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In partnership with the world’s leading scientific bodies, RACI brings you the latest news headlines locally and from across the globe. Featuring article summaries from ACS, RSC and Science Alert.

Shallow Fracking Wells May Threaten Aquifers

Environment: Analysis finds thousands of oil and gas hydraulic fracturing… Read more >

Belgium’s Solvay Acquires Cytec

Acquisition: Firm to pay $5.5 billion to become major… Read more >

New Target For Rett Syndrome

Drug Development: Inhibiting phosphatase improves disease symptoms in mice Read more >

Philae Probe Sniffs Out Comet's Chemistry

Astroscience: Researchers analyze the dust and vapor on comet 67P… Read more >

Striding Toward A Climate Deal

International Negotiations: Draft agreement narrows focus of talks on key… Read more >

Designer Ribosome Works In Live Cells

Synthetic Biology: Researchers engineer entire protein-making complex for first… Read more >

Body-Motion-Powered Device Could Promote Bone Healing

Materials Science: Implantable energy-scavenging device powers a laser to… Read more >

More than dirty snowballs?

Comets are thought to represent leftover building blocks of the… Read more >

Stone 'blueprinting' to tackle heritage thefts

Technique could provide a means of tracing stolen, unmarked stones… Read more >

Lightweight composites drive Solvay to buy Cytec

$5.5bn deal launches Solvay into aerospace materials business Read more >

Living on credit

News leader: Greece should be wary of short-changing its… Read more >

US government science institute's one time police chief linked to campus meth lab

Explosion injuring a member of the National Institute of Standards… Read more >

Candidates Named For American Chemical Society Fall Election

Vote: ACS president-elect, directors-at-large, and District I… Read more >

Kirigami graphene makes microscale devices

Ancient Japanese folding and cutting art form used to create… Read more >

Philae poses comet chemistry conundrum

Historic mass spectra find 67P carries precursors to key biomolecules… Read more >

Big business backs White House on climate change

Top US companies including Google, Apple and Coca-Cola pledge… Read more >

Writing a skill-based CV

Julie Franklin explains how to present yourself when your traditional… Read more >

A precision instrument?

Chemists and biologists have different expectations when it comes to… Read more >

Hungry Ghost festival behind annual air quality decline in Singapore

Findings suggest that regulatory monitoring may be required Read more >

Antifreeze polymer protects cells as they thaw

Simple synthetic polymer found to enhance cryopreservation of red blood… Read more >

Malaria vaccine approval first marred by efficacy question mark

Low protection rates in trials and uncertainty over cost-effectiveness… Read more >

Allergan steps away from generics with sale to Teva

$40.5 billion deal gives Allergan cash to clear debt… Read more >

Switzerland R&D spending falls after Horizon 2020 cash freeze

Referendum vote to limit EU immigration has led to national… Read more >

Chemistry World podcast – June 2015

What makes food sweet? How do we protect against food… Read more >

Celgene to buy immune-inflammatory specialist Receptos

$7.2bn deal further strengthens Celgene’s position in immunology… Read more >

Hikma boosts generics with Roxane buyout

Acquiring the Boehringer Ingelheim subsidiary expands Hikma’s presence in… Read more >

Reserving room on the rocket

Emma Davies and Katharine Sanderson report on the administrative challenges… Read more >

Biogen to develop gene therapies with AGTC

$1bn deal gives Biogen rights to one clinical candidate and… Read more >

Teva Will Acquire Allergan’s Generics Business

Pharmaceuticals: $40.5 billion deal will create a top-10… Read more >

Biocompatible Material Contains Sunscreen From The Sea

Materials Science: Attaching ultraviolet-absorbing compounds produced by fish and… Read more >

New Horizons sees red over Pluto’s atmosphere

Reaction of methane breakdown products are responsible for the dwarf… Read more >

Battery buffer takes the strain

Unconventional layered oxide that counteracts volume expansion in electrodes could… Read more >

US government uncovers safety failings at nuclear lab

Los Alamos National Laboratory’s safety culture put under the… Read more >

Zeolite packaging to fight durian fruit stench

Cheap odour-eating films can capture nasty smells and could… Read more >

Down to business

To make the economic case for research, scientists need to… Read more >

Murky Results For Alzheimer’s Drugs

Pharmaceuticals: Biogen and Eli Lilly & Co. each offer lukewarm new… Read more >


BRSM wonders what makes a route so good it becomes… Read more >

Three dead in Chinese petrochemical plant fire

Further four workers injured after leaking oil ignited at Qingyang… Read more >

Repellent nanocraters could shape tissue engineering

Nanoscale holes can be used to shepherd cells with applications… Read more >

Boroles get a stability boost

Bulky protecting groups enhance optoelectronic potential Read more >

Single polymer pill could deliver entire drug course in one go

Flexible elastomer ring springs open to stay in stomach and… Read more >

Chemical Combo Captures And Destroys Micropollutants In Water

Water Treatment: Cyclodextrin polymer selectively traps a flame retardant and… Read more >

Hollow Platinum Nanoparticles Boost Reaction Efficiency

Materials: Shells of the precious metal just a few atoms… Read more >

Prodrug Delivers Estrogen Just To The Brain

Medicinal Chemistry: Compound could lead to estrogen therapies with fewer… Read more >

Chemists Find A Simple Approach To Activating Amide C–N Bonds

Organic Synthesis: UCLA team develops a nickel-catalyzed method for… Read more >

Cholesterol-like Molecule Suggested As Possible Cataract Treatment

Health: Study reports that lanosterol could reverse protein aggregation in… Read more >

Technique Uses Light To Manipulate Light-Insensitive Nanoparticles

Nanotechnology: Method can reversibly draw images in particle-laden gel… Read more >

Green Light For U.S. Biosimilar Drug

Biologics: Biogen’s Zarxio prevails for now in court battle… Read more >

Mineral analysis surveys shark smile evolution

Extinct mega-shark had teeth more like those of dinosaurs… Read more >

EU bans endocrine disruptor from textile imports

Activists celebrate ban on imported clothing containing nonylphenol ethoxylates after… Read more >

Controversial pesticide ban temporarily lifted in UK

Two neonicotinoid pesticides permitted by the UK following Farmers Union… Read more >

Wilson's cloud chamber

Playing among the clouds Read more >

US regulator says DuPont’s safety programme ‘failed’

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration has again proposed… Read more >

Organic Lasers Shine Bright In The Infrared

Materials: Easy-to-build hemispheres could prove widely useful for… Read more >

A Possible Explanation For The Origins Of Peptides On Earth

Chemical Evolution: Researchers link amino and hydroxy acids by simulating… Read more >

ACS To Launch New Journal On Sensor Science

Publishing: Justin Gooding of the University of New South Wales… Read more >

Suspected Meth Lab Explodes At National Institute Of Standards & Technology

Congress: Safety of researchers is questioned in the wake of… Read more >

Technique Uses Light To Manipulate Light-Insensitive Nanoparticles

Nanotechnology: Method can reversibly draw images in particle-laden gel… Read more >

Antimicrobial Silver Nanoparticles Can Strengthen Bacterial Defenses

Nanotoxicity: Low nanoparticle doses can spur bacterial biofilm growth Read more >

Made to measure

Emma Stoye investigates how instruments for space exploration are built… Read more >

Photoredox catalysis mechanisms seen in new light

Luminescence quenching and quantum yield measurements prove light/dark experiments… Read more >

Chemical firms seek better grasp of biomanufacturing

The search is on for better alternatives to the ‘broken… Read more >

Super-elastic wire stretches without losing power

Fibre that can stretch 14 times its own length could… Read more >

Telescope detects ionised carbon in early galaxies

Dust discovery reveals youthful universe went through a rapid process… Read more >

20 years ago: RSC on the World Wide Web

The Royal Society of Chemistry launched it's online presence… Read more >

Taking responsibility seriously

Business leader: Companies have a duty to be proactive when… Read more >

Weaving is believing

Philip Ball unpicks the history of science’s woollen wardrobe… Read more >

In perfect harmony

Noteworthy unions between science and music Read more >

FDA reverses debarment of one of its ex-chemists

US Food and Drug Administration lifts ban on chemist who… Read more >

Failure to allay public concerns hobbling UK fracking

More facts, data and technical assessments won’t soothe worries… Read more >


Brian Clegg tells us about a silicone gel, which can… Read more >

Leather gets a new perfume

Scientists in India have developed a way of infusing leather… Read more >

A Pocket Test For Melamine-Adulterated Milk

Analytical Chemistry: Chemists adapt the personal glucose meter to test… Read more >

CF Industries, OCI Talk Deal

Fertilizers: Discussions could lead to a big ammonia merger Read more >

LanzaTech To Make Ethanol From Waste Gas In Europe

Renewable Fuels: Partnership with steelmaker ArcelorMittal will give the world… Read more >

Lignin Nanoparticles Use Silver To Beat The Pulp Out Of Bacteria

Nanotechnology: Chemical engineering helps researchers develop a greener version of… Read more >

A Close Look At Rat Brains Under Stress

Neuroscience: Rats genetically predisposed for depression- and anxiety-like behaviors… Read more >

A Possible Explanation For The Origins Of Peptides On Earth

Chemical Evolution: Researchers link amino and hydroxy acids by simulating… Read more >

Compound Being Tested Against Cancer Also Suppresses HIV In Mice

Drug Discovery: New approach is the first to block transcription… Read more >

Imaging Method Captures Structural Details Of Nanoparticles In Liquids

Materials: Researchers use electron microscopy to generate 3-D renderings… Read more >

New Horizons Up-Close Photos Reveal Geological Details About Pluto

Planetary Science: Photos taken by spacecraft show that the planet… Read more >

2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Honors: Annual awards recognize chemical innovations that prevent pollution and… Read more >

Celgene Will Pay $7.2 Billion For Receptos

Biotech: Deal adds key late-stage drug to company’s… Read more >

DuPont Labeled ‘Severe Violator’

Worker Protection: Federal inspectors levy additional fines for ‘failed safety… Read more >

Platform’s Buying Spree Continues

Acquisition: $2.3 billion deal for Alent bolsters electronics business… Read more >

New Horizons Gets Up Close And Personal With Pluto

Planetary Science: Spacecraft makes historic flyby of distant dwarf planet… Read more >

Transparent Paper Produces Power With Just A Touch

Electronics: Nanopaper-based energy harvester could lead to cheap, renewable… Read more >

2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Honors: Annual awards recognize chemical innovations that prevent pollution and… Read more >

Copper Clusters Convert Carbon Dioxide To Methanol

Catalysis: Four-atom copper fragments speed up greenhouse gas conversion… Read more >

Platform Specialty Buys Alent For $2.3 Billion

Acquisition: Latest deal bolsters electronics businesses Read more >

Tomography Maps Aluminum Clusters In Zeolites

Materials: Technique could help improve performance of the industrially critical… Read more >

Miniature Device Extracts Ions From A Single Blood Drop

Analytical Chemistry: New tool simplifies blood ion analysis, allowing improved… Read more >

DuPont Is Slapped With New Penalties Over Texas Plant Tragedy

Plant Safety: Government inspectors say a wider review of deadly… Read more >

New Perovskite Photodetector Is Sensitive, Speedy, And Stable

Optoelectronics: New light sensor competes with today’s silicon photodetectors… Read more >

China Stock Rout Hits Chemical Firms

Finance: Makers of drugs and chemicals are caught in a… Read more >

First Woman Nominated To Lead The National Academy Of Sciences

Leadership: If elected, geophysicist Marcia McNutt would become the first… Read more >

Helium Price Spikes Are Hurting Academic Labs, Researchers Tell Congress

Critical Materials: University scientists worry about getting priced out of… Read more >

Fortifying Combustion-Powered Soft Robots With 3-D Printing

Materials: Printable polymers with a range of elastic properties make… Read more >

Blood Protein Linked To Age-Related Memory Loss

Neuroscience: Finding ways to reduce levels of β2-microglobulin could… Read more >

EPA Clamps Down On Hydrofluorocarbons

Climate Change: Regulation will bar some uses of the potent… Read more >

Recycling Rare Earths From E-Waste More Sustainably

Electronic Waste: New membrane solvent extraction system recovers lanthanides from… Read more >

Allergan Steps Up Acquistions

Pharmaceuticals: Post-megamerger, Irish specialty drug firm enters deals for… Read more >

Cattle Feed Yard Dust Can Transport Steroids Into Environment

Environment: Airborne particles kicked up on cattle feed yards can… Read more >

DuPont Challenges Fines Levied For Deadly Methyl Mercaptan Leak

Safety: Company appeals Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s findings and… Read more >

More p-Xylene Protests Erupt In China

Safety: Residents of Shanghai loudly object to a plant that… Read more >

Train Hauling Acrylonitrile Derails, Burns Near Knoxville

Chemical Accidents: Fumes from blaze force thousands of people to… Read more >

Peppermint Bombs Blast Bacterial Biofilms

Microbiology: Silica nanoparticles encapsulate peppermint oil droplets to break through… Read more >

Roses Produce Their Sweet Scent Through An Unexpected Route

Plant Chemistry: Newly discovered enzyme responsible for major component of… Read more >

Sex Differences And Pain

Neuroscience: Findings in mice demonstrate the need to study animals… Read more >

Supreme Court Blocks EPA Limits On Power Plant Mercury Emissions

Air Pollution: Justices say agency should have considered costs earlier… Read more >

Sedative For Lethal Injections Affirmed

Death Penalty: Supreme Court upholds use of midazolam Read more >

Celgene Bets On Immunotherapy With Big Juno Investment

Biotech: Deal is meant to create cancer immunotherapy powerhouse Read more >

Chemical Abstracts Service Marks Multiple Milestones

ACS News: Compound to treat leukemia becomes 100 millionth substance… Read more >

New Route To Rare Heterocycles

Organic Synthesis: Surprisingly stable dicarbonyls react to yield unusual ring… Read more >

Supreme Court Upholds Use Of Sedative In Executions

Death Penalty: Use of midazolam hydrochloride in lethal injections is… Read more >

Supreme Court Blocks EPA Limits On Power Plant Mercury Emissions

Air Pollution: Justices say agency should have considered costs earlier… Read more >

New Contact Lens Coating For Fighting Eye Infections

Biomaterials: An easy dipping process coats disposable lenses with a… Read more >

Lego To Replace Oil-Based Plastics

Environment: Danish toy maker will invest $150 million, hire more… Read more >

Physician Groups Question Cancer Drugs’ Values

Pharmaceuticals: Costs, risks, and benefits of cancer drugs come under… Read more >

Terrorist Attack Hits U.S.-Owned Chemical Plant In France

Plant Security: One dead, two injured at an Air Products… Read more >

Microfluidic Device Mixes And Matches DNA For Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology: Device assembles rings of DNA and plugs them… Read more >

DuPont Spin-off Chemours Is Ready To Launch

New company is already a market leader in titanium dioxide… Read more >

International Agency Deems 2,4-D A Possible Human Carcinogen

Pesticides: Chemical makers dispute the categorization for widely used herbicide… Read more >

Merck Scientist Arrested And Jailed On Drug Charges

Drug Trafficking: Chemical engineer is charged with making party drug… Read more >

BMS Shakes Up R&D Group

Pharma Research: Drug maker plans new labs near Boston, to… Read more >

Key Enzyme Poppies Use To Synthesize Morphine Identified

Plant Biology: Fusion protein paves way to making opioids in… Read more >

Structural Color From Nanoparticles Makes Bright Fibers

Materials: Colloidal nanospheres could lead to dye-free textiles of… Read more >

Modified DNA Base 5-Formylcytosine Has A Specific Biological Role

Epigenetics: The decorated cytosine isn’t just an intermediate in… Read more >

Carbon Material Can Pull Toxic Compounds Out Of Complex Samples

Analytical Chemistry: Mesoporous carbon can enrich the concentration of small… Read more >

House Passes Bipartisan Chemicals Regulation Reform Bill

Congress: Legislation would modernize 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act Read more >

Researchers Mine Genetic Variations In People To Find New Pain Target

Drug Development: Inhibiting an enzyme relieves nerve and inflammatory pain… Read more >

Senate Approves Bill To Reform Freight Rail Policies

Transportation: Chemical shippers say measure will help resolve rate, service… Read more >

Researchers Mine Genetic Variations In People To Find New Pain Target

Drug Development: Inhibiting an enzyme relieves nerve and inflammatory pain… Read more >

Modified DNA Base 5-Formylcytosine Has A Specific Biological Role

Epigenetics: The decorated cytosine isn’t just an intermediate in… Read more >

Gauging The Carbon Cost Of Fuel From Canadian Oil Sands

Environment: New study finds that greenhouse gas emissions associated with… Read more >

Biochemist Richard Armstrong Dies At 66

Vanderbilt professor and Biochemistry editor-in-chief made his mark… Read more >

Wheeling And Dealing At The 2015 BIO Meeting

Pharmaceuticals: Partnerships were the focus of trade association’s meeting… Read more >

Mechanics Of G Protein-Coupled Receptors Unraveled

Molecular Biology: Researchers use computational and experimental techniques to nail… Read more >

Novel Antimalarial Agent Has New Mode Of Action

Drug Discovery: Quinoline diamine blocks protein translation in malaria parasite… Read more >

Trans Fat On Its Way Out

Regulation: FDA bans partially hydrogenated oils in food Read more >

White House Unveils $4 Billion In Private Clean Energy Commitments

Start-Ups: Initiative aimed at spurring investment in new companies… Read more >

Chemistry Olympiad Team Chosen

U.S. team headed to Azerbaijan for the International Chemistry… Read more >

Optical Method Maps Brain Tumor Borders

Medicine: With handheld probe, surgeons in the operating room might… Read more >

Building A Bigger Nanocage

Nanomolecular Synthesis: Large, uniform molecular cages could aid the development… Read more >

Bacteria Muscle Into Renewable Energy Conversation

Materials: Energy-generating artificial muscles are powered by bacterial spores… Read more >

Boron’s Ambidextrous Ways

Chemical Bonding: A boron dicarbonyl donor-acceptor compound has the… Read more >

Merck Must Divest Lab Chemical Businesses

Antitrust: Europe requires sales of certain units to ensure $17… Read more >

Mostafa El-Sayed Wins Priestley Medal

ACS Awards: Georgia Tech nanomaterials pioneer honored for research and… Read more >

Disarming Superbugs With The Aid Of A Glycolipid Gladiator

Medicinal Chemistry: Researchers synthesize new agents that could help restore… Read more >

H. N. Cheng Wins Volunteer Service Award

Passionate volunteerism defines research chemist’s leadership in the American… Read more >

Comet Lander Philae Wakes Up

After seven months of silence, the probe again begins communicating… Read more >

Simple Process Creates Near-Perfect Mirrors Out Of A Metamaterial

Photonics: A layer of self-assembled particles allows researchers to… Read more >

Mostafa El-Sayed Wins Priestley Medal

ACS Awards: Georgia Tech nanomaterials pioneer honored for research and… Read more >

Europe’s Science Base Under Threat

Policy: Chemical regulations, science funding cuts viewed as threat to… Read more >

Researchers Transplant Part Of A 24-Hour Biological Clock Into Live Bacteria

Synthetic Biology: Circadian clock proteins from cyanobacteria work inside noncircadian… Read more >

Syngenta Spurns Second Monsanto Bid, Citing Antitrust Risks

Possible next steps for Monsanto include a higher offer or… Read more >

Enzyme Inhibitor Helps Tissue Heal In Mice

Drug Discovery: Small molecule blocks the breakdown of key prostaglandin… Read more >

From Sugarcane To Jet Fuel

Biobased Chemistry: New method for making aviation fuel could cut… Read more >

Molecular Shuttle Could Help Drugs Find A Way Into The Brain

Drug Delivery: A peptide with the right stereochemistry could be… Read more >

Flexible Electronics Injected Into Mouse Brains

Bioelectronics: Researchers use syringes to insert submicron-thick mesh electronics… Read more >

Searching The Periodic Table For Novel Solids

Computational Chemistry: Chemists conduct epic quest for stable new oxides… Read more >

Advion Sold To Diagnostics Firm

Acquisition: Deal is Second within a Year Transferring a U… Read more >

Patent Reform Bill Clears Hurdle In The Senate

Intellectual Property: Bill targeting trolls would also make it more… Read more >

Robert Massie Dies At 66

Obituary: Longtime head of CAS guided chemical information organization into… Read more >

Advion Sold To Diagnostics Firm

Acquisition: Deal is Second within a Year Transferring a U… Read more >

Designer Porous Carbon Could Boost Electrochemical Storage

Materials: An ordered hydrogel leads to highly porous carbon with… Read more >

Small Molecule Triggers Tissue Renewal

Regenerative Medicine: Compound boosts levels of key protein, helping mice… Read more >

Teva Settles Pay-For-Delay Case

Antitrust: Drugmaker will pay $1.2 billion to refund buyers… Read more >

Apollo To Buy OM Group

Acquisition: Private equity firm to pay $1 billion for beleaguered… Read more >

Automated Method Quickens Acidity Measurements

Analytical Chemistry: A new tool that pairs an automated buffer… Read more >

Chemistry Nobel Laureate Irwin Rose Dies

Biochemist shared 2004 prize for work on regulated protein degradation… Read more >

Brits Hold Positive Views Of Chemistry

Survey: U.K. public says benefits of the science and… Read more >

Shining A Brighter Light On Protein Interactions

Analytical Methods: Promega reports a supersensitive approach for studying protein… Read more >

Alzheimer’s Peptide May Disrupt Sleep Leading To Impaired Memory

Neuroscience: Study suggests one mechanism for how amyloid-β negatively affects… Read more >

Amphotericin B Analogs Boast Lower Toxicity

Drug Discovery: Drugs based on new amphotericin B derivatives could… Read more >

BMS Sues To Limit Former Employee Working Elsewhere

Pharma firm wants him out of oncology at AstraZeneca for… Read more >

Researchers Report First Mechanism For Compound That Fixes RNA Splicing

Drug Discovery: Molecular-level view could aid discovery of drugs… Read more >

Chemicals Law Reform Bill Moves Toward Full Vote In House Of Representatives

Legislation: Bipartisan legislation would modernize commercial chemicals regulation Read more >

U.K. Has Positive View Of Chemistry

Survey: British say benefits of the science outweigh harm Read more >

Bayer MaterialScience To Be Named Covestro

Branding: The new company should be independent by mid-2016… Read more >

Coating Protects Lithium-Metal Electrodes From Corrosion

Materials: A thin coating for lithium-metal anodes could help… Read more >

A Single-Molecule Diode That Works

Molecular Electronics: Simple approach yields high-performing circuit element Read more >

P&G Funds Project To 3-D Print Human Skin

Bioprinting: Firm hopes artificial skin tissue will replace testing of… Read more >

Chinese Consortium To Buy Californian Biotech Firm Ambrx

Investment: Consortium members see benefits in firm’s unnatural amino… Read more >

Free-Trade Bill Faces Fight In House Of Representatives

Legislation: Senate passes measure to boost President’s negotiation power… Read more >

Industry Cheers Passage Of House Bill To Make Permanent R&D Tax Credit

Legislation: Obama threatens to veto the measure, citing high price… Read more >

Heroin Analog May Form Carcinogen In Drinking Water

Environmental Chemistry: Methadone in surface water reacts with drinking water… Read more >

Chemistry Papers Rank High Among Once-Obscure Studies That Recently Racked Up Citations

Research: So-called sleeping beauties are more common than previously… Read more >

Alloy Deforms, Springs Back Into Shape Millions Of Times

Materials Science: Titanium, nickel, copper, and cobalt combo breaks record… Read more >

Protein’s Role In Aging Disputed

Reproducibility: Study contradicts previous research on mouse muscle rejuvenation Read more >

The Montreal Protocol Is Healing Earth’s Ozone Hole

Climate Science: Study shows what the planet’s protective ozone… Read more >

Clarifying The Clean Water Act’s Reach

Regulation: Business groups and members of Congress decry Obama Administration… Read more >

First Ultraviolet Quantum Dots Shine Brightly

Materials: Flexible, UV light-emitting diodes made with the quantum… Read more >

Food & Drug Administration Seeks Data About Antibiotics Given To Cows, Pigs, And Poultry

Pharmaceuticals: Agency wants species-specific information on sales from manufacturers… Read more >

Chinese Solar Panel Maker Risks Going Out Of Business

Solar Industry: Yingli Green Energy warns its investors about struggles… Read more >

Synthetic Melanin Films Mimic Colors In Bird Feathers

Biomimetics: Nanoparticles of polydopamine self-assemble to form colored films… Read more >

New Approach To Control Enzyme Function In Cells

Molecular Biology: Technique switches enzyme activity on and off with… Read more >

Industry Cheers Passage Of House Bill To Make Permanent R&D Tax Credit

Legislation: Obama threatens to veto the measure, citing high price… Read more >

Soft Sensors Map Skin Mechanics

Materials: Piezoelectric nanoribbons help create pliable devices Read more >

House Of Representatives Passes Controversial Research Authorization Bill

Congress: Science organizations and the White House oppose provisions in… Read more >

Iron Catalyst Forges Secondary Amines

Organic Synthesis: Challenging structures prepared from nitroarenes and olefins Read more >

Molecular Pump Mimics Natural Carrier Proteins

Molecular Machines: Synthetic system threads two rings onto a dumbbell… Read more >

Endo To Purchase Par Pharmaceuticals

Acquisition: Generic drugs firms agree to $8 billion merger Read more >

Government Cites DuPont For Chemical Leak That Killed Four Workers

Plant Safety: Serious failures in 2014 toxic release at Texas… Read more >

Snow Fleas Pack A Chemical Weapon

Chemical Ecology: Cold-weather-loving insect produces never-before-seen… Read more >

Eli Pearce Dies At 86

Obituary: Chemistry professor, American Chemical Society past-president advocated for… Read more >

Stephen Harrison Wins Welch Award

Awards: Harvard Medical School professor’s macromolecular work enables new… Read more >

Making Complex Microparticles

Materials: Micromolding method creates complicated shapes easily and efficiently Read more >

Endo To Purchase Par Pharmaceutical

Acquisition: Generic drug firms agree to $8 billion merger Read more >

Drugmaker, University Join To Find A Cure For HIV

Pharmaceuticals: GlaxoSmithKline, University of North Carolina will set up research… Read more >

2014 Profits Are Strong For Japan’s Chemical Firms

Finance: Weak yen, low oil prices, and a strong U… Read more >

Congress Puts Pressure On Obama Administration To Release Pollinator Protection Plan

Pesticides: Federal plan for safeguarding bees is five months overdue… Read more >

Microfluidic Technique Forms Complex Patterns From Soft Materials

Colloid Chemistry: Simple method controllably produces variety of droplet geometries… Read more >

Government Cites DuPont For Chemical Leak That Killed Four Workers

Plant Safety: Serious failures in 2014 toxic release at Texas… Read more >

Cleaning Up Leather Processing With Salty Solvents

Sustainability: A new way to tan and dye leather produces… Read more >

House Of Representatives Panel Launches Bipartisan Effort To Reform U.S. Chemical Law

Congress: Lawmakers agree on draft bill to update Toxic Substances… Read more >

Syngenta Rejects Bid By Monsanto

Agriculture: $45 billion deemed not enough to create world’s… Read more >

DuPont Fends Off Activist Challenge

Business: Trian comes up short in its bid to unseat… Read more >

Holograms Help To Power Up Microbatteries

Energy Storage: Polymer patterning technique lets researchers pack more power… Read more >

Amyloid Fibril Has Unusual Structure

Structural Biology: Researchers generate Alzheimer’s-related fibril, find it… Read more >

Court Delays U.S. Sales Of First Biosimilar Drug

Pharmaceuticals: Court postpones launch of Novartis’s version of Amgen… Read more >

Green Chemistry Institute Receives $500,000 Federal Grant

Sustainability: Advanced manufacturing project aims to boost development of environmentally… Read more >

Bendy Neuronal Arrays Could Boost Cellular Engineering

Tissue Engineering: Flexible sheets of neurons may improve studies of… Read more >

Dissolvable Electronic Stent Designed For Monitoring Blocked Arteries

Bioengineering: Smart, bioresorbable stents could reduce complications from opening clogged… Read more >

Inhibitors Make Rare Landing On Longstanding Anticancer Target Ras

Drug Discovery: Despite decades of effort, no Ras inhibitors have… Read more >

Food & Drug Administration Seeks Safety Data On Skin Sanitizers

Disinfectants: Agency to evaluate health care workers’ frequent use of… Read more >

Evolving Toward Universal Blood

Bioengineering: Researchers improve the efficiency of an enzyme that turns… Read more >

Spending On Cancer Drugs Tops $100 Billion

Pharmaceuticals: Effectiveness of new drugs, longer duration of treatment drove… Read more >

New Reagent Brings Fresh Approach To Fluorination

Synthesis: Fluorinated diazomethane serves up key difluoromethyl intermediates for drugs… Read more >

Fructose May Motivate People To Seek Out Food

Neuroscience: Compared with glucose, fructose activates brain regions that enhance… Read more >

MOFs Made From Flexible Polymers Buck Conventional Wisdom

Hybrid Materials: Surprising 3-D porous crystals made from floppy… Read more >

BASF To Sell Fine Chemicals Businesses To Siegfried

Pharmaceuticals: World’s largest chemical firm to shed custom synthesis… Read more >

Dow Will Eliminate Up To 1,750 Jobs

Business: Action anticipates spin-off of chlorine business to Olin… Read more >

Renmatix And Cargill Snap Up Biobased Assets

Sweet Deals: Purchases of Mascoma facility and OPX Biotechnologies’ engineered… Read more >

Texas Moves To Tighten State’s Ammonium Nitrate Storage Requirements

Regulation: Legislation aims to prevent accidents at fertilizer facilities Read more >

Persistent Industrial Pollutants Could Stymie Songbird Migration

Ecotoxicology: Study of captive starlings shows the birds fail to… Read more >

Tiny Capsules Tailor Light

Photonics: Polymer packages containing upconversion dyes could help boost efficiency… Read more >

Trade Fight Looms As Key Bills Head For House And Senate Votes

Congress: Legislation would pave the way for U.S. to… Read more >

This new folding electric bike can fit in your backpack

Ever wanted a bike that you can fold up and… Read more >

WATCH: This band-aid gel instantly stops bleeding

Meet the band-aid of the future - VetiGel is a… Read more >

WATCH: Do Beards Make Men Sexier?

The science is in - studies have shown that there's… Read more >

Here's everything that kills us in one morbid chart

Researchers have reviewed all the causes of death recorded in… Read more >

This is the first look at what happens to uranium fuel during a nuclear meltdown

Scientists have managed to observe uranium fuel becoming molten for… Read more >

Imagination and reality flow in opposite directions in your brain

Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and… Read more >

New Alzheimer’s test detects disease 10 years before diagnosis

A new blood test for Alzheimer’s can detect the… Read more >

QUIZ: Which famous brain is your mind most similar to?

Procrastinating from work? Why not map your neurological activity and… Read more >

WATCH: Gecko-inspired Spiderman sticky pads are here

Ever dreamed of scaling the side of a building like… Read more >

New study reveals what checking your phone is doing to your neck

New research suggests that looking down to check your phone… Read more >

WATCH: The Sixth Extinction - this time, we're the asteroid

A whopping 98 percent of the species that have ever… Read more >

This new plastic breaks down in just 3 hours

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The Large Hadron Collider has observed two brand new particles

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