for excellence in analytical chemistry.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY MEDAL for excellence in environmental chemistry.
  • ORIGINAL RESEARCH PUBLICATION AWARD for papers published in 2020 or 2021 by HDR students in the fields of analytical and/or environmental chemistry.

Nominations are due by Friday 13 May 2022 by email to Dr James Chapman (Division Chair).
Details of awards and selection criteria are available at the following link:

Please note that, due to the absence of most of our Division’s awards in 2020 and 2021, this year we will accept nominations for the Original Research Publication Award for papers published in either 2020 or 2021, and an award for each of those years may be given. Moreover, the 10-year post PhD timeframe for the Paul Haddad Medal will be relaxed by 2 years, and the award of two Medals (one with the relaxed timeframe and one with the normal timeframe) will be considered. Any queries can be emailed directly to Prof. Paul Francis.


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