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In partnership with the world’s leading scientific bodies, RACI brings you the latest news headlines locally and from across the globe. Featuring article summaries from ACS, RSC and Science Alert.

Protein design yields material with unprecedented two-way stretchiness

Synthetic material expands or contracts equally in two dimensions at… Read more >

Chemical treatment protects and improves promising 2-D material

Functionalizing black phosphorus with diazonium compounds can block oxidation Read more >

NAS elects new members

National Academy of Sciences adds 15 chemical professionals to its… Read more >

Perovskites tapped for flexible nonvolatile memory

Researchers make memory devices out of perovskites by taking advantage… Read more >


It failed as a painkiller, but Haldol rapidly became an… Read more >

Lack of data on BPA exposure in developing countries

Few studies focus on developing countries where regulations around BPA… Read more >

AFM study could prompt surface catalysis rethink

Intermediates predicted by theory don’t match those seen under… Read more >

Iron-rich silicate plays cosmic matchmaker

Findings could help explain abundance of molecular hydrogen in interstellar… Read more >

Cancer deals spread

AbbVie nabs antibody specialist Stemcentrx, while Sanofi pursues Medivation Read more >

Sunset for perovskites?

Calculations cast shadow over solar cell materials Read more >

A nanowire battery that won't die

Gel electrolyte dramatically extends nanowire electrode lifetime to 100,000… Read more >

Nobel Laureate Harry Kroto dies at 76

Codiscoverer of the buckyball was also known for his efforts… Read more >

Chemours sheds disinfectants and aniline

Dow Chemical and Germany’s Lanxess will buy plants as… Read more >

Towards a new plastics economy

Global change is needed to avert disaster, says the Ellen… Read more >

Spain's largest research institution benefits from economic recovery

The CSIC doubles the number of permanent scientist posts that… Read more >

European food safety body to review BPA safety

EFSA will revisit data after studies suggest low exposures affect… Read more >

Nobel prize winner and buckyball discoverer Harry Kroto dies

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president with a passion for… Read more >

Broken ribozyme comes to life

Low temperatures on early Earth may have helped RNA world… Read more >

Decoy tricks sperm, prevents fertilization in mice

Peptide outside of egg cells could lead to new contraceptive… Read more >

Congress forms a chemistry club

New congressional caucus focuses on benefits of the central science… Read more >

Chemists introduce a user’s guide for palladium acetate

Better understanding of the catalyst precursor’s properties could make… Read more >

Chemical earnings beat expectations

Consumer demand made up for lower prices in the first… Read more >

Turning on biorthogonal reactions catalytically

Catalysts could help researchers control when and where tetrazine ligations… Read more >

Plant protein acts like a prion

Discovery contributes to idea that prions are more than just… Read more >

U.S. senators push for ban on caffeine powder

FDA efforts to regulate pure substance fail to protect consumers… Read more >

PPG will remove lead from paint

Paint giant will remove the heavy metal from all of… Read more >

Big pharma pursues next generation of antibodies

AbbVie and other big firms pay small ones to access… Read more >

Chemists benefit from changes to China’s R&D policies

Push for technology transfer may have larger effect than funding… Read more >

Congress passes bill to deter theft of trade secrets

Measure lets companies seek compensation in federal courts Read more >

Sanofi makes a bid for Medivation

CEO hoping to revitalize Sanofi's oncology business Read more >

Using strain to form collagen fibers

Tissue engineers could use data on how mechanical forces drive… Read more >

Do androids dream of electrostatics?

Artificial intelligence could be better than you think Read more >

UK graduates carry more student debt than US counterparts

English students’ debts may be set to increase further, charity… Read more >

Greenland ice sheet recoups subliming water vapour

Newly discovered part of the water cycle acts to conserve… Read more >

Scientists explore arsoles’ off-colour behaviour

Mechanochromism discovery ignites interest in arsoles’ emissions Read more >

Zinc spark of life marks egg fertilisation

Human egg’s discharge of zinc into its surroundings at… Read more >

The fleeting frontier 

Andy Extance finds out how chemists are studying processes lasting… Read more >

Searching for complexity

Lee Cronin’s research ranges from inorganic clusters to robot… Read more >

Drugmakers pursue next generation of antibodies

Big companies pay small firms to get at new technologies… Read more >

How the first nucleotides might have formed on Earth

Model compounds spontaneously form nucleotides under prebiotic conditions Read more >

Identifying honey’s floral origins

Nuclear magnetic resonance can help identify honey cheaters Read more >

Chemistry exam leaks anger Indian students    

A number of examinations have been rendered null and void… Read more >

Mixed outlook for ethanol–petrol blends

London study says incorporating biofuels into petrol supplies could increase… Read more >

Scientists claim to have seen ‘new state’ of water

Scepticism that water molecules with delocalised protons can be described… Read more >

Steady rise in US science and engineering doctorates raises job worries

Most research doctorates ever awarded in 2014, with chemistry PhDs… Read more >

Chemistry Nobel Laureate Walter Kohn dies at age 93

Physicist shared 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development… Read more >

Healing the world

Will GSK's move towards licensing patents in developing countries… Read more >

Why we need an allergic reaction

Michael Walker calls for a grand vision to protect people… Read more >

Cadmium telluride

It may not be the best material for solar cells… Read more >

Countries ink Paris climate change agreement

Nearly 200 countries signed the global climate treaty that aims… Read more >

Cracking the mushroom glow mystery

A Japanese researcher believes he has solved part of the… Read more >

Signature of Paris Agreement is first move toward global greenhouse gas controls

After 175 countries ink pact, attention shifts to domestic action… Read more >

Search finds super-emitters of methane and hydrocarbons

Aerial surveys identify leakage from oil and gas storage tanks… Read more >

Shadow of Chernobyl

Mark Peplow takes the long view on the cost of… Read more >

Goodbye borazine, hello hydrogen

New catalyst unleashes more hydrogen for ammonia borane-powered fuel… Read more >

Earthly xenon’s asteroid origins reveal planet’s genesis

Discovery that atmospheric xenon is unrelated to that in the… Read more >

Pumping up industrial wasted heat

Company profile: Qpinch reclaims wasted energy by mimicking nature Read more >

Crispr-edited mushroom dodges regulation

Anti-browning mushroom developed using Crispr-Cas9 gene editing will… Read more >

OxyChem expansion will support new coolants

Investment is latest to help make refrigerants with low global… Read more >

US federal research funding saw 6% growth

Support for research grew significantly between 2013 and 2014 but… Read more >

Golden opportunity to fight blindness with bananas

Studies on ‘golden bananas’ may help researchers develop carotenoid-rich… Read more >

UK science reaps rewards within EU

Lords report concludes UK science benefits from EU membership Read more >

High-containment labs need more oversight

Government report outlines safety improvements following 2014 and 2015 incidents… Read more >

Chemistry Nobel laureate Walter Kohn dies at age 93

Physicist shared 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development… Read more >

Light sparks conversion of dinitrogen to ammonia

Hybrid nanotech-biological technique could lead to an environmentally friendly… Read more >

Analysis of 40 years’ worth of patents reveals pharma reaction trends

Analysis of 200,000 patents issued from 1976 to 2015… Read more >

New study questions ghrelin-appetite link

Hunger hormone may actually promote fat storage Read more >

Wacker opens polysilicon plant

Competition in a difficult market faces $2.5 billion Tennessee… Read more >

Improved route to single-base genome editing

Modified CRISPR-Cas9 technique corrects disease point mutations by efficiently… Read more >

EU bans endocrine disrupting herbicides

Pesticides pose risks to aquatic life, groundwater, committee says Read more >

Contract drugmakers invest in dosage form

Moves by Recipharm, others highlight merging of chemical and finished… Read more >

Chemical accident kills 24 in Mexico

Tragedy at vinyls plant follows deadly ethylene glycol unit fire… Read more >

Students create superheroes to support nanoscience

National competition inspires nano-themed comics Read more >

Flashback: 15 years ago

A blue plaque for crystallographer John Desmond Bernal Read more >

Chemistry Nobel laureate Walter Kohn dies aged 93

Kohn was awarded the 1998 chemistry Nobel prize for developing… Read more >

Bacteria seeded with synthetic pathways

Living factories provide alternative to complicated chemical syntheses or farming… Read more >

Hawaii lab explosion linked to safety failings

Accident that cost a postdoc her arm resulted from inappropriate… Read more >

Plastic problems

Tiny pieces of plastic may be doing as much harm… Read more >

Illumina ups investments as its stock drops on lower sales

Next-generation sequencing leader invests to advance technology use, despite… Read more >

Biomaterials coax immune cells to help heal damaged tissue

Findings in mice could lead to therapies that regenerate tissue… Read more >

The fine print

There’s nothing like having your nose in a good… Read more >

Foul play

Nina Notman visits the AkzoNobel site in Gateshead and meets… Read more >

Birds’ eye views

Philip Ball asks whether quantum biology holds the secret to… Read more >

TOC-L analyser

User review - total organic carbon analyser Read more >

Cassini finds needle in a haystack investigating interstellar dust around Saturn

Alien dust provides evidence for solar system passing through giant… Read more >

Active esters enable powerful new route to carbon–carbon bonds

‘Insanely easy’ approach to form previously tricky sp3–sp3 bonds… Read more >

Bacteria separate rare earths

Materials scientists tap microbes to split up rare-earth elements… Read more >

Speedy printing of smart surfaces

A roll-to-roll printer stamps nanoscale features onto sheets… Read more >

Firefly inspires brighter LEDs

Future displays that glow like fireflies could use less energy… Read more >

Oil, natural gas operations are now top U.S. methane emitters

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions remain flat from 2013 to… Read more >

American Geophysical Union to keep ExxonMobil sponsorship

Scientific society continues to accept funds from big oil despite… Read more >

Paper sensor measures respiration rate

Device, which detects transient differences in moisture in inhaled and… Read more >

ACS finalizes its fall election ballot

Candidates for president-elect and directors are named Read more >

Biomaterials coax immune cells to help heal damaged tissue

Findings in mice could lead to therapies that regenerate tissue… Read more >

New technique reclaims mercury from spent compact fluorescent light bulbs

Two-step process might offer a more energy-efficient alternative… Read more >

Lead levels remain high in Flint’s water

Despite improvements, new data still exceed federal action level Read more >

Biodiesel catalyst ranks to expand

Seeing more growth ahead, two small companies invest in new… Read more >

Intellia lines up deal with Renegeron and a stock offering

Developer of CRISPR/Cas9 therapies finds a partner and looks… Read more >

Dutch chemical plant under investigation

Government to test residents living near former DuPont fluorochemicals facility… Read more >

New close-up views of the nuclear pore complex

Two studies bring the architecture of the cell’s mega… Read more >

First radical route to chiral quaternary carbons reported

New reaction could provide an easier path to the important… Read more >

Cyclic antimony complexes take aromaticity to a new level

Compounds containing an all-metal antiaromatic ring isolated for the… Read more >

University leaders must take responsibility for lab safety, report says

APLU issues recommendations to help schools improve safety culture on… Read more >

Exposure to pharmaceutical contaminants via vegetables

Consuming produce watered with reclaimed wastewater increased detectable levels of… Read more >

Lawn care firm Scotts to stop using neonicotinoids

Concerns about honeybee health prompts firm to reformulate consumer products… Read more >

New fate for atmospheric nitric acid

Photochemical reactions could lead to source of ozone-forming nitrogen… Read more >

Smart surfaces on a roll

A roll-to-roll printer and new resist materials print… Read more >

Vegetables grown with treated wastewater boost human exposure to pharmaceutical contaminants

Consuming produce watered with reclaimed wastewater increased detectable levels of… Read more >

University leaders should be responsible for lab safety, report says

APLU issues this and other recommendations to help colleges improve… Read more >

Ceramic-graphene composite shows promise as battery electrode

Material combines silicon oxycarbide’s large capacity for storing lithium… Read more >

New record for longest linear carbon chain

Researchers say it’s the closest approximation yet achieved of… Read more >

Researchers watch biomolecules fold

Force spectroscopy enables first direct observations of folding transition paths… Read more >

Air Products retreats from waste-to-energy

Shutting its new U.K. facility could cost the company… Read more >

Johnson & Johnson launches global health strategy

The firm aims to build scientific capacity while improving access… Read more >

U.S. Senate passes bill to combat theft of trade secrets

Legislation would give victimized companies recourse in federal court Read more >

Comet collisions may have helped seed life on Earth, lab experiment shows

Researchers produce ribose—a sugar important to sustaining life—in… Read more >

Toxic biocides may not be needed routinely at fracking sites, study shows

Tests find that some fracking sites don’t contain pipeline… Read more >

Inorganic LEDs flex and shine white

Gallium nitride nanowires promise bendable, longer-lasting, white light-emitting… Read more >

3-D printing start-up Carbon unveils its first printer

Company announces its M1 printer along with custom photosensitive resins… Read more >

FDA targets arsenic in baby cereal

Agency moves to reduce harmful levels of contaminant in infant… Read more >

Gilead buys Nimbus’s NASH portfolio

$400 million deal adds ACC inhibitors to Gilead’s liver… Read more >

At last, scientists solve structure of protein that antidepressants target

Serotonin transporter structure could provide map for discovering new therapeutics… Read more >

Tax rules kill Pfizer-Allergan merger deal

Record-setting combination doomed by loss of favorable tax treatment… Read more >

PubMed and conflicts of interest

U.S. senators want the database to provide funding sources… Read more >

Gilead buys Nimbus’s NASH portfolio

$400 million deal adds ACC inhibitors to Gilead’s liver… Read more >

FDA targets arsenic in baby cereal

Agency moves to reduce harmful levels of contaminant in infant… Read more >

Gecko-inspired adhesives get stretchy and conductive

A soft, sticky patch that conforms to skin could lead… Read more >

Microneedles patch into skin cancer

Patch allows for targeted delivery of nanoparticles loaded with promising… Read more >

Straining catalyst films boosts water-splitting

Scanning probe study of MoS2 shows that stressed active sites… Read more >

Biotechs glimmer in dismal IPO market

First-quarter initial stock offerings hit a seven-year low… Read more >

Bubbles could be a targeted remedy for ocean acidification

Air bubbling could restore ocean chemistry for valuable coastal ecosystems… Read more >

3-D printing start-up Carbon unveils its first printer

Company announces its M1 printer along with custom photosensitive resins… Read more >

Food firms push to phase out bisphenol A

Coinciding with an environmental report, Campbell Soup and Del Monte… Read more >

High-resolution NMR structure of Parkinson’s disease fibril solved

Core of α-synuclein fibril has complex structure, including unusual Greek… Read more >

Congress questions Syngenta, ChemChina deal

U.S. senators seek review of acquisition’s effects on… Read more >

New epigenetic mark found in mammalian DNA

Adenine, a DNA based other than cytosine, also gets methylated… Read more >

Scientists solve Zika structure, identify possible fetal receptor

New discoveries about the virus could reveal weaknesses in its… Read more >

Mini drug factory continuously produces doses

Modular system efficiently makes four approved drugs Read more >

UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry spared

Realignment of the college is no longer on the table… Read more >

EPA uncovers mysterious phosphorus pollution

Unknown processes dump phosphorus into remote lakes and streams Read more >

Nootkatone tested as a mosquito repellent

Synthetic biology firm to work with CDC on terpene that… Read more >

Thermo Fisher wins contest for Affymetrix

Former employees withdraw $1.6 billion bid for gene analysis… Read more >

Explosive used in Brussels isn’t hard to detect

Various methods can identify triacetone triperoxide—but only if they… Read more >

Stale beer? There’s an app for that

Brewers could use a smartphone to read a simple colorimetric… Read more >

Batteries perform better without the strain

Using X-ray diffraction techniques, researchers find that low-strain… Read more >

Z-alkenyl halides made easy

Tough-to-prepare motif succumbs to metathesis Read more >

Carbon dioxide hydrogenated to methanol on large scale

Supported indium oxide catalyst could boost lab-scale process to… Read more >

Graphene patch could help patients manage diabetes

Wearable, dual-function device monitors glucose in sweat and delivers… Read more >

Researcher Thea Ekins-Coward loses arm in University of Hawaii explosion

Incident involved mix of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen gases… Read more >

Second chance for rejected grants

OnPar Project offers top NIH proposals to private funders Read more >

Dyson invests big in batteries

Maker of cordless vacuum cleaners to spend $1.4 billion… Read more >

BMS to buy start-up Padlock

Deal worth up to $600 million adds small molecules for… Read more >

Researchers create living cells containing the smallest genome yet

Minimal bacterial genome contains 473 genes, 149 of which still… Read more >

Scripps sues sequencing leader Illumina

Scripps Research Institute alleges Illumina’s sequencing technology infringes patent… Read more >

Former employees seek to acquire Affymetrix

$1.6 billion bid for genetic analysis firm attempts to… Read more >

New model could help detect illicit nuclear tests

Simulations predict isotope ratios of gases that leak from underground… Read more >

Chemists cut in half the number of steps needed to synthesize phorbol

Nineteen-step enantioselective synthesis opens up avenues to previously inaccessible… Read more >

Merck, Harvard sign hefty drug pact

Cancer compounds from chemist Matthew Shair’s lab bring in… Read more >

Monitoring uncovers mysterious phosphorus pollution

Unknown processes dump phosphorus into remote lakes and streams Read more >

Explosion at the University of Hawaii seriously injures researcher

Thea Ekins-Coward lost an arm, local media report Read more >

Forecasting Liver Toxicity Before The Damage Is Done

Using toxicity data from thousands of chemicals, researchers developed a… Read more >

Former employees top Thermo Fisher offer for Affymetrix

$1.5 billion bid attempts to edge out instrumentation leader… Read more >

Merck, Harvard sign hefty drug pact

Cancer compounds from chemist Matthew Shair’s lab bring in… Read more >

Program gives start-ups national lab access

Awards to 33 small businesses will help develop, validate clean… Read more >

Fine chemical makers invest

New York City’s DCAT meeting is venue for numerous… Read more >

San Diego hosts ACS national meeting

Society selects its candidates for 2017 President-Elect Read more >

A life-cycle look at plant-based plastics

A new model calculates the greenhouse gas emissions from different… Read more >

DiCE debuts with major Sanofi pact

Company’s technology enables small molecules to disrupt protein-protein… Read more >

Food & Drug Administration clears way for gene-altered mosquito

Oxitec moves closer to releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida… Read more >

GMO food labeling bill stalls in the U.S. Senate

Measure that would have voided state labeling rules fails to… Read more >

BASF and Avantium join for biopolyester

Partnership could challenge technology from DuPont and ADM Read more >

ACS omega selects global team of editors

New open access journal will be led by editors in… Read more >

Solazyme to become TerraVia, with focus on food markets

Algal products maker will not pursue industrial chemicals and fuels… Read more >

Using magnets to turn on neurons

Noninvasive technique could help scientists map circuits in the brain… Read more >

Snarled over glyphosate

European Union delays decision on continued use of controversial herbicide… Read more >

Designer coatings fight infections and help bones heal

Multilayer thin films could fight costly and difficult-to-treat… Read more >

Soldering without heat

Spontaneously formed shell on microscopic alloy droplets keeps them in… Read more >

FDA wants to end pediatric priority review program

Benefits in advancing drugs for rare diseases is questioned Read more >

UCLA gets windfall from Xtandi rights

University, researchers, and others to share more than $1 billion… Read more >

Patent applications surge in Europe

U.S. and Chinese companies help drive growth Read more >

Bacteria feast on plastic

Microbes that munch on polyethylene terephthalate could be used to… Read more >

El plástico, un banquete para las bacterias

Los microbios que se deleitan con el tereftalato de polietileno… Read more >

PCR offers new way to detect disease antibodies

DNA-based method is 1,000 times as sensitive as… Read more >

Royalties suit against Harvard moves ahead

Judge okays portions of lawsuit filed by former grad student… Read more >

Engineered tissue goes bigger, lives longer

Crafty chemistry and bioprinting creates thicker tissue with vasculature Read more >

BASF mulls a bid for DuPont

But analysts think breaking up Dow-DuPont deal is too… Read more >

More money for India’s science

Budget for main grant-awarding agency rises 17% over last… Read more >

DNA offers new way to find antibodies and diagnose disease

Super-sensitive method harnesses PCR to detect antibodies in patient… Read more >

BASF considering bid for DuPont

An offer by the German firm could break up the… Read more >

A simple method yields a wrinkly, water-repellent surface

Depositing Teflon on shrinkable plastic creates a durable, superhydrophobic coating… Read more >

Chemical industry innovation is unevenly distributed

Dow-DuPont merger may result in bidding for stranded R… Read more >

Chemical industry and academia predict heavy impact from Brexit

Biotech investment would falter and academic research budgets would be… Read more >

Trouble brews for chip makers as neon shortage looms

Delays in development of neon-free lasers means chip makers… Read more >

Lead makers fight to stay in batteries

Lead industry claims the metal can beat lithium in a… Read more >

John R. Yates to Lead Journal of Proteome Research

Scripps professor is the journal’s new editor-in-chief… Read more >

Improved route from syngas to light olefins

Catalytic process has advantages over methanol- and Fischer Tropsch-based… Read more >

Cheap catalyst converts tough plant lignin into valuable chemicals

Waste material from the energy crop elephant grass yields flavor… Read more >

Octopus inspires electroluminescent skin

Light-up material can be stretched nearly six times its… Read more >

Inhibiting metalloenzyme prevents damage caused by brain bleeding

New strategy may protect brain function after strokes that involve… Read more >

Phosphine ligand provides a new low for palladium catalysis

Sterically encumbered oxophosphole enables cross-coupling of complex aryl partners… Read more >

EPA to ban flubendiamide insecticide

Breakdown product is harmful to aquatic species, agency says Read more >

Dow and DuPont detail deal discussions

Companies started taking the merger idea seriously last spring Read more >

Latest JLABS launches in Space City

Johnson & Johnson life sciences incubator opens in Houston’s Texas… Read more >

Dow and DuPont detail deal discussions

Companies started taking the merger idea seriously last spring Read more >

Zapping Diels-Alder reactions

Electric field spurs reagents to join up in a non… Read more >

Incentive for electric cars increases CO2 pollution

Fudge factors in fuel economy standards allow carmakers that sell… Read more >

EPA proposes new regulations for chemical plants

Agency would require consideration, not implementation, of inherently safer technologies… Read more >

Dow settles price-fixing suit for $800 million

The death of Antonin Scalia left the company’s petition… Read more >

Is UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry in danger?

Undergraduate petitions chancellor not to dissolve chemistry college to fix… Read more >

Doubt cast on cancer drug target MTH1

Inhibitors of the enzyme may kill cancer cells through mechanisms… Read more >

EPA proposes new regulations for chemical plants

Agency would require consideration, not implementation, of inherently safer technologies… Read more >

Trans-Pacific trade pact faces rocky road

Fight brewing in Congress over protection for biologic drugs Read more >

Another DMD pipeline setback

FDA has rejected PTC’s nonsense mutation treatment ataluren Read more >

EPA to crack down on chemical plants and refineries

Chemical releases are focus of enforcement effort Read more >

Tiny enzyme tweak expands substrate palette

Changing just two amino acids transforms a picky aldolase into… Read more >

Senate reignites GMO labeling debate

Committee to vote on draft bill to block state food… Read more >

Funding is brisk for agriculture technology

Investors flock to start-ups developing plant health and yield… Read more >

Southern California methane leak was largest in U.S. history

Scientists have begun quantifying the effects of the Aliso Canyon… Read more >

Big oil sponsorship of American Geophysical Union questioned

Scientists call for American Geophysical Union to reject ExxonMobil support… Read more >

Sunlight helps power high-energy hydrocarbon mill

Process produces liquid fuel from photons, water, and carbon dioxide… Read more >

SoCal methane leak was largest in U.S. history

Scientists begin quantifying the effects of the Aliso Canyon disaster… Read more >

Delaware wins DowDuPont ag unit

After lobbying by three states, spin-off will be headquartered… Read more >

Common anti-inflammatory drugs could be an antidote for scorpion venom

Common medicines indomethacin and celecoxib tame deadly immune reaction in… Read more >

Illumina sues Oxford Nanopore for infringing next generation sequencing patents

DNA sequencing instrument giant says rival’s technology violates licensed… Read more >

Insect sugar could treat fatty liver disease

Trehalose coaxes mouse liver cells to clear out excess fat… Read more >

Insects and plants inspire water harvesting surface

Asymmetric bumps and a slippery coating gather and shed droplets… Read more >

Codexis sues EnzymesWorks and founder over trade secret theft

Biocatalysts maker says competitor is poaching customers
by selling copycat… Read more >

How to contain the Zika virus

Pesticides: Chemistry plays a prominent role in strategies to control… Read more >

Princeton gift funds all third-year grad students

Endowed gift from cancer drug inventor Edward Taylor means students… Read more >

Nanoparticle antioxidants offer potential Alzheimer’s therapy

Nanomedicines: Coated ceria nanoparticles target mitochondrial malfunction to reduce neuron… Read more >

Patent Picks: Mosquito-control technologies

A look at recent patenting activity in the fight against… Read more >

Common anti-inflammatory drugs could be an antidote for scorpion venom

Common medicines indomethacin and celecoxib tame deadly immune reaction in… Read more >

ACS Launches ACS Energy Letters

Journal will focus on rapid communication of new research in… Read more >

Windfall lets Princeton financially support its third-year chemistry grad students

Endowed gift from cancer drug inventor Edward Taylor means students… Read more >

Codexis sues EnzymesWorks andfounder over trade secret theft

Biocatalysts maker says competitor is poaching customers by selling copycat… Read more >

Nanoscale system reaches perfect efficiency for solar fuel production step

Energy: Nanoparticle-based photocatalyst system evolves hydrogen gas from water… Read more >

DowDuPont Picks Delaware As Headquarters For Agriculture Business

Cost-cutting: Leaders expect the combination to save $1.3… Read more >

Congress Moving To Restrict Drone Flights Near Chemical Plants

Security: House of Representatives bill seeks to prohibit unmanned aircraft… Read more >

Chemists Achieve Hydrocyanation Without Using Toxic Hydrogen Cyanide

Organic Synthesis: Safer, reversible transfer reaction to make nitriles opens… Read more >

Designed Protein
Shelters Radical

Biochemistry: Metalloprotein protects and stabilizes an organic radical anion, a… Read more >

Pliant Launches To Tackle Fibrotic Diseases

Start-ups: Research from four UCSF labs provide foundation for… Read more >

Group Blames Pesticide For Microcephaly

Pesticides: Experts debunk connection between pyriproxyfen and epidemic among newborns… Read more >

DNA Enzymes Snip Amide Bonds

Biocatalysis: DNAs that hydrolyze amides could help with proteomic analyses… Read more >

Enzyme Inhibitors Block Ebola

Medicinal Chemistry: Small-molecule enzyme inhibitors can stop Ebola virus… Read more >

BASF May Invest $4 Billion In Iranian Petrochemical Project

Investment: Multinationals line up to partake in Iranian projects ahead… Read more >

Nanoparticle Synthesis Paper Retracted After 12 Years

Science withdraws paper after NSF finds poor research practices and… Read more >

Scientists Scramble To Develop Tools, Treatments For Zika Virus

But with so little known about the basic biology of… Read more >

Giant Wood-To-Diesel Plant Planned For Finland

Advanced biofuel: Chinese firm says it will spend $1 billion… Read more >

Gene Circuit Boosts High-Temperature Fermentation

Synthetic Biology: E. coli bioengineered to regulate heat stress and… Read more >

Hitting Malaria In The Proteasome

Medicinal Chemistry: Inhibitor of cell’s protein-degrading machine kills… Read more >

Novartis Tags Price Of Heart Drug To Patient Outcomes

Pharmaceuticals: Deal with two insurers is an early foray into… Read more >

Obama requests $1.8 billion to fight Zika virus

Public health: Emergency funds would go to development of vaccines… Read more >

Publishers And Funders Back Sharing Of Zika Data

Research: Some journals to make content related to the virus… Read more >

How Lead Ended Up In Flint’s Tap Water

Without effective treatment steps to control corrosion, Flint’s water… Read more >

Chinese Investigators Identify Cause Of Tianjin Explosion

Safety: Investigators make recommendations, spread blame around for deadly—and… Read more >

How Lasers Make Buckyballs Look Like Superconductors

Materials: Postassium-doped fullerenes display signatures of superconductivity under infrared… Read more >

Improving Protein Crystallography Using Smudges In X-Ray Diffraction Data

Spectroscopy: New technique takes advantage of long-unused data Read more >

Self-Propelling Microparticles Spot Ricin In Minutes

Sensors: The new microsensors could speed up response to bioterrorism… Read more >

Yumanity Therapeutics Reaps $45 Million In Financing

Start-ups: Investors respond strongly to firm’s novel approach… Read more >

New Members Elected To NAE

National Academy of Engineering adds 80 new members, including 21… Read more >

Chinese Investigators Identify Cause Of Tianjin Explosion

Safety: Investigators make recommendations, spread blame around Read more >

Commodity Glut, Strong Dollar Pressure Chemical Company Earnings

Fourth Quarter: Plans go forward at Dow, DuPont for merger… Read more >

New Dust Mite Allergens Discovered

Medicinal Chemistry: Study finds allergens unique to a group of… Read more >

Research Teams Use DNA To Make 3-D Nanoparticle Structures With High Precision

Nanotechnology: One group assembles nanoparticle lattices that can be reshaped… Read more >

Imagination and reality flow in opposite directions in your brain

Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and… Read more >

Here's everything that kills us in one morbid chart

Researchers have reviewed all the causes of death recorded in… Read more >

This is the first look at what happens to uranium fuel during a nuclear meltdown

Scientists have managed to observe uranium fuel becoming molten for… Read more >

WATCH: Do Beards Make Men Sexier?

The science is in - studies have shown that there's… Read more >

WATCH: This band-aid gel instantly stops bleeding

Meet the band-aid of the future - VetiGel is a… Read more >

This new folding electric bike can fit in your backpack

Ever wanted a bike that you can fold up and… Read more >

This new plastic breaks down in just 3 hours

Researchers have used fructose to create a new type of… Read more >

The Large Hadron Collider has observed two brand new particles

Two never-before-seen “heavy-weight” baryon particles have been… Read more >

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