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In partnership with the world’s leading scientific bodies, RACI brings you the latest news headlines locally and from across the globe. Featuring article summaries from ACS, RSC and Science Alert.

U.S. Brings Home Gold

Competition: Team has strong showing at International Chemistry Olympiad, but… Read more >

New Pipette Picks Up Single Cells

Device will simplify isolation of individual cells for biochemical examination… Read more >

Bruker To Exit Ailing Instrument Businesses

Steps include stopping sales of stand-alone gas chromatography systems… Read more >

Sugar Mimic Helps Embryonic Stem Cells Develop Toward Nerve Cells

Chemical Biology: Molecule mimics proteoglycans that play a role in… Read more >

Nanoparticle protects protein drug cargo

Proteins cling to co-polymer thanks to electrostatic interactions Read more >

The other carbon dioxide problem

Carbon dioxide produced by human activity is acidifying the ocean… Read more >

The crystal ball that can tell lies

X-ray structures are not necessarily definitive, says Derek Lowe… Read more >

Searching scientific literature directly with ChemDraw v14

Spend less time at the computer, and more time at… Read more >

FEATURE: Watch: This is why tattoos are permanent

Thank your immune system for those pretty stars on your… Read more >

Scientists use light to stitch ‘invisible’ nanoparticles together

A team working on invisibility cloak technology has come up… Read more >

Confirmed: fist bumps are less germy than handshakes

Next time you go to the hospital to visit a… Read more >

WATCH: 80,000 neurons fire in a zebrafish brain

This video shows 80 percent of the neurons in a… Read more >

Broad Institute To Receive Donation For Psychiatry R&D

Philanthropy: $650 million gift could accelerate neuroscience drug development Read more >

2-D Polymer Crystals Confirmed At Last

Organic Chemistry: Synthetic analogs of graphene could have separations and… Read more >

Sales Growth Buoys Earnings

Second Quarter: Chemical companies report growing demand in most segments… Read more >

Detecting chirality

Katia Moskvitch finds out about the latest techniques to determining… Read more >

Takeover battle pushes Allergan to cut R&D jobs

Besieged by serially acquisitive Valeant, the Botox maker will lay… Read more >

Future direction of Dutch science considered

Role of private industry heads a number of issues that… Read more >

Plant plastics reach for the stars

Star-shaped additives transform rice starch into a useful transparent… Read more >

The fascinating in the familiar

A simple droplet shows that there are still plenty of… Read more >

Better batteries with pure lithium anodes

Protective carbon nanosphere coating overcomes lithium problems, pointing the way… Read more >

Reckitt Benckiser to spin out US pharma arm

Declining heroin addiction treatment sales prompt divestment as company focuses… Read more >

West side stories

A stint in a US chemistry lab is a rite… Read more >

Here's why your phone and laptop batteries degrade so fast

Researchers have figured out what makes rechargeable batteries degrade so… Read more >

Tasmania was attached to North America 1.4 billion years ago

A study of prehistoric minerals has revealed Tasmania’s geographical… Read more >

Can robots be the perfect sports fan?

Korean scientists have developed robots that cheer, chant, perform the… Read more >

FEATURE: WATCH: How much sleep do you actually need?

Could less than seven hours of shuteye be enough to… Read more >

FEATURE: WATCH: How do snakes react to microgravity?

Snakes appear to lose their sense of 'self' when in… Read more >

Propeller-shaped molecules give 2D polymers lift-off

Chemists' synthetic answer to graphene – flat polymer sheets a molecule… Read more >

New blood test aims for universal cancer detection

A simple blood test that can detect different types of… Read more >

A new solution to stop bread from getting mouldy

Scientists have finally found a way to make bread last… Read more >

FEATURE: WATCH: How fish eat, part 2

Watch this incredible slow-motion footage of the the world… Read more >

Germany named world's most energy efficient country

A new report has ranked the world’s nations according… Read more >

A Simple Acid Soak Turns Food Waste Into Plastics

Materials: Cellulose-processing technique used in biofuel production turns inedible… Read more >

Russia has lost a satellite full of geckos

The reptiles were sent into space to observe mating in… Read more >

FEATURE: How Death Valley's 'sailing stones' move on their own

For over a century, researchers failed to explain how large… Read more >

Scientists have created a computer program to track every cell in a developing embryo

The kaleidoscopic 3D computer model traces the movement of hundreds… Read more >

New drug target makes cancer treatments more effective

By targeting a specific molecule found in blood vessels, researchers… Read more >

Scripps Leader Marletta Resigns

Conflict: Change at top comes after faculty opposed talks of… Read more >

Graduate Student Killed In Plane Disaster

Remembrance: Indiana University mourning loss of Karlijn Keijzer Read more >

U.K. Cabinet Reshuffle Splits Science Roles

Government: Two officials will share responsibilities for the current government… Read more >

Cystic Fibrosis Letdown Explained

Drug Combo: Cell studies suggest way to boost clinical outcomes… Read more >

Scientists and university officials caught up in China’s anti-corruption drive

Rising funding for universities may be fuelling corruption, while top… Read more >

Pharma firms rush to escape US tax shackles

AbbVie–Shire and Mylan–Abbott mergers both allow US firms… Read more >

Time for tea

Finding a formula for the perfect brew Read more >

10 years ago: science learning centres

Plans were laid for a new network of science learning… Read more >

NGOs call for Europe's chief scientific adviser post to be scrapped

Environmental groups say policy advice should come from several different… Read more >

Uranium complexes unlock feedstock potential of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide and depleted uranium both put to good use… Read more >

Magnetic nanocubes self-assemble into spirals

Tiny cubes of magnetite form superstructures under a magnetic field… Read more >

Surgeons remove 232 teeth from the mouth of a teenager

After seven hours of surgery, doctors removed 232 teeth from… Read more >

New vision-correcting display to replace glasses

Ditch your glasses and contacts for this new display technology… Read more >

FEATURE: WATCH: Make your milk come alive

We’re immediately trying this at home. All you need… Read more >

UNSW students break a longstanding world record with solar car

The team of students behind the Sunswift eVe has broken… Read more >

FEATURE: Why these volcanic hot springs in Ethiopia are neon yellow

Magma-heated salt deposits in the hot springs of Dallol… Read more >

Researchers Print Electronic Memory On Paper

Materials: Device could be basis for cheap, disposable smart labels… Read more >

U.K. Cabinet Reshuffle Splits Science Roles

Two officials will share responsibilities for the current government’s… Read more >

Cystic Fibrosis Drug Combination May Be Counteracting Itself

Cell tests indicate Kalydeco may destabilize the protein corrected by… Read more >

Chemists at war

The first world war saw chemistry play a vital role… Read more >

Recycled fish bones offer five star sun protection

Slip-slap-slop with biocompatible material derived from waste cod… Read more >

Europe mulls best way to handle nanotech

Some countries have gone it alone and started registers of… Read more >

Tata Chemicals to mothball Kenya plant

Closure blamed on high energy prices and will mean 200… Read more >

Investigators find cause of West Virginia chemical spill

Holes in uninspected storage tanks led to leak that contaminated… Read more >

Scripps’ Leader Michael Marletta Resigns

Change at top comes after faculty opposed talks of merger… Read more >

Nanomagnets Could Aid Study Of Hearing

Biophysics: A new method uses magnetic nanoparticles to stimulate inner… Read more >

Paul Chirik To Lead Organometallics

Publishing: Princeton professor will take the helm Read more >

Bisphenol A

The science is far from settled, but this week's… Read more >

Bubble wrap could send lab costs packing

Potential bubbles up across wide range of uses as storage… Read more >

The quantum age

Everyday explanations Read more >

The energy to fight injustice

Giving the world carbon-free energy means putting nuclear energy… Read more >

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president Lord Lewis dies

Jack Lewis, inorganic chemist and member of the House of… Read more >

To detect and defend

Rebecca Hopkins tells Philip Robinson about her life and work… Read more >

Albemarle buys into lithium with Rockwood merger

$6.2 billion deal capitalises on battery market growth Read more >

The creative stimulus

Innovative thinking may be difficult to turn on at will… Read more >

Australia scraps its carbon tax

The country is unlikely to meet its climate change targets… Read more >

Polymer changes colour in the heat of the moment

Stabilising thermochromic polymers with peptides significantly increases their responsiveness Read more >

Aaron Wheeler: Algae-on-a-chip

Aaron Wheeler talks to Harriet Brewerton about bringing the energy… Read more >

Tax-Advantaged Pharma Deals Come Under Fire

Acquisitions: Mergers involving AbbVie, Abbott, and Mylan face government backlash… Read more >

Spending on UK science and engineering continues to fall

Science campaign groups worry that the country's research base… Read more >

Coffee cup confusion

Scientists call for better labelling after research highlights inconsistencies in… Read more >

Candidates Named For American Chemical Society Fall Election

Vote: Ballot names announced for ACS president-elect, directors-at… Read more >

Novartis Licenses Google ‘Smart Lens’ Technology

Drug company and electronics firm see applications in eye, diabetes… Read more >

‘Green’ Route To Chromanols

Organic Chemistry: Organocatalysis creates tocopherol’s chiral core Read more >

TLC And SERS Help Chemists Monitor Reactions

Analytical Chemistry: By spraying thin-layer chromatography plates with gold… Read more >

Investigators Say West Virginia Chemical Spill Was Preventable

Storage Tanks: Chemical Safety Board cites corrosion, lack of inspections… Read more >

Abbvie And Shire Agree On Merger

Acquisition: Combination of U.S. and Irish firms will create… Read more >

Chemistry Graduate Student Killed In Malaysian Plane Disaster

Indiana University mourning loss of Karlijn Keijzer Read more >

Durable, Stretchable Coating Repels Water

Materials: A superhydrophobic coating built on a flexible, nanostructured hydrogel… Read more >

Diamond Drives Chemistry, With Help From Light

Surface Science: Energetic photoelectrons mediate reductions Read more >

Molecular computer calculates Ebola diagnosis

A prototype device displays a fluorescent ‘E’ in the presence… Read more >

Soft matter goes digital

Colloids find a new use as information storage devices Read more >

Annual Muslim Pilgrimage Dramatically Increases Air Pollution Around City

Air Quality: During the Hajj, levels of carbon monoxide and… Read more >

Candidates Named For American Chemical Society Fall Election

Vote: Ballot names announced for ACS president-elect, directors-at… Read more >

Linguistic statistics enable synthetic prophetics

A metric more commonly used by search engines to analyse… Read more >

Laboratory health & safety and the law

Find out more about the practical side of health and… Read more >

Marine Toxin Derivative Kills Undifferentiated Stem Cells

Natural Products: A molecule that selectively kills human pluripotent stem… Read more >

Diamond Drives Chemistry, With Help From Light

Surface Science: Energetic photoemitted electrons mediate reductions Read more >

‘Greener’ blue fireworks safer and less toxic

Environmentally friendly pyrotechnic cuts out the perchlorates by replacing them… Read more >

Close encounters of the fatty acid kind

Technique for identifying microbes analyses samples from deep-sea missions… Read more >


Helen Scales investigates tributyltin, banned from use as anti-fouling… Read more >

Royal Society of Chemistry's flagship journal now free to access

Chemical Science will follow gold open access model from January… Read more >

Nanolenses Help Researchers Pick Out Tiny Objects

Optics: Simple evaporation method forms lenses around particles as small… Read more >

Science minister replaced in UK cabinet reshuffle

Greg Clark replaces David Willetts as minister for science and… Read more >

ADM Enters Natural Flavors Business With $3.1 Billion Purchase Of Wild Flavors

Food Specialties: Commodities giant says the business will boost profit… Read more >

Seven Charged In Corn Seed Heist

Trade Secrets: DuPont, Monsanto are targets of Chinese competitor Read more >

A New Concept For Contract R&D

Research For Hire: U.K.-based Concept Life Sciences seeks… Read more >

Bill Targets Security Gap

Congress: Legislation would identify facilities that do not comply with… Read more >

Scripps In An Uproar

Funding: Merger talks with USC canceled, but faculty hold to… Read more >

Republicans Seek Ouster Of Chemical Safety Board Chairman

Oversight: Congressmen ask President Obama to fire Rafael Moure-Eraso… Read more >

For Phase-change Materials, A New Use In Digital Displays

Materials Science: Inorganics long used for data storage
show promise… Read more >

CDC Closes Influenza Lab, Stops Biological Materials Shipments

Report shows inadequate procedures were in place to protect employees… Read more >

ACS Launches New Journal On Infectious Diseases

Publication will focus on chemistry-related disease research Read more >

Carlos Barbas III, 49, Dies

Obituary: Scripps chemist’s pioneering research aided drug and vaccine… Read more >

Microfluidic Chip Fabricates Intricate Polymer Designs

Materials: Researchers strengthened a polymer chip to quickly produce polymer… Read more >

Neonicotinoids May Harm Birds

Ecology: Environmental impact of the insecticides could be broader than… Read more >

Synthetic Polysaccharide Stabilizes Proteins

Biochemistry: Polymer consisting of amide-linked glucose monomers outperforms a… Read more >

Birds May Be Suffering Indirectly From The Use Of Neonicotinoid Insecticides

Ecology: The environmental impact of the crop-protection chemicals may… Read more >

Oil Dispersant Compound Persists For Years After Gulf Spill

Environmental Toxicology: Traces of dispersants applied in the Deepwater Horizon… Read more >

Scripps Faculty Call For Ouster Of CEO Michael Marletta

Proposed merger with USC angers researchers Read more >

Firms Target Insulin Market

Pharmaceuticals: A biosimilar nears approval as MannKind takes a shot… Read more >

Cool Forecast For Ag Earnings

Agriculture: Weak sales to farmers in North America prompt DuPont… Read more >

Alzheimer’s Prion Connection Deepens

Neuroscience: Like prions, hallmark Alzheimer’s molecules fold into various… Read more >

Researchers Peel And Stick Nanostructures To Various Materials

Materials: New process transfers a wide variety of nanomaterials from… Read more >

Hitching A Ride On Red Blood Cells

Drug Delivery: Agents retain bioactivity longer when linked covalently to… Read more >

Toward Safer Nanotechnology

The federal government works on the issue, but experts say… Read more >

Ineos Bets On Basic Plastics

Acquisitions: Chemical maker to boost its presence in styrenic and… Read more >

Ketones Couple With Olefins In Alkylation Advance

Organic Synthesis: Bifunctional catalyst weds reluctant partners Read more >

Microfluidic Chip Enables Fast Extraction Of Scarce Metabolites

Metabolomics: Chip miniaturizes method for enriching low-abundance analytes in… Read more >

Green Housing Boasts Clean Indoor Air

Public Health: Green low-income housing in Boston has lower… Read more >

Full-Color Printing With Aluminum Nanostructures As A Palette

Plasmonics: Arrays of metal-topped nanopillars give a broad palette… Read more >

DNA Trio Assembles To Detect Proteins In New Assay

Medical Diagnostics: An easy-to-run assay senses picomolar levels… Read more >

Safety Board Chief In The Crosshairs

Oversight: Congress criticizes CSB chairman, who then announces managerial changes… Read more >

Biotech Future Looking Rosy

BIO Convention: Mood is buoyant at industry’s annual conference… Read more >

Abbvie Courts Ireland’s Shire

Inversion: A deal would bring significant tax savings for the… Read more >

Growing High-Purity Nanotubes

Nanotechnology: 92% of nanotubes generated with a new protocol have… Read more >

Natural Product Ferries Antibiotic Into Bacteria

Antibiotics: Researchers use iron-scavenging molecules to slip drug molecules… Read more >

Tiny Silicon Claws Capture Single Cells

Bioanalytical Devices: Grippers could capture cells in the bloodstream for… Read more >

Safer Salts For Solar-Cell Production

Solar Energy: A magnesium salt may reduce the hazards and… Read more >

Doubts About Unclick Reaction

Mechanochemistry: Author says data manipulated, but conclusions stand Read more >

Patrick Harran And L.A. District Attorney Reach Deal In Sheri Sangji Case

Lab Safety: Agreement mandates that UCLA professor complete community service… Read more >

White House Moves To Save Bees

Pesticides: Federal agencies must advance strategy for protecting pollinators Read more >

Stephanie Kwolek Dies At 90

Obituary: DuPont chemist’s research led to the development of… Read more >

Patrick Harran And L.A. District Attorney Reach Deal In Sheri Sangji Case

Lab Safety: Agreement mandates that UCLA professor complete community service… Read more >

Catalyst Pair Converts Cellulose Directly To Hexane

Organic Chemistry: The one-pot reaction might simplify sustainable routes… Read more >

Setting Limits On EPA Authority

Greenhouse Gases: Supreme Court strikes down part of agency’s… Read more >

Stephanie Kwolek Dies At 90

Obituary: DuPont chemist’s research led to the development of… Read more >

White House Moves To Save Bees

Pesticides: Federal agencies must advance strategy for protecting pollinators Read more >

Long-Lasting Enzyme Chews Up Cocaine

Biochemistry: Researchers increase the stability and efficiency of a natural… Read more >

Shedding Light On Lung Disease

Immunochemistry: Engineered antibody reduces inflammation in mice with lung condition… Read more >

Allergy Test Could Spot Unexpected Milk Allergens

Medical Diagnostics: Test can identify both common and unfamiliar milk… Read more >

Shale Gas Draws Japanese Plant

Feedstock: Cheap ethylene convinces Mitsubishi to make acrylic monomer in… Read more >

Novasep To Build Vietnam's First Sorbitol Plant

Vietnam: Custom pharmaceutical maker will team up with a local… Read more >

China’s Growing Role In Science

Competition: Study shows country is gaining strength but facing hurdles… Read more >

Patrick Harran And L.A. District Attorney Reach Deferred Prosecution Deal In Sheri Sangji Case

Lab Safety: Five-year agreement mandates that Harran complete community… Read more >

Polyketide Synthase Secrets Revealed

Structural Enzymology: Findings could aid engineering of multienzyme complexes for… Read more >

Carbon Nanotube Film Detects Terahertz Waves

Materials: The simple, self-powered sensor could enable new kinds… Read more >

Identifying Pathogens

Medical Diagnostics: Mass spec technique can distinguish many types of… Read more >

Chemistry Olympiad Team Set

ACS News: U.S. students will head to Vietnam to… Read more >

World Cup Scores Bio Jet Fuel

Renewables: UOP technology is at vanguard of slow-to-develop… Read more >

NIH-led Children’s Health Study On Hold

Health: Ambitious federal project to link environmental exposures and genetics… Read more >

U.S. Chemistry Olympiad Team Chosen

ACS News: Students will head to Vietnam to compete in… Read more >

Engineered Bacteria Target Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens

Synthetic Biology: Modified lactic acid bacteria sense enterococci and then… Read more >

Graphene-Coated Pipette Tips Stop Water Droplets From Taking Charge

Surface Chemistry: Coating a pipette tip with graphene reduces unwanted… Read more >

Raman Technique Identifies Ink Molecules With Little Damage To Artifacts

Art Analysis: Method could enable nanometer-resolution identification of dye… Read more >

Drawing A Bead On Microbeads

Pollution: Illinois enacts nation’s first law to ban tiny… Read more >

Up-Close View Of Life

Art: "Life: Magnified" exhibit at Washington Dulles International Airport aims… Read more >

Panel Calls For Safer Processes

Federal Report: Task force stops short of recommending inherently safer… Read more >

Oil Sands Extraction In Canada Leaves Mercury Footprint

Mercury Pollution: Comprehensive survey finds that elevated levels of neurotoxic… Read more >

GABA Receptor Structure Solved

Structural Biology: Crystal structure of human receptor uncovers previously unknown… Read more >

C–C Coupling Repertoire Grows

Organic Synthesis: Reaction eases addition of chiral carbon centers to… Read more >

Tomato Could Be Tom-Auto Through Efforts Of Ford, Heinz

Companies explore tomato waste for eco-friendly composite car parts… Read more >

Jacqueline Barton Named Priestley Medalist

ACS Awards: Caltech chemist honored for DNA electron transport studies… Read more >

Merck Will Acquire Biotech Firm Idenix

Pharmaceuticals: Deal for close to $4 billion brings key addition… Read more >

Mass Spec Method Quickly And Accurately Identifies Pathogens

Medical Diagnostics: The technique can distinguish between species, and even… Read more >

Paul Walter Wins Parsons Award

Honors: ACS past-president honored for his lifetime of service… Read more >

Cross-Linked Polymer Captures CO2

Carbon Capture: The low-cost material can effectively absorb the… Read more >

Jacqueline Barton Named Priestley Medalist

ACS Awards: Caltech chemist honored for DNA electron transport studies… Read more >

Volunteer Service Award To Cynthia Larive

Honors: American Chemical Society 2015 Volunteer Service Award Goes to… Read more >

Bandage Coating Kills Bacteria Using Graphene And Hydrogen Peroxide

Materials Science: Graphene quantum dots catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen… Read more >

Chobani’s Accidental Culture War

How a yogurt lid marketing slogan pushed scientists’ emotional buttons… Read more >

Merck Will Acquire Biotech Firm Idenix

Pharmaceuticals: Deal for close to $4 billion brings key addition… Read more >

Crunch Time Nears For Chemical Plant Builders

Petrochemicals: Attendees at industry meeting are warned about coming resource… Read more >

Sequence Of Events

Technology: Roche acquires Genia, repositioning itself in the next-generation… Read more >

Sweetener Is Toxic To Fruit Flies

Toxicology: Researchers eye Truvia ingredient as potential insecticide Read more >

New Method Improves NMR Spectral Resolution

PSYCHE pulse sequence eliminates spin-spin coupling, yields ‘pure shift… Read more >

New Hydrogel Is Both Stiff And Tough

Materials: Mixing alginates of different lengths produces a resilient material… Read more >

Enlisting The Immune System To Attack Bacteria

Antibacterial Therapy: Researchers gave bacteria antigen-containing D-amino acids… Read more >

A Marriage Of Catalysts

Organic Synthesis: Photoredox, nickel catalyses merge in cross-coupling Read more >

Fog Clearing On TIC10 Drug Development Mix-Up

Synthesis: Structural misassignment stems from long-standing use of incorrect… Read more >

Better Adjuvant Honors Lost Colleague

Vaccines: Simplified version of promising immunity-boosting agent is less… Read more >

Siluria, Linde Move On New Ethylene Technology

Partners are a step closer to making conversion of methane… Read more >

Doping Agency Bans Xenon And Argon

Sports: Athletes have been using noble gases to boost oxygen… Read more >

EPA Proposes CO2 Cuts For Power Plants

Climate Change: Administration unveils program that coal proponents promise to… Read more >

Maker Of Rat Poison d-CON To Pull Products

Pesticides: Reckitt Benckiser to phase out 12 d-CON rodenticides… Read more >

Carbon Nanotube Coating Boosts Battery Performance

Materials: Adding a thin film of multiwalled carbon nanotubes to… Read more >

Chemists Blend Two Molecules Into One To Combat Alzheimer’s

Medicinal Chemistry: A hybrid of curry’s curcumin and the… Read more >

EPA Proposes CO2 Cuts For Coal-Fired Power Plants

Greenhouse Gas: Administration sets forth an aggressive program; coal backers… Read more >

Rat Poison Maker d-CON To Stop Production

Pesticides: Reckitt Benckiser to phase out 12 products targeting rodents… Read more >

Low-cost, Reusable Glucose Sensor

Biosensors: Nanoparticle-studded hydrogel detects glucose levels in urine with… Read more >

Chemical Safety Board Is Down To Two Members

Accident investigation: Beth Rosenberg resigns and returns to Tufts University… Read more >

Industry Cheers India’s Vote

Politics: New Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed as pro-business… Read more >

Antibody Stifles Pain And Itch

Drug Discovery: Therapeutic targets single ion channel, dampens two sensations… Read more >

Building Biobased Copolymers

Sustainability: Chemists can now make cost-competitive polyesters entirely from… Read more >

Innovative Way To Activate C–H Bonds

Organic Synthesis: Process converts amines into nitrogen heterocycles of interest… Read more >

Waste Gases Power Chemical Start-Ups

Feedstocks: Firms that promise polymers and other materials from emissions… Read more >

Los Angeles Airport Pollutes City Air For Miles Downwind

Air Quality: Elevated concentrations of ultrafine particulate matter from jet… Read more >

Kavli Prizes For 2014 Announced

Awards: Breakthroughs in optical imaging honored along with astrophysics and… Read more >

How To Build A Biobased Copolymer

Sustainability: Chemists can now make cost-competitive polyesters entirely from… Read more >

Pfizer Drops Pursuit Of AstraZeneca

Two drug majors to go separate ways after failed takeover… Read more >

Human Proteome Map Assembled

Draft Catalogs: New databases of human proteins will be made… Read more >

White House To Present Plan For Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Coal-Fired Power Plants

Emissions: Proposal to address climate change will be politically contentious… Read more >

Touch Sensors Power Themselves

Electronics: New device uses static electricity to detect as little… Read more >

Human Proteome Map Assembled

Draft Catalogs: New databases of human proteins will be made… Read more >

Chemists Report Potent Inhibitors Of Little-Studied Arthritis Enzyme

Medicinal Chemistry: ATP analogs could serve as drug leads for… Read more >

Urine Test Could Diagnose Hard-To-Spot Infertility In Men

Medical Diagnostics: Levels of five metabolites in urine can distinguish… Read more >

Russia And China Strengthen Bonds

Petrochemicals: Sibur, Sinopec get close while Putin visits China Read more >

Minnesota Bans Triclosan

Legislation: State is halting retail sales of soaps containing antibacterial… Read more >

Rethinking Photocatalysis

Catalysis: Study questions conventionally ascribed role of metal particles on… Read more >

Composting Could Offer Low-Cost Way To Dispose Of Disease-Causing Prions

Public Health: In a preliminary study, composting inactivates prion proteins… Read more >

Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Sneak Antisense RNA Into Cells

Nanomedicine: Nanoparticles with a polymer core and a nucleic acid… Read more >

AstraZeneca Rejects Pfizer’s Final Offer

Acquisition: Deal not sweet enough to make British firm bend… Read more >

Spinning Graphene Oxide Yarns

Materials: New method turns graphene oxide films into stretchy fibers… Read more >

Tug-of-War Over Promising Cancer Drug Candidate

Drug Discovery: Structure error threatens existing patent and clinical trials… Read more >

EPA Targets Refinery Pollution

Air Toxics: Industry blasts proposed emission rule as unjustified and… Read more >

Spinning Super Stretchy Graphene Oxide Yarns

Materials: New method makes graphene oxide fibers tough enough to… Read more >

Tug Of War Over Promising Cancer Drug Candidate

Drug Discovery: Structure error threatens existing patent and clinical trials… Read more >

Turning A Troubling Contaminant Into A Simple Sugar

Bioremediation: A three-enzyme process converts the industrial pollutant 1… Read more >

Astrazeneca Rejects ‘Final’ Pfizer Offer

Acquisitions: Deal not sweet enough to make British firm bend… Read more >

Carbon Dots Shine Brightly In Every Color

Nanomaterials: One-step process yields color-tunable carbon nanoparticles for… Read more >

Easier Route To Polyenes

Organic Synthesis: With just 12 reagents and one coupling reaction… Read more >

NMR-EPR Combo Yields RNA-Protein Structure

Spectroscopy: Approach illuminates how translation activator works Read more >

Thermosets Built To Break Down

Polymers: Novel reaction creates strong plastics that can be unzipped… Read more >

Self-Assembling Molecule Nurtures Stem Cells

Supramolecular Chemistry: A glycoconjugate self-assembles to form a gel… Read more >

Calibr Receives Gates Foundation Grant For Disease Research

Global Health: California nonprofit to use $29 million for discovering… Read more >

Chemical Company Profits Surge In Japan

Annual Results: Weaker yen boosts performance of specialty producers Read more >

Down The Drain Doesn’t Mean They’re Gone

Pollution: Chemicals in consumer products can end up deep in… Read more >

Senate Conflicts Kill Energy Efficency Bill

Partisan Politics: Republican effort to attach Keystone XL amendment prevents… Read more >

Multifaceted Collaboration Solves Natural Product Puzzle

Biosynthesis coupled with computational studies unravel the origins of a… Read more >

Inexpensive Paper Device Detects Explosives In Seconds

Forensics: Using a color-change reaction, the device can detect… Read more >

Ionogels Could Conduct And Stretch In Soft Machines

Materials: An ionic liquid turns a polymer gel into an… Read more >

Trove Of Toxic Mercury Lurks In Arctic Sea Ice

Environment: Ice-core analysis shows more methylmercury will enter Arctic… Read more >

Ph.D.s Stay Put

Majority of foreign nationals earning science Ph.D.s in… Read more >

Pfizer Chases Merger Deal

Acquisitions: Drug firm pursues AstraZeneca despite rejections and U.K… Read more >

America’s Changed Climate

Federal Report: National Climate Assessment finds widespread drought, sea-level… Read more >

ACS Seeks Chemistry Champion

Competition Launches: Contest will reveal a master at relaying science… Read more >

Polymer Nanoparticles Deliver Genes To Brain Tumor Cells

Nanomedicine: Genes carried by biodegradable polymer particles are efficiently expressed… Read more >

First Transistors Made Of 2-D Materials

Electronics: The fast, ultrathin devices could enable sharp, low-power… Read more >

Bacteria Given Expanded Genetic Code

Synthetic Biology: Modified bacteria are first cells to copy DNA… Read more >

Polymers That Heal Themselves

Materials Science: Two-stage process of gelation and polymerization repairs… Read more >

Merck & Co. Sells Consumer Products Unit To Bayer

Firm to sell unit for $14.2 billion, another ground… Read more >

First Transistors Made Entirely Of 2-D Materials

Electronics: The fast, ultrathin devices could enable sharp, low-power… Read more >

Air Pollution Rule Revived

High Court: Justices endorse EPA’s efforts to reduce cross… Read more >

China Touts p-Xylene

Target of environmental protests, chemical is defended as key to… Read more >

Antibiotic May Sidestep Resistance

Drug Discovery: Bacteria may find agent’s mechanism hard to… Read more >

Mixing Peanuts With Cranberry Juice Could Block Peanut Allergies

Immunotherapy: Researchers combined peanut flour with polyphenol-rich foods to… Read more >

Pfizer Increases Offer For AstraZeneca

Acquisitions: After rejection, U.S. company presses case to acquire… Read more >

National Science Board Warns That Pending Bill Could Damage National Science Foundation Peer Review

Board says the Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science & Technology (FIRST… Read more >

Canada Orders Safer Rail Tankers

Transportation: Older tank cars used to ship crude oil will… Read more >

Method Provides 3-D Map Of Dopamine Signaling In The Brain

Neurochemistry: New method brings chemical specificity to functional magnetic resonance… Read more >

Robert Bergman Wins Welch Award

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