Centenary of Federation Teaching Awards in Chemistry

The RACI offers a series of annual awards for the recognition and reward of outstanding excellence in the teaching of chemistry in Australia at both primary and secondary school levels.

The award process is two tiered with the branches offering a Primary and Secondary teaching Award on the basis of one each per state annually, with applicants in the Northern Territory being considered with South Australia and those in the Australian Capital Territory with New South Wales.

Any Branch may refer exceptional awardees to the Board for national consideration.

The Board may select one primary and one secondary national award winner from the candidates submitted by the Branches.

Candidates whose teaching is only partly chemical and teachers of general science (with some chemistry) are also encouraged to apply. All applicants must be RACI members (MRACI and upwards) for a minimum of 1 year.


Candidates who apply or are nominated are required to supply:


  1. Contact details - postal and email addresses, phone and fax numbers;
  2. A brief curriculum vitae focusing on those aspects which will support your application/nomination;
  3. A statement (1-2 pages) of your overall approach to teaching and learning;
  4. Information/examples from your practice which illustrate and support your approach;
  5. Names, addresses, email and phone numbers of no more than four referees;


No award will be made in a State if, in the opinion of the Branch committee, no suitable candidate applies or is nominated.

No national award will be made if, in the opinion of the Board, no suitable candidate is put forward from the Branch committees.

Applications/Nominations open 1 April and close mid June each year.

Please forward in PDF format to the relevant State/Region email address below:



The decision of the judges at the state level will be subject to the approval of the relevant RACI Branch Committee. The decision of the judges at the national level will be subject to the approval of the Board. Any decision is final and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into.

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Andrew Eaton
NSW: Jaya Chowdhury
NSW: Andrew Eaton (Secondary Education NSW)


      Vic: Bill Esman/Cameron Senn-Sanger/Gillian Hume , Tas: Michael van der Ploeg, NSW: Nicolette Hilton ACT: Gary Rolfe
      Peter O’Neill, Louise Tyson, Gary Turner
      Tatiana Anesbury, Deborah Beswick
      Alisdair Hey
      Graham Armstrong


Bernard Flynn

Bernard Flynn

Associate Professor

Bernard is the Co-Director of the Australian Translational Medicinal Chemistry Facility and Founder and CEO of Cincera Therapeutics. A member of the RACI since 1997, he has served as Treasurer and committee member on the RACI Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Division.

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Dr. Sara Pain
Department of Chemistry