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In partnership with the world’s leading scientific bodies, RACI brings you the latest news headlines locally and from across the globe. Featuring article summaries from ACS, RSC and Science Alert.

Drug Development Deal Sours For University, Biotech Firm

UCLA and Medivation, once happy partners, now confront each other… Read more >

Teflon-Patterned Paper

Peptide Synthesis: Nonstick barriers help build arrays for screening Read more >

Laying Out The Attainable

Climate Change: Major technology changes could still restrain global warming… Read more >

NIH Allows Resubmission Of Rejected Grants

Research Funding: Community concern that good science was being rejected… Read more >

A Solution For Graphene Production

Materials: Electrochemical exfoliation produces high-quality graphene in a short… Read more >

Perovskites Emit Laser Light

Materials: The inexpensive and efficient photovoltaic materials may find another… Read more >

Virginia Supreme Court Protects Climate Researcher's E-mails

University of Virginia will not release Michael Mann's e… Read more >

Momentive Performance Materials Files For Bankruptcy

Industry: Silicones maker is faced with large debt it can… Read more >

Chip Detects Multiple Waterborne Pathogens At Once

Water Quality: Microfluidic device helps scientists find disease-causing bacteria… Read more >

Artificial blood could be used in trial transfusions by 2016

Scientists in Scotland have made artificial blood, a breakthrough that… Read more >

Meet Kepler-186f, the first Earth like-planet in the habitable zone

NASA’s Kepler Telescope spotted another world, but this one… Read more >

Ancient daddy longlegs had an extra set of eyes

A 305-million-year-old fossil from France has revealed… Read more >

FEATURE: Food inventor creates Viagra ice-cream

This frozen treat won’t hit the shelves any time… Read more >

FEATURE: Why are babies so cute?

Turns out we are hard-wired to like cute things… Read more >

Battle of the sexes runs in reverse for these Brazilian insects

Insects of the genus Neotrologa copulate for up to 70… Read more >

Chemical Secrets Of Starfish Stickiness

Biomimicry: Researchers study how the sea creature roams its underwater… Read more >

Seawater Survey Traces Loss Of Himalayan Glaciers

Climate Change: The salinity and oxygen-18 content of the… Read more >

Para-xylene plants face uphill struggle for acceptance in China

Chemistry students come to defence of latest project's safety… Read more >

How to print a crystal in 3D

Rather than looking at a crystal on a screen, print… Read more >

Up from generality

Growing inorganically Read more >

Family values

Do larger research groups mean mentorship and ethics will inevitably… Read more >

FEATURE: Study concludes homeopathy is a waste of money

After examining the effect of the alternative therapy on 68… Read more >

FEATURE: Golf courses may be haven for biodiversity

All that manicured grass isn't just the perfect spot… Read more >

Ocean acidification is making fish crazy

In a strange turn of events, fish in acidic pockets… Read more >

Scientists generate solar power in the dark

Molecules known as photoswitches can absorb energy from the sun… Read more >

A new gluten-free flour has arrived – and it’s made out of coffee waste

A startup company will commercialise coffee flour within the next… Read more >

Starfish glue secrets under the microscope

Temporary adhesive holds promise for surgery and tissue engineering applications… Read more >

DNA cube programmed for an exclusive reveal

Hydrogen bonds keeping the cube’s shape only unzip in… Read more >


Amongst the fictional forensic equipment shown on television, Brian Clegg… Read more >

This Chinese company can 3D print 10 houses in a day

From pizzas to prosthetic limbs, 3D printers never cease to… Read more >

30 will never be the new 20

Researchers now claim that cognitive performance goes downhill after 24… Read more >

Babies may cry at night so they don’t have to share mum

Sleep-deprived mums, behold, your bundle of joy may have… Read more >

Saturn is giving birth to a new moon, but it may be the last

A tiny object travelling along the edge of one of… Read more >

Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles Increase Tumor Vulnerability To Radiation Therapy

Nanomedicine: The particles react with hydrogen peroxide to increase oxygen… Read more >

Laying Out The Attainable

Climate Change: Major technology changes could still restrain global warming… Read more >

Promising Solar Cell Materials Also Emit Laser Light

Materials: Perovskites convert absorbed light into emitted light with surprisingly… Read more >

Toilet flushes could help power homes

Transducer converts water motion into energy Read more >

Life beyond Earth

The chemical cradle of life Read more >

Changing phases

John Goodby has discovered new forms of matter and invented… Read more >

Low blood sugar causes people to lash out at their partners

Scientists have finally found evidence for hangriness, and proved it… Read more >

Flowing a drop of salt water over graphene generates electricity

Scientists have found that dragging small droplets of salt water… Read more >

A new hepatitis C treatment has cured 90% of patients

In a 12-week trial, a new drug for hepatitis… Read more >

Toughening Up Elastomers

Materials Science: Inspired by hydrogel synthesis, two-part strategy yields… Read more >

Daiichi Quits On Ranbaxy

Generics: India’s Sun Pharma will take on Ranbaxy and… Read more >

Raman bites into tooth decay

Mineral distribution signals help discriminate healthy enamel from cavities Read more >

Nanotubes zip into bundle of solar energy

Closely packing photoisomerisable groups together boosts energy storage density of… Read more >

Mathematicians have created an app that overcomes jet lag

A free app uses mathematical models to tell you when… Read more >

Glow-in-the-dark road installed in the Netherlands

The light-absorbing road markings not only look amazing, but… Read more >

Naval scientists have found a way to turn seawater into fuel

New technology that converts seawater into jet fuel could revolutionise… Read more >

Daytime napping linked to an early death

A new study has found that people who nap for… Read more >

New technology could turn astronaut urine into fuel

Not satisfied with simply turning pee into drinking water, scientists… Read more >

Largest Environmental Settlement Means Cleanup Of Former Kerr-McGee Sites

Remediation: Andarko Petroleum’s $5.15 billion payment will be… Read more >

Tohru Fukuyama’s Correction Crisis

In the wake of a series of corrections from their… Read more >

Public Investors Eager For IPOs Lure Private Chemical Firms

Business: Stock markets worldwide are friendly environment, but it likely… Read more >

IR Spectroscopy Quickly Detects Malaria At Early Stages

Medical Diagnostics: Spectrometer can spot a single malaria parasite in… Read more >

The Large Hadron Collider may have found a new form of matter

Scientists have discovered an elusive particle that may be an… Read more >

New Brominated Flame Retardant Found In Electronics

Environment: Manufacturers may be using the compound as a replacement… Read more >

Mixing And Matching Metals

Organometallics: Chemists create an inorganic Grignard reagent to forge metal… Read more >

Constructing Crowded Carbons

Organic Synthesis: Chemists use Mizoroki-Heck reaction to tackle tough… Read more >

Former chief executive of Royal Society of Chemistry dies

John Ruck Keene, whose career at the society spanned more… Read more >

Redefining moisturiser

The secret to soft skin is not necessarily increasing its… Read more >

Missing safety risk emails draw $9bn Actos fine

Judge finds absence of Takeda documentation in bladder cancer case… Read more >

The sultan of synthesis

Phil Baran is spurring organic chemists to rethink how they… Read more >

Memory Device Created From Polymer Pair

Organic Electronics: Two functional polymers form the heart of a… Read more >

Polymer-Peptide Conjugate Redirects Amyloid Fibril Growth

Self-Assembly: Researchers design a macromolecule that causes amyloid-β peptide… Read more >

Fears free trade agreements will hamstring chemical legislation

Corporate watchdogs worry accords being prepared by Europe and North… Read more >

Nanocrystalline copper turns CO into fuel

New electrode converts carbon monoxide into alcohols and may be… Read more >

Pumping gone soft

Combustion drives silicone device with heart-like chambers Read more >

Sun set on Ranbaxy rescue

Acquiring beleaguered firm will create India’s biggest pharmaceutical company… Read more >


It smells sweet, is potentially lethal and organic chemists rely… Read more >

Anadarko agrees $5bn clean-up settlement

Record fine will address pollution at mining and manufacturing sites… Read more >

Metrics' role in assessing research reviewed

UK higher education body launches investigation into the pros and… Read more >

GSK investigates bribery claims in the Middle East

Leaked emails claim GlaxoSmithKline bribed Iraqi doctors and healthcare officials… Read more >

A Spinning Disc Spots Spoiled Food

Microfluidics: Researchers developed a lab-on-a-disc that detects… Read more >

Mixing And Matching Metals

Organometallics: Chemists Create An Inorganic Grignard Reagent To Forge Metal… Read more >

Carbon Dots For White LEDs Made In One Step

Nanotechnology: Simple, low-cost process yields carbon nanoparticles that emit… Read more >

Olive oil may offer diabetes protection

Oleic acid found to regulate insulin secretion and minimise blood… Read more >

Gel to heal divide between bones and surgical implants

Material slowly releases growth hormone to aid healing and reduce… Read more >

Strength in numbers

For all the value it provides, analytical chemistry doesn’t… Read more >

Contamination troubles strike GSK

GlaxoSmithKline is warned over contamination at an Ireland plant, and… Read more >

GSK To Expand Across Africa

Pharmaceuticals: Drug firm plans lab, plants, and academic support to… Read more >

Trees Designed for Destruction

Plant Biochemistry: Chemical tweak to lignin could yield trees that… Read more >

Chinese Citizens Protest p-Xylene Plant

Demonstrations are latest against the polyester intermediate chemical Read more >

Isolation of cyanoformate suggests new carbon capture approaches

Elusive ion solves mystery that baffled plant biochemists and offers… Read more >

SERS tubing makes intravenous drug delivery safer

Detection system gives a detailed picture of patient medication in… Read more >

Lilly wins cancer drug patent dispute

Alimta patent will last until 2022 after US court rules… Read more >

EU link to Balkans' science threatened

Project that helped bring together warring nations through science comes… Read more >

Should I stay or should I go?

Relocating a research group can be a stressful experience. Nina… Read more >

Scientists Uncover New Brominated Flame Retardant In Consumer Electronics

Indoor Environment: Manufacturers may be using the compound as a… Read more >

New Anticancer Target Identified

Drug Discovery: Cancer cells need MTH1 enzyme to thrive; inhibiting… Read more >

Online Access To ACS Publications Is Restored After Some Customers Were Unintentionally Blocked

ACS News: Hidden link triggered feature designed to protect website… Read more >

Microbial Reactor Could Help Capture Carbon Sustainably

Carbon Sequestration: Electrochemical cell could lower cost of sequestering carbon… Read more >

Liquid Water Ocean Lies Beneath Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

Space Science: Gravity data from Cassini spacecraft point to ocean… Read more >

Salt Additives Can Be Used To Tailor Negishi Cross-Couplings

Organic Synthesis: Chemists find that adding a salt affects aryl… Read more >

Affirming Impacts Of Climate Change

IPCC: Report probes effects, adaptation, and vulnerabilities related to global… Read more >

Cyanoformate Structure Could Aid Efforts To Trap Carbon Dioxide

Unstable Complex: Elusive ion’s unusual bonding could inform design… Read more >

Better Biomolecular Visualization

Bioorthogonal Chemistry: Easier tracking of biomolecules in vivo Read more >

Calculations predict new form of phosphorus

Flat layers of ‘blue phosphorus’ may have ideal properties for… Read more >

Power up with body heat

Repeated bending is not a problem for new wearable thermoelectric… Read more >

London launches Europe-wide hydrogen vehicles project

The city will get a hydrogen fuel station, and new… Read more >

Latest climate report sees a bigger role for adaptation

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the world faces serious… Read more >

Nanoporous anodes charge up

If only their components were cheaper Read more >

Growing great graphene on germanium

New technique allows large scale production of defect free graphene… Read more >

10 years ago: art analysis at the National Gallery

Soap was found to have formed on the surface of… Read more >

How to survive a nuclear bomb

Flash, blast and radiation – is it possible to live through… Read more >

Pharma giants plan new public–private collaborations

AstraZeneca and GSK will partner with UK academics to work… Read more >

Researchers Shrink Carbon Nanotube Circuits

Electronics: New carbon nanotube transistors reach 20 nm—the size… Read more >

Ball Mill Grinds Monomers Into Polymer

Polymer Chemistry: Chemists use ball-milling to synthesize the conductive… Read more >

Analysts shrug off rare earth trade ruling

WTO’s indictment of Chinese export duties won’t affect… Read more >

DVD diagnostics

Quantitative pregnancy test uses DVDs, a DVD player and freely… Read more >


Purple was once a colour only royalty could afford to… Read more >

Climate Change Is Altering The World

IPCC: Report probes impacts, adaptation, and vulnerabilities related to global… Read more >

A wide open competition

The Chemistry World science communication competition comes to fruition Read more >

New Centres for Doctoral Training announced

Another 22 CDTs will train 1100 students in the UK… Read more >

Reduced to clear

Karl Collins contemplates reducing amides to alcohols instead of amines… Read more >

China Accused Of Technology Theft

Intellectual Property: Ineos charges that Sinopec stole its acrylonitrile process… Read more >

U.S. Moves Ahead On Gas Exports

Energy: First natural gas terminal approved for West Coast Read more >

First Total Synthesis Of Eukaryote Chromosome Achieved

Synthetic Biology: Altered brewer’s yeast thrives with artificial genetic… Read more >

Pathogens Turn Tables On Human Immune System

Microbiology: Some bacteria can convert to their benefit a chemical… Read more >

Albany Molecular Research To Aquire Rival Cedarburg

Move continues trend of consolidation in the pharmaceutical chemicals sector… Read more >

Half Of Syria's Chemical Arsenal Has Left The Country

Chemical Weapons: Delays in turning over material may mean destruction… Read more >

Electron Microscopy Milestone

Structural Biology: Technique gives first glimpse of mitochondrial ribosome at… Read more >

Spinning Magnetic Nanoparticles Destroy Cancer Cells

Cancer Therapy: An applied magnetic field rotates nanoparticles trapped inside… Read more >

Huntington’s Disease Could Stem From Cysteine Depletion

Neurodegeneration: Scientists finally pinpoint a mechanism for how a repeating… Read more >

New Antibiotic Disrupts Resistant Superbugs

Drug Development: Researchers synthesize polymyxin-like lipopeptides to kill bacteria… Read more >

Self-Assembled Makeover

Surface Chemistry: N-Heterocyclic carbenes offer an alternative to thiols… Read more >

Harmful Air Pollutants Build Up Near Oil And Gas Fields

Air Quality: During wintertime, concentrations of volatile organic compounds near… Read more >

Simple Coating Gives A Boost To Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells

Materials: Flexible solar cells made from low-grade silicon absorb… Read more >

Mass Spectrometry Method Provides Insights Into Insecticide Resistance

Analytics: With the technique, researchers explain the connection between a… Read more >

FDA Bans Another Indian Drug Plant

Generics: Quality problems plague Indian producers Read more >

ACS Meeting News: Color-Changing Gels Track Food Quality

Nano-based materials indicate age, temperature history of perishables Read more >

Chemists Convene In Dallas

ACS Meeting News: ‘Chemistry & Materials for Energy’ was national conference… Read more >

Certain Pet Flea Collars’ Days Are Numbered

EPA, two manufacturers agree to phase out products that contain… Read more >

Trinseo Makes Second Attempt To Go Public

Polymers producer formerly known as Styron files plans to pay… Read more >

ACS Meeting News: Paper Spray Goes Head-To-Head With LC/MS

Ambient mass spec method yields comparable results for analysis of… Read more >

Stem Cell Memories

ACS Meeting News: Growing stem cells in stiff or soft… Read more >

Prenatal Vitamin A Essential For Offspring Immune Health

Reproductive Medicine: A healthy fetal immune system in mice depends… Read more >

Spray-On Polymer Mats Seal Surgical Incisions

Biomaterials: Researchers apply mats of biodegradable nanofibers directly onto tissues… Read more >

Role Of Folded DNA Revealed

ACS Meeting News: Study shows i-motifs and related hairpins… Read more >

ACS Meeting News: Reagent Assembles Ring Motifs Common In Drugs

Method builds medium-sized nitrogen heterocycles with challenging substitution patterns… Read more >

California Targets Products

Regulation: State proposes elimination of certain chemicals or substitution with… Read more >

ACS Meeting News: Taking Cues From Nature En Route To Taxol

Synthesis of an intermediate along the way to the cancer… Read more >

ACS Meeting News: Teaching Zinc A New Trick

Chemists revisit using zinc reagents as a means of transferring… Read more >

Silicone Chip Recreates Cancer’s Microenvironment

Microfluidics: A device for high-throughput anticancer drug screening more… Read more >

Stem Cells Possess Mechanical Memory

ACS Meeting News: Growing stem cells in stiff or soft… Read more >

Role Of Mysterious Folded DNA Structures Revealed At Last

ACS Meeting News: Study shows i-motifs and related hairpins… Read more >

Beefed-Up Bacteria Get The Lead Out Of Water

Water Treatment: Researchers engineer bacteria to bind lead on their… Read more >

Chemical Maker FMC To Split In Two

Business: Firm to divide into separate crop chemicals and minerals… Read more >

Fast-Flow Peptides

Lab Automation: MIT chemists devise a continuous reactor for speedy… Read more >

Natural Gas Gets An Upgrade

Fuels & Chemicals: Main-group metals selectively oxidize alkanes to make… Read more >

California Proposes Changes For Some Consumer Products

Regulation: State targets substances in paint strippers, childrens’ sleep items… Read more >

Low Doses Of A Controversial Insecticide May Harm Friendly Insects

Environment: A neonicotinoid compound affects fruit flies’ ability to have… Read more >

Airbrushed Polymers Could Seal Surgical Incisions

Biomaterials: Researchers spray mats of biodegradable nanofibers directly onto tissues… Read more >

Ineos Chairman Criticizes European Commission Policies

Industry: Jim Ratcliffe writes stinging letter blasting energy costs, other… Read more >

Reports Make Progress In Transforming C–H Bonds Into Druglike Motifs

Organic Chemistry: Palladium-catalyzed routes build unnatural amino acids and… Read more >

Agencies Weigh Facility Safety

Executive Order: Task force recommendations could include tighter control of… Read more >

Toward A Blood Test For Alzheimer's

Diagnostics: Researchers find 10 lipids in blood that predict cognitive… Read more >

Bacteria Churn Out A Possible Rocket Fuel

Biofuels: Researchers insert plant genes into bacteria to help turn… Read more >

Agencies Weigh Chemical Facility Safety Overhaul

Executive Order: Task force recommendations will be out by the… Read more >

Craig Venter Tackles Aging

Genomics: Entrepreneur launches Human Longevity Inc. with goal of building… Read more >

Milk Proteins Protect Fabrics From Fire

Flame Retardants: Casein, a protein left over from cheese production… Read more >

Cautious Optimism Permeates Pittcon

Instrumentation: Firms at annual conference anticipate slow but steady sales… Read more >

Electro-Optics Paper Retracted

Materials science paper fails to cite inventor of chromophores used… Read more >

President Sets R&D Priorities

Budget: Fiscal 2015 funding request focuses increases on manufacturing, energy… Read more >

X-Rays Probe Single Molecules

Molecular Structure: Method could yield precise information on reaction dynamics… Read more >

Another Giant Virus Unearthed

Virology: Megavirus discovered in Siberian permafrost is biggest yet Read more >

Capturing The Glow Of Quantum Dots With A Smartphone

Bioimaging: The camera on a smartphone can pick up signals… Read more >

Analytical Test Could Underestimate Radioactivity In Fracking Wastewater

Water Quality: Study shows that a test commonly used to… Read more >

Madeleine Jacobs To Step Down As CEO

ACS News: After more than 24 years of service, Jacobs… Read more >

Fukushima Radiation May Have Little Long-Term Effect On Wildlife

Environment: Researchers estimate that radiation exposure from the 2011 nuclear… Read more >

House Republicans Unveil Draft Legislation To Reform Federal Law On Chemical Safety

The House of Representatives draft bill to overhaul the Toxic… Read more >

Europe Probes Major Mergers

Regulation: Deals involving vinyl and pigments are being investigated for… Read more >

Lipoprotein Nanoparticles Boost Memory In Mice With Alzheimer’s

Nanomedicine: Particles that resemble high-density lipoprotein clear out clumps… Read more >

Building Better Therapeutic Antibodies

Drug Delivery: Researchers develop a procedure to make antibody-drug… Read more >

Silicone Bracelets Find A New Purpose

Environmental Monitoring: Ubiquitous silicone wristbands can act as easy-to… Read more >

New Route To Improved Heparins

Drug Discovery: Chemoenzymatic analogs may sidestep key problems of current… Read more >

U.S. Chemical Investment Soars

Business: New projects tied to shale gas exceed $100 billion… Read more >

Peering Inside Reactors

Analytical Chemistry: Microspectroscopy tracks multistep process in action Read more >

Detecting Citrus Blight

Agriculture: Portable spectrometer identifies signature volatile organic compounds before it… Read more >

European Firms Feel The Squeeze

Earnings: Chemical firms struggle to recapture sales, earnings growth Read more >

A Challenging Conjugation

Bioactivity: Linking to antibody fragment enhances immune-system-regulating agent… Read more >

A Pharma-Friendly Fluorination

Organic Synthesis: Aryl bromide and iodides succumb to Pd-catalyzed… Read more >

White House Seeks To Bolster Patent System

Innovation: Administration takes steps to prevent the granting of weak… Read more >

Sulfur Polymers Could Enable Long-Lasting, High-Capacity Batteries

Materials: Lithium-sulfur battery electrodes made of an inexpensive sulfur… Read more >

Reforming The Toxic Substances Control Act

Legislation: House Republicans unveil a draft bill to overhaul federal… Read more >

Informing The Climate Debate

Report: National Academy of Sciences and Royal Society lay out… Read more >

Nanohole Sensor Could Make Biomolecule Detection Easy And Affordable

Biosensors: Researchers quickly detect proteins by using a standard microscope… Read more >

Crib Mattresses Expose Infants To Elevated Levels Of Volatile Organic Compounds

Environmental Health: A baby sleeping in a crib breathes in… Read more >

Wildlife Did Not Receive Dangerous Doses Of Radiation From Fukushima

Environment: Researchers estimate that radiation exposure from the 2011 nuclear… Read more >

Portable Spectrometer Sniffs Out Citrus Blight

Agriculture: Volatile organic compounds released by citrus trees allow researchers… Read more >

A Steric Strategy For Regioselective Arene Silylation

Rhodium catalyst adds silyl group to arenes to create valuable… Read more >

Implantable Metal-Filled Particles Activate Cancer Drug

Oncology: Strategy restricts chemotherapeutic agent's toxicity in cells Read more >

Beefing Up Refinery Regulations

Safety: California panel calls for inherently safer systems Read more >

FDA Head Voices Concerns In India

Pharmaceuticals: On a visit to the country, Hamburg pushes for… Read more >

Actavis Buys Forest Labs

Acquisition: Deal will create large specialty drug firm Read more >

Ashland Sells Water Technologies Business For $1.8 Billion

Restructuring: Activist investor pushed for divestment of underperforming assets Read more >

Oxadiazoles Attack Resistant Bacteria

Drug Discovery: Researchers report a class of compounds that can… Read more >

Bendable Silicon Electronics

Materials: Exfoliation technique converts rigid silicon devices into flexible ones… Read more >

Assay Detects Minuscule Amounts Of Gluten In Food

Analytical Chemistry: A new method based on small nucleic acid… Read more >

Contact Lenses Deliver Drug For Glaucoma

Biomaterials: Contact lenses release a glaucoma drug in a controlled… Read more >

Consumer 3-D Printer Fabricates Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidics: With the right resin, the machine builds transparent devices… Read more >

Antifreeze Protein Works From Inside Out

Biochemistry: Surprising fish structure includes large water sheets Read more >

Biotech Stock Offerings Boom

Finance: A rash of small firms go public after strong… Read more >

Small Molecules Block Activity Of MicroRNA Transcription Factors

Drug Discovery: Computational method identifies compound that blocks microRNA that… Read more >

Mitsui Slashes Operations

Restructuring: Major chemical company will shutter plants, seek to reverse… Read more >

Simple Catalyst Pair Transforms Excess Glycerol Into Useful Compounds

Green Chemistry: A one-pot, two-catalyst reaction turns leftover… Read more >

Food Ingredient Tussle?

Sandwich chain Subway reacts to Internet campaign aimed at removing… Read more >

Hard Silicon Wafers Yield Flexible Electronics

Electronics: New silicon exfoliation technique converts rigid electronic devices into… Read more >

Shifting R&D Landscape

Report: NSF study shows the U.S., Europe, and Japan… Read more >

Controversial Organometallics Paper Cleared Of Falsification Charge

Publication ethics: Journal publishes correction and editors’ comments Read more >

Mission To Destroy Syria’s Chemical Weapons Moves Slowly

U.S. cargo ship that will destroy Syria’s most… Read more >

Shape-Shifting Scaffold Supports Growing Bone Cells

Materials Science: A shape memory polymer could one day be… Read more >

Simple Technique Transfers Clean Graphene Sheets

Materials Science: A novel method allows engineers to build graphene… Read more >

Controversial Organometallics Paper Cleared Of Falsification Charge

Publication ethics: Journal publishes correction and editors’ comments Read more >

Electrostatic Forces Make Ions Fly For Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Analytical Chemistry: Researchers develop mass spectrometry imaging method that requires… Read more >

Light-Emitting Diode Can Stretch More Than Twice Its Length

Optoelectronics: A transparent, elastic electrode made of a silver nanowire… Read more >

Cleaner Graphene Offers Better Device Performance

Materials Science: A novel technique allows engineers to build graphene… Read more >

Directed Evolution Keeps Pace

Chemical Biology: Stringency modulation and negative selection in phage-assisted… Read more >

Powerful Bedfellows

Collaborations: NIH and pharma firms team up to identify drug… Read more >

Libya’s Chemical Arsenal Destroyed

Chemical Weapons: An international team has eliminated the last of… Read more >

Scotland Opens Biotech Center

Biotechnology: Jobs and sales in the industry are expected to… Read more >

Fire At Nuclear Waste Repository

Safety: No radioactivity released in incident at New Mexico facility… Read more >

U.S. Competitiveness In Research And Development Continues To Erode

Report: R&D in emerging economies is growing rapidly, says… Read more >

National Academy of Engineering Adds To Its Ranks

Honors: Of 78 new members and associates, 19 work in… Read more >

New Vehicle Air Filters Trap Tiny Troubling Pollution Particles

Air Quality: Researchers show that new vehicle air filters do… Read more >

Grace Exits Bankruptcy

Resolution: Asbestos claims sorted out after nearly 13 years of… Read more >

Sound Waves Shake Pharmaceuticals Into Cocrystals

Chemical Engineering: Resonant acoustic mixing provides a green, scalable way… Read more >

Researchers Study How Rare-Earth Nanoparticles Trigger Inflammation

Toxicology: Coating the nanoparticles in phosphates could prevent the toxic… Read more >

Protection For Drinking Water

Legislation: Senate takes up safety concerns in wake of West… Read more >

Fluorescent Probe Labels Membrane Proteins, No Rinsing Required

Bioimaging: Engineered dye glows only after snapping onto targeted surface… Read more >

Diagnosing Tuberculosis With A Nanotrap

Medical Diagnostics: Researchers couple nanopore technology with mass spectrometry to… Read more >

Fourth-Quarter Earnings Surge For Chemical Makers

Finances: Strong earnings reports help executives appeal to investors Read more >

Accelrys Acquired By French Software Firm

Lab Automation: Dassault Systèmes acquires laboratory information management software… Read more >

Chemist Sent To Prison For Selling Silicone Formulas

Trade Secrets: Former Wacker employee sentenced to two years in… Read more >

Silk Fibers Grow Directly On Graphene

Materials Science: The strong, flexible, and conductive nanocomposite of silk… Read more >

Lanxess Drops CEO As Profits Fall

Leadership: Management change may precede restructuring and cost cutting Read more >

Chemical Plant Safety

Industry warns against requiring use of inherently safer technologies Read more >

Enzyme Makes Tough-To-Construct C–N Bonds

Chemical Biology: Halogenase directly adds nitrite or azide to unactivated… Read more >

In Search Of An Ideal Route To Hydrogen Peroxide

Chemical Reagents: Researchers develop a highly selective catalyst for making… Read more >

Obama Lays Out His Plans

State Of The Union: President proposes small steps, unilateral action… Read more >

NMR Structures Get Sharper With Rosetta

Computer program refines nuclear magnetic resonance structures of proteins, making… Read more >

Geraldine Richmond To Lead AAAS

Elections: Surface chemist and long-time advocate for women in… Read more >

Sound Waves Provide A Green, Scalable Way To Make Pharmaceutical Cocrystals

Chemical Engineering: Resonant acoustic mixing produces multigram quantities of cocrystals… Read more >

Ronald Breslow Wins American Institute of Chemists’ Gold Medal

Awards: Top honor recognizes service to the chemistry community Read more >

Smartphone Attachment Detects Ionic Mercury

Water Analysis: With the snap of a picture, a new… Read more >

Device Mines Precious Phosphorus From Sewage

Water Treatment: A combined osmosis and distillation process could lower… Read more >

Fuzzy NMR Structures Get Sharper

Structural Biology: A computer program can refine NMR structures, making… Read more >

Hedge Fund Targets Dow

Activist Investor: Third Point wants big chemical maker to split… Read more >

Retreat On Refinery Reform

Safety: Chemical safety board splits on overhaul of California regulations… Read more >

Plextronics Shorts Out

Bankruptcy: Solvay offers to buy maker of conductive polymers for… Read more >

Green-Building Labels Trigger A Race To The Top

Ecolabels: LEED certification pushes builders to construct more sustainable projects… Read more >

Rail, Oil Industries Consider New Safety Measures

Immediate steps and long-term plans aim to improve rail… Read more >

Wolf Prize Goes To Chi-Huey Wong

Awards: Chemist earns 2014 honor for pioneering synthesis of complex… Read more >

International Year Of Crystallography Launched

Science Anniversaries: Party in Paris begins yearlong celebration of this… Read more >

Pinpointing Pigments In 3-D

Art: Researchers can now identify the exact position of pigment… Read more >

A New Way To Preserve Old Bones

Crystal Growth: Calcium carbonate treatment strengthens and holds together bone… Read more >

New Compounds Help γ-Secretase Make The Right Cuts

Medicinal Chemistry: Researchers report water-soluble compounds that modulate the… Read more >

Plastic Films Pin Water Droplets Like Rose Petals Do

Materials: Researchers print nanoscale patterns into the surface of plastic… Read more >

Attacking Cancer With Light-Controlled Bacteria?

Synthetic Biology: A team of undergraduates program bacteria to release… Read more >

U.K. Approves Fracking

Shale Gas: Prime Minister supports natural-gas-extraction method, big… Read more >

Taking On The Problem Of Reproducibility

Organizations call for standards to improve reproducibility in life sciences… Read more >

RNA Drug Firms Attract Deals

Pharmaceuticals: Recent successes help boost emerging therapeutic field Read more >

Spotting Many Different Proteins On Single Cells

Analytical Biochemistry: DNA-based sensing of multiple proteins could aid… Read more >

Monsanto Seed Case Closed

Intellectual Property: Supreme Court refuses to revive challenge to company… Read more >