Physical Chemistry Division

Our Division was established in 1974 after several successful events that brought together physical chemists nationally. To date, the Division continues to serve all those teaching and researching in physical chemistry and supports equity, diversity and inclusion in all divisional activities.


Our purpose


The Division’s mission is to:

  • provide opportunities to Division members to network at national and international levels
  • enable Division members to showcase their latest research results and achievements
  • offer professional development opportunities to its members
  • promote career paths in physical chemistry to students
  • recognise the achievements of students, early career and leading researchers in physical chemistry.

The Division spans all aspects of physical and theoretical chemistry, including:

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Surface chemistry
  • Condensed-phase chemical physics
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Biophysical chemistry
  • Theoretical chemistry
  • Computational


Regular Events 


Our Physical Division is very active in holding regular events. Highlights include:

  • We hold regular divisional meetings and student conferences to promote the research and teaching of physical chemistry. These events enable our members to strengthen existing networks and develop new opportunities.
  • Physical Chemistry Division Conference - The main focus of this meeting is to give students the opportunity to present their work, practice their presentation skills, and network with peers in the physical chemistry community. Conference themes include spectroscopy, computational chemistry, and the physical chemistry of solutions, surfaces, and interfaces. All levels, from undergraduate to PhD, are encouraged to attend. Academics and postdocs are welcome too!

2021 PhysChem research webinars: 

Fortnightly webinar series showcasing cutting-edge research in physical and computational chemistry. The formal one hr presentation sessions will be followed by 30 min informal breakout sessions where you can have a virtual afternoon chat with other community members. Speakers include Prof Michelle Coote, A/Prof Jenny Fisher, A/Prof Adam Trevitt as well as many early-career researchers from across our division. This season will also feature "Meet the Committee" talks where we will hear from Division Chair A/Prof Tak Kee, Treasurer A/Prof David Wilson, Secretary Dr Laura McKemmish and Student Representative Alexandra Stuart. Attendance is free for RACI and NZIC members with a small fee for non-members and non-student members.   

2021 PhysChem training webinars: 

Want to develop your skills in computational chemistry and related topics?
Come along to our next fortnightly PhysChem training webinar series with presentations and hands-on workshops. Learn from and engage with experienced practitioners from across Australia.  

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Future Events

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Divisional Awards


We present a range of awards to recognise the contribution of our members.

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Divisional committee

Chair - Tak Kee
Treasurer - Dr David Wilson
Secretary - Dr Laura McKemmish
Past Chair - Adam J. Trevitt
Student Representative - Alexandra Stuart
Click here to see the full list of the past chair of the Physical chemistry division


Become involved


If you would like more information on our Division or how to become involved please contact us

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