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Only 3 weeks until Chemeca 2014!

Chemeca is the annual conference for the Australian and New Zealand community of chemical and process engineers and industrial chemists to come together to discuss latest developments in the field, recognise outstanding achievement and share lessons learned.

2014 Board Elections

Information on voting for the vacant Board Positions.

Constitutional Change Proposals

Have your say about proposed RACI Constitutional changes.

IUPAC Proposal to Redefine the Mole and other SI Units

IUPAC is currently considering redefining the mole and a number of other SI units.

Notice of the 2014 RACI AGM

All financial members welcome.

RACI2014 National Congress

Be a part of the largest gathering of Australian Chemists since 2005!

RACI Members Receive Discounted Insurance Through Member Advantage

If you need to review your Motor or Home & Contents insurance, RACI members receive 13 months cover for the price of 12 on new business through our partnership with CGU and Member Advantage.

A Plan at Last: Chief Scientist launches STEM strategy

Australia's scientists have warmly welcomed today's release of a plan for the use of science, technology, engineering and maths as the foundation of a competitive knowledge-based economy and society.

2014 RACI PhysChem Student Conference

The 2014 RACI PhysChem Student Conference will be held in Adelaide from 5-7 December 2014.

PPS 2014

PPS 2014 is being held in Israel from 19 - 23 October 2014.

EcoChem Congress and Exhibition

EcoChem is the Global Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Event Congress, and is being held at Center Basel, Switzerland, from 11-13 November 2014.

Events Latest

Upcoming and newly-added events.

Chemistry in September

A round up of chemistry news.