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National Titration Challenge 2021

The RACI National Titration Challenge 2021 is designed to encourage secondary students who enjoy Chemistry, particularly its practical side, to develop their scientific skills and understanding. It provides students an opportunity to experience conducting an experiment in a laboratory environment at a local university in their state and the chance to compete at a national level. 


The RACI runs two titration competitions:

  • Regional Titration Competitions for high school students, which feed into the Australian National Titration Competition and
  • National Titration Challenge which is for teachers, science technicians and all those involved in the secondary or tertiary teaching of chemistry to students.

This website contains information on the National Titration Challenge.

Can you titrate as well as your students? Here’s your chance to find out


The RACI invites all Chemistry educators, Chemistry teachers and school/university laboratory technicians to take part in the "Titration Challenge".
See below for the information for the "2021 Titration Challenge".
Registrations for the competition will open early in Term 1, 2021.
Chemistry educators, teachers and laboratory technicians will participate as individuals rather than in teams. You do the analysis in your own time at your place of employment.
This is not competitive among teachers and laboratory technicians. Your results will remain confidential between yourself and the RACI National Titration Coordinator, and no results will be published on the website.
This is also an opportunity for you to encourage and mentor less experienced / new graduate Chemistry teachers and laboratory technicians at your institution to develop their titration skills in their own laboratory environment.
If you select to enter, you will have until 3pm on Friday 24 September 2021 to complete your analysis and submit your answer to the Australian National Titration Coordinator - Elaine Bergmann FRACI CChem Email: Titration@raci.org.au
A Guide to the Titration Challenge: Click here to download

2021 Competition
details will be released
in Term 1 2021