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RACI Careers Development Program

Want to get a head start on your career? Take advantage of webinars, workshops, lectures and networking opportunities by joining our Careers Development Program.

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Throughout 2020, we will continue hosting a substantial number of career development activities. This will primarily comprise webinars, online workshops and online networking opportunities due to COVID restrictions, but will hopefully expand to physical networking events, lectures and workshops at institutions around the country when possible.

To receive one-on-one mentoring, you need to be an RACI member enrolled in the RACI Mentoring Program. However, you'll still have the opportunity to interact with our network of mentors, RACI members, and the opportunity to grow professional networks as part of the Career Development Program.

To register your interest in the RACI Careers Development Program and receive updates on relevant opportunities please email us


Our latest Careers Development Program events

2021 Mentoring Program

Our successful Mentoring program is currently open to mentees and mentors

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With COVID restrictions, we have increased the number of webinars as part of the RACI Career Development Program in 2020. The webinars are free of charge and membership of the RACI is not required to attend. Live viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions, but recordings of the webinars will also be made available at a later date. Click the links below for more information on individual webinars.


Your monthly online national networking event is free for all RACI members

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