Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GASC)
National Group

Our Purpose

The evidence of global climate change, rapid declining of biodiversity, resource shortages are prevalent, calling for societal corrections in the way we live, think and work.  Chemistry, the main driver of making things, should take on the responsibility to lead the research, training and debate in this major correction.  To enable and accelerate this societal transformation in Australia, it is paramount that we establish a new RACI Division to promote circular, sustainable and green chemistry.

The Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GASC) National Group aims to support all members by:
Providing networking opportunities for all chemists and chemical/environmental engineers working in this field;
Forming a collective force for advocating Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GASC) in chemistry education, practice,
        innovation and engaging with industry.

Facilitating the debate for changes in government policies and regulations.
Disseminating key research findings in the field by hosting symposia and conferences.
Encouraging and supporting students to work in the field of green and sustainable chemistry and technologies.
Providing a ‘home’ for chemists and chemical/environmental engineers who are more interdisciplinary, working towards green
and sustainable solutions.


Our History

In 2019, more than 80 researchers in Australia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science and engineering had come together and held the 1st International Conference on Clean Technologies for a Blue Planet on the Gold Coast ( ). This event marked the most recent precursor of this National Group, bringing together and connecting diverse areas in taking on some of the associated grand challenges facing humanity.  GASC aims to be inclusive and aspires to achieve outcomes that cannot be achieved if we continue to work in isolated clusters. 


Regular Events

The National Group will hold its first national conference in July 2023.  The regular national conferences will be held approximately every 24 months. 

Student-focused two-day symposiums will take place in every other year. 



  •  Green and Sustainable Chemistry ECR Award
  •  Green and Sustainable Chemistry Student Award
  •  Green and Sustainable Chemistry National Lectureship
  •  Green and Sustainable Chemistry International Lectureship
  •  Green and Sustainable Chemistry Best Paper Award
  •  Green and Sustainable Chemistry Industry Award

Our Committee

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Co-Chair - Qin Li
Co-Chair - Prof Colin Raston
Treasurer - Porun Liu
Governments and Policies - Dr Katherine Locock
State Representative - QLD - Leonie Barner
State Representative - SA - Justin Chalker
State Representative - NSW - Dr Sam Chen
Post-Graduate Representative - Ms Zoe Gardner
State Representative - NSW - Yijiao Jiang
State Representative - WA - Dr Keith Stubbs
State Representative - WA - Prof Hongqi Sun
State Representative - VIC - Prof Huanting Wang
State Representative - VIC - Prof Karen Wilson
State Representative - SA - Haolan Xu
State Representative - ACT - Dr Zongyou Yin
International and Industry Liaison - Mary Fletcher
International and Industry Liaison - Prof Jun Huang
Educational and Community Outreach - Dr Sara Kyne
International and Industry Liaison - Bronwyn Laycock
Educational and Community Outreach - Adam Lee


Become Involved

If you would like more information on our Green and Sustainable Chemistry National Group or how to become involved please contact us

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