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In partnership with the world’s leading scientific bodies, RACI brings you the latest news headlines locally and from across the globe. Featuring article summaries from ACS, RSC and Science Alert.

Touch lights up supercooled material

Weight of a single cell is enough to induce crystallisation… Read more >

Industry body accused over links to discredited US fire safety group

Claims that American Chemistry Council was 'intimately involved' with flame… Read more >

Crystalline sponge method strikes again

Innovative technique unveils structures of unique compounds with axial and… Read more >

Endo to buy Par as generics consolidation continues

$8bn deal follows trend as drugmakers aim for economies of… Read more >

Pockels' trough

Investigating interfaces Read more >

MOF catalyst capable of disabling chemical weapons

Zirconium-based framework breaks down nerve agent mimic within 30… Read more >

DuPont fined over fatal leak

Company lacked proper safety procedures to prevent deaths of four… Read more >

Food & Drug Administration Seeks Data About Antibiotics Given To Cows, Pigs, And Poultry

Pharmaceuticals: Agency wants species-specific information on sales from manufacturers… Read more >

Chinese Solar Panel Maker Risks Going Out Of Business

Solar Industry: Yingli Green Energy warns its investors about struggles… Read more >

New Approach To Control Enzyme Function In Cells

Molecular Biology: Technique switches enzyme activity on and off with… Read more >

Synthetic Melanin Films Mimic Colors In Bird Feathers

Biomimetics: Nanoparticles of polydopamine self-assemble to form colored films… Read more >

Molecular Pump Mimics Natural Carrier Proteins

Molecular Machines: Synthetic system threads two rings onto a dumbbell… Read more >

Iron Catalyst Forges Secondary Amines

Organic Synthesis: Challenging structures prepared from nitroarenes and olefins Read more >

House Of Representatives Passes Controversial Research Authorization Bill

Congress: Science organizations and the White House oppose provisions in… Read more >

Soft Sensors Map Skin Mechanics

Materials: Piezoelectric nanoribbons help create pliable devices Read more >

Industry Cheers Passage Of House Bill To Make Permanent R&D Tax Credit

Legislation: Obama threatens to veto the measure, citing high price… Read more >

Capturing carbon

Andy Extance finds uncertainty over efforts to capture and store… Read more >

Complex amines made easy (and cheap)

Iron-catalysed cross-coupling brings together nitroarenes and olefins in… Read more >

Organic chemistry’s complexity conundrum

New tool seeks to answer the question: can an organic… Read more >

Eli Pearce Dies At 86

Obituary: Chemistry professor, American Chemical Society past-president advocated for… Read more >

Snow Fleas Pack A Chemical Weapon

Chemical Ecology: Cold-weather-loving insect produces never-before-seen… Read more >

Government Cites DuPont For Chemical Leak That Killed Four Workers

Plant Safety: Serious failures in 2014 toxic release at Texas… Read more >

Endo To Purchase Par Pharmaceuticals

Acquisition: Generic drugs firms agree to $8 billion merger Read more >

Molecular pump points way to non-equilibrium chemistry

Chemical system mimics nature's trick of accumulating molecules against… Read more >

Research shines light on perovskite solar cell manufacturing

Efficiency record for perovskites may be broken after development of… Read more >

Getting closer to secrets on the seabed

Scientists in Spain are developing a technique to analyse minerals… Read more >

How do we solve a problem like Marie?

Women in science’s history deserve better treatment than myths… Read more >

Response to tainted US drinking water criticised

Scientific advice in the US is poor when it comes… Read more >

Canada sets climate target

Canada aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from energy-intensive… Read more >

Making Complex Microparticles

Materials: Micromolding method creates complicated shapes easily and efficiently Read more >

Stephen Harrison Wins Welch Award

Awards: Harvard Medical School professor’s macromolecular work enables new… Read more >

Molecules that amaze us

Compound conversations Read more >

Taking the lead on drug discovery

Making compounds that promise to become useful drugs has just… Read more >

Malaria drug could cash in on green chemistry

Minimising acid and solvent toxicity brings surprising benefits in artemisinin… Read more >

Integrating spectral analysis into academic research & teaching

Join us in this free webinar to find out how… Read more >

Is age the next diversity challenge?

Sarah Byrne investigates whether age discrimination could be unfairly holding… Read more >

The nuclear danger of iodine

It may not be an element you think of as… Read more >


From a glamorous necklace to cutting edge body armour - Helen… Read more >

Endo To Purchase Par Pharmaceutical

Acquisition: Generic drug firms agree to $8 billion merger Read more >

Roadmap to reward pharma for creating new antibiotics unveiled

Report recommends large up-front payments and an innovation fund… Read more >

Cocaine users sweat over fingerprint analysis

Surface mass spectrometry quickly detects cocaine metabolites in fingerprints Read more >

GSK commits to HIV research

Firm will partner with US university and cancels plan to… Read more >

Star creation for plant medication

Polymeric nanocarriers branch out and bear fruit Read more >

Microfluidic Technique Forms Complex Patterns From Soft Materials

Colloid Chemistry: Simple method controllably produces variety of droplet geometries… Read more >

Congress Puts Pressure On Obama Administration To Release Pollinator Protection Plan

Pesticides: Federal plan for safeguarding bees is five months overdue… Read more >

2014 Profits Are Strong For Japan’s Chemical Firms

Finance: Weak yen, low oil prices, and a strong U… Read more >

Drugmaker, University Join To Find A Cure For HIV

Pharmaceuticals: GlaxoSmithKline, University of North Carolina will set up research… Read more >

Judge refuses Freedom Industries’ bankruptcy plan

Court says $6.7m proposal from the company responsible for… Read more >

$13.8bn Danaher bid wins Pall auction

Mega-merger follows consolidation trend in lab equipment supply sector… Read more >

Opiate-producing yeast raises spectre of 'home-brewed heroin'

Warnings that completion of final steps in opiate biosynthesis could… Read more >

Jellyfish skin perfect mould to cast complex nanoparticles

Hierarchical silver hybrid particles are cheap to make and have… Read more >

House Of Representatives Panel Launches Bipartisan Effort To Reform U.S. Chemical Law

Congress: Lawmakers agree on draft bill to update Toxic Substances… Read more >

Cleaning Up Leather Processing With Salty Solvents

Sustainability: A new way to tan and dye leather produces… Read more >

Government Cites DuPont For Chemical Leak That Killed Four Workers

Plant Safety: Serious failures in 2014 toxic release at Texas… Read more >

Syngenta Rejects Bid By Monsanto

Agriculture: $45 billion deemed not enough to create world’s… Read more >

Holograms Help To Power Up Microbatteries

Energy Storage: Polymer patterning technique lets researchers pack more power… Read more >

DuPont Fends Off Activist Challenge

Business: Trian comes up short in its bid to unseat… Read more >

Court Delays U.S. Sales Of First Biosimilar Drug

Pharmaceuticals: Court postpones launch of Novartis’s version of Amgen… Read more >

Amyloid Fibril Has Unusual Structure

Structural Biology: Researchers generate Alzheimer’s-related fibril, find it… Read more >

Universities bear brunt of cuts to keep Australian science running

Cuts to funding for researchers announced in budget staves off… Read more >

All set for chemistry

Chemistry sets through the years have both weathered and reflected… Read more >

UN sets its sights on marine microplastics

Scale of the problem means no simple solutions exist to… Read more >

Dupont overcomes investor challenge

Shareholders decline to elect activist board nominees in a show… Read more >

Trade agreement could limit access to medicines

If approved in its leaked form, the Trans-Pacific Partnership… Read more >

Panel of top scientists set to advise European commission

Announcement ends uncertainty over scientific advice after chief scientific adviser… Read more >

FDA accused of violating drug company’s freedom of speech

Amarin says the regulator is stopping it from giving ‘truthful… Read more >

Graphene-wrapped diamond ball bearings cut friction to virtually nothing

Discovery could help save energy and money, but still needs… Read more >

The nano advocate

Steffi Friedrichs tells Emma Davies how an open-minded attitude… Read more >

Injunction blocks first US biosimilar

Despite regulatory approval, Amgen is delaying sales of Sandoz’s… Read more >

California demands warning labels for BPA

Despite safety evidence, the state has added BPA to its… Read more >

Green Chemistry Institute Receives $500,000 Federal Grant

Sustainability: Advanced manufacturing project aims to boost development of environmentally… Read more >

Bendy Neuronal Arrays Could Boost Cellular Engineering

Tissue Engineering: Flexible sheets of neurons may improve studies of… Read more >

Hyaluronic acid

Brian Clegg smooths out the wrinkles over the darling of… Read more >

Espresso maker brews up tasty extraction

Household appliance isolates flu drug raw material from star anise… Read more >

Electricity harvested from magnetic noise

Magneto–mechano–electric generator could be effective power source for… Read more >

Dissolvable Electronic Stent Designed For Monitoring Blocked Arteries

Bioengineering: Smart, bioresorbable stents could reduce complications from opening clogged… Read more >

Tory election victory heralds new science minister for UK

David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle ushers in new faces for… Read more >

Alexion to buy Synageva for rare disease drugs

$8.4bn deal gives firm access to enzyme drug currently… Read more >

Food & Drug Administration Seeks Safety Data On Skin Sanitizers

Disinfectants: Agency to evaluate health care workers’ frequent use of… Read more >

Inhibitors Make Rare Landing On Longstanding Anticancer Target Ras

Drug Discovery: Despite decades of effort, no Ras inhibitors have… Read more >

Zoetis to sell or close 10 plants in cost-cutting drive

Animal health firm will slash product portfolio in a bid… Read more >

Takeda offers $2.4bn to settle diabetes litigation

Aims to settle multiple outstanding lawsuits relating to Actos (pioglitazone… Read more >

Evolving Toward Universal Blood

Bioengineering: Researchers improve the efficiency of an enzyme that turns… Read more >

MOFs Made From Flexible Polymers Buck Conventional Wisdom

Hybrid Materials: Surprising 3-D porous crystals made from floppy… Read more >

BASF To Sell Fine Chemicals Businesses To Siegfried

Pharmaceuticals: World’s largest chemical firm to shed custom synthesis… Read more >

Spending On Cancer Drugs Tops $100 Billion

Pharmaceuticals: Effectiveness of new drugs, longer duration of treatment drove… Read more >

New Reagent Brings Fresh Approach To Fluorination

Synthesis: Fluorinated diazomethane serves up key difluoromethyl intermediates for drugs… Read more >

Fructose May Motivate People To Seek Out Food

Neuroscience: Compared with glucose, fructose activates brain regions that enhance… Read more >

Dow Will Eliminate Up To 1,750 Jobs

Business: Action anticipates spin-off of chlorine business to Olin… Read more >

Renmatix And Cargill Snap Up Biobased Assets

Sweet Deals: Purchases of Mascoma facility and OPX Biotechnologies’ engineered… Read more >

Texas Moves To Tighten State’s Ammonium Nitrate Storage Requirements

Regulation: Legislation aims to prevent accidents at fertilizer facilities Read more >

Persistent Industrial Pollutants Could Stymie Songbird Migration

Ecotoxicology: Study of captive starlings shows the birds fail to… Read more >

Tiny Capsules Tailor Light

Photonics: Polymer packages containing upconversion dyes could help boost efficiency… Read more >

Trade Fight Looms As Key Bills Head For House And Senate Votes

Congress: Legislation would pave the way for U.S. to… Read more >

Beetle’s Explosive Spray Mechanism Revealed By X-Ray Imaging

Bioweapon: Pulsed effect driven by chemical reaction Read more >

3-D Printed Graphene Inks Bring Nanomaterial’s Promising Properties To Macro-Scale

Materials: Printed structures could have applications in energy storage and… Read more >

DNA Conjugates Deliver Transcription Factors Into Cells

Drug Discovery: New method could lead to therapeutic use of… Read more >

Assay Could Shed Light On Potential Stress Biomarker

Analytical Chemistry: A method that converts isatin to a related… Read more >

Neurons Can Control Their Activity Via DNA Methylation

Epigenetics: DNA demethylation enzyme helps prevent nerve cells from getting… Read more >

Senate Panel Advances Bill To Stop EPA From Using Clinical Data In Setting Regulations

Congress: Measure would require agency to use only publicly available… Read more >

Chemical Reform Bill Moves Forward In Senate

Congress: Committee clears compromise bill that would update 1976 law… Read more >

Advisory Services Back DuPont Foe

Strategy: Two of three advisers say Trian Fund Management should… Read more >

A New Spin On The Old Gram Stain

Microbiology: Using spectroscopy, researchers upended the belief that bacteria completely… Read more >

Advisory Service Backs DuPont Challenger

Institutional Shareholder Services says Trian Fund Management should get seats… Read more >

Land Animals Could Pick Up Methylmercury From The Sea

Environment: Analysis of Arctic lichens shows that the ocean may… Read more >

Fake, Inferior Medicines Pose Worldwide Risks

Health: Report finds that ‘pandemic of falsified and substandard medicines… Read more >

BASF Celebrates Chemistry In Style

Celebration of German giant’s 150th anniversary is punctuated by… Read more >

Congress Sends Energy Efficiency Bill To White House For President’s Signature

Green Tech: Legislation will boost demand for chemistry products, such… Read more >

Making Silk Optical Devices With Photolithography

Materials: A manufacturing method taken from the semiconductor industry could… Read more >

President’s Pick To Lead Chemical Safety Board Pledges To Examine Struggling Agency

Vanessa Allen Sutherland breezes through nomination hearing in Congress Read more >

Firms Beat Dollar, Price Pressures

Chemical Earnings: First quarter surpasses expectations as companies report strong… Read more >

Artificial Photosynthesis Device Paves Way Toward Sustainable Liquid Fuel

Clean Energy: Solar-powered prototype transforms carbon dioxide to acetate… Read more >

Evidence Against Neonicotinoids Mounts

Pesticides: One study shows bees are attracted to the insecticides… Read more >

Hydrogel Could Green Up Fracking

Sustainability: Expandable hydraulic fluid could cut water and chemical additives… Read more >

Elusive Silicon Oxides Unveiled

Main-Group Elements: Chemists prepare the first examples of simple… Read more >

New Family Of Cyclic Peptides Identified

Chemical Biology: Never-before-seen cross-link places streptide in… Read more >

Teva Makes Hostile Bid To Acquire Mylan

Pharmaceuticals: Top generic drug firm proposes new deal within a… Read more >

Simple Tag Could Help Decode Glycoproteome

Proteomics: Technique makes it easier to identify and characterize cellular… Read more >

Former UC Davis Chemist Ordered To Pay Restitution For 2013 Apartment Explosion

Crime: David Snyder was sentenced last year on explosives, firearms… Read more >

Engineered Bacteria Deliver Proteins Into Human Cells

Synthetic Biology: A pathogen’s infection machinery could help researchers… Read more >

Receptor Research Reignites A Smelly Debate

Biochemistry: New data rebut vibrational theory of olfaction Read more >

170-Year-Old Champagne Cache Analyzed

Chemical analysis of shipwrecked bubbly reveals secrets of 19th-century… Read more >

Top Five Industries For Chemical-Related Incidents

Federal agency review of chemical accidents in nine states reveals… Read more >

Shin-Etsu Invests In Photoresists

Electronic Materials: Japanese firm plans large facility in Taiwan Read more >

Liquor-Store Spirits Provide Green Alternative To HPLC Solvents

Analytical Chemistry: Rum or vodka combined with household products produces… Read more >

A Farewell To Messenger

Space Science: Mercury-orbiting spacecraft nears death plunge after science… Read more >

UC Berkeley’s Graham Fleming Resigns Vice Chancellor Post

Investigation: Report substantiates harassment allegations, chemist calls it “biased and… Read more >

Draft Bill May Pave Path For Reform Of Federal Chemical Control Law

Congress: House of Representatives’ proposed overhaul of the Toxic Substances… Read more >

Nuclear Deal Could Boost Iran’s Chemical Sector

Middle East: Lifting sanctions will eliminate restraints on the local… Read more >

Structure Of The Measles Virus Nucleocapsid Reveals How It Wraps Up Its Genome

Structural Biology: Researchers tame the virus’s floppy capsid structure… Read more >

Drug Spending Jumped In 2014, IMS Study Finds

Pharmaceuticals: New drugs, fewer patent expirations drove sales growth Read more >

Technique Adds Proteins To Membranes At Specific Sites And Times

Biomodification: Lipid, linker, and photocaging give researchers exquisite control over… Read more >

Oxytocin Promotes Social Behaviors By Tuning Brain Circuits

Neuroscience: Hormone helps auditory circuits in adult mouse brains to… Read more >

Natural Gas Dominates U.S. Energy Projections

Resources: Chemical feedstocks predicted to shift away from petroleum-based… Read more >

Carbon-Nanotube Electrodes Make Better Brain Connections

Neuroscience: Nanotube electrodes can stimulate and record from neurons without… Read more >

Plastic Bags Cut Wildlife Populations In Marshland Ecosystems

Pollution: Conventional and biodegradable plastic bags covering marsh sediments reduce… Read more >

Shape-Shifting Substance Stays Soft

Materials: Weaving together two polymers makes a rubbery shape-memory… Read more >

First 3-D View Of The Body’s Pain-Sensing ‘Wasabi Receptor’

Biomolecular Structure: Snapshot of the TRPA1 ion channel, which senses… Read more >

Bristol-Myers Squibb Buys Into Gene Therapy

Pharmaceuticals: Firm adds gene therapy in a deal with uniQure… Read more >

A Glimpse Inside The Sophisticated World Of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Vice correspondent Hamilton Morris travels to New Zealand and China… Read more >

BASF Sues Umicore Over Battery Chemistry

Patent Dispute: Ownership of nickel-cobalt-manganese cathode material is… Read more >

Fluorescence Studies Reveal How Cells Take Out Their Protein Garbage

Molecular Biology: Researchers use single-molecule methods to observe details… Read more >

Lawrencium Ionization Energy Measured

Actinides: Study confirms theoretical understanding of electronic structure of superheavy… Read more >

Engineered Bacteria Shine Light On Air Pollution

Biosensors: A pollutant-detecting device contains bioluminescent bacteria that glow… Read more >

Total Advances Plans For Gulf Coast Cracker

Petrochemicals: Company has filed for permits for an ethylene unit… Read more >

Fracking Activities Pollute Nearby Air With Carcinogenic Hydrocarbons

Environmental Health: Air in the backyards of residents near Ohio… Read more >

China p-xylene plant explodes for second time in less than two years

Plant Safety: Chemical warfare unit and more than 600 firefighters… Read more >

Decorating Quantum Dots To Make Them Glow White

Nanotechnology: Chemists produce white-light-emitting zinc sulfide nanocrystals by… Read more >

α/β-Peptides Could Offer Low-Cost Alternative To Antibody Drugs

Drug Design: Researchers mix natural and nonnatural amino acids to… Read more >

EPA Halts New Uses Of Pesticides Linked To Bee Decline

Neonicotinoids: Activists urge further protection for pollinators, industry objects Read more >

First Pictures Of The Mitoribosome Taken

Biomolecular Structure: Researchers obtain near-atomic-level views of the… Read more >

A Solution-Based Method For Making Black Phosphorus

Materials: Solvent exfoliation is a way to make large amounts… Read more >

U.S. Sets Emission Targets In Preparation For Climate Change Talks

Negotiations: Obama Administration proposes up to 26% cut in emissions… Read more >

Union Carbide Buys Back Troubled West Virginia Plant

Chemicals: Facility once produced lethal methyl isocyanate Read more >

Cancer Immunotherapy Deal Mania Continues

Pharmaceuticals: Novartis and Merck Serono broaden their immuno-oncology portfolios… Read more >

Borrelidin Jams Its Target By Multitasking

Natural Products: New insights into how the potent antibiotic inhibits… Read more >

Smokeless Tobacco Leaves Traces Of Carcinogens In Household Dust

Environment: Study suggests residents of households with smokeless tobacco users… Read more >

Researchers Map The Molecular Makeup Of The Human Skin Surface

Microbiome: Using a combo of mass spec and RNA sequencing… Read more >

Coating Turns Cotton Into A Fabric Worthy Of A Superhero

Materials: Three-layer coating repels water and fire and heals… Read more >

Globalizing Japan’s Chemical Society

International: Chemical Society of Japan wants to broaden engagement Read more >

White House Targets Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Superbugs: Plan aims to curb deadly infections, promote drug discovery… Read more >

Teaching An Old Cobalt Complex New Tricks

Synthesis: Chemists turn cobalt (III) complexes into chiral hydrogen-bond… Read more >

Sanofi Off-Loads R&D Activities In France To Evotec

Pharmaceuticals: Evotec set to take over R&D activities at… Read more >

Biopolymer Derived From Crustaceans Could Combat Military Mortalities

ACS Meeting News: Chitosan-rich spray foams can slow hemorrhaging… Read more >

DuPont CEO Kullman Seeks To Fend Off Activist Trian

Strategy: Company appeals to shareholders in fight over board seats… Read more >

Middle School Students’ ‘Bee Aware’ Campaign Lands At White House Science Fair

Science Fair: Dozens of students present projects at event hosted… Read more >

Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board Chairman Steps Down

Rafael Moure-Eraso resigns under White House pressure, charges of… Read more >

Dow Chlorine Business Will Go To Olin

Restructuring: Deal continues Dow revamping, turns Olin into a new… Read more >

Cells Can Ferry Drugs In Disk-Shaped Packs

Drug Delivery: Simple fabrication method yields drug-loaded microsized disks… Read more >

Chemists Gather In Denver

ACS Meeting News: ‘Chemistry of Natural Resources’ was conference’s… Read more >

Measuring Bacterial Drug Uptake From Outside The Cell

Drug Development: A new method could enable low-dose drug… Read more >

First Chemistry Data From World’s Largest Radio Telescope

ACS Meeting News: Astrochemists use ALMA to analyze the chemistry… Read more >

Solid Catalyst Quickly Neutralizes Chemical Weapons

ACS Meeting News: Zr-based MOF hydrolyzes phosphate ester linkages… Read more >

Light-Emitting Metallacycles Put Themselves Together

ACS Meeting News: Coordination-driven self-assembly leads to platinum… Read more >

Proteins Nitrated At Specific Sites

ACS Meeting News: Approach could enable study of the role… Read more >

Copolymers Self-Assemble Multiple Times To Form Complex Structures

ACS Meeting News: Scalable strategy yields structures on the micrometer… Read more >

FDA Approves Genetically Modified Apple And Potato

Food: Agency says engineered versions are as safe and nutritious… Read more >

Making Battery Electrodes From Packing Peanuts

ACS Meeting News: Chemical engineers carbonize foam packaging to produce… Read more >

Common Herbicide Used In Monsanto’s Roundup Deemed ‘Probably Carcinogenic’

World Health Organization agency reaches controversial conclusion about glyphosate Read more >

Hexafluorocyclohexane Isomer Claims Most Polar Title

ACS Meeting News: Two-faced isomer has the highest dipole… Read more >

Opossum Peptides Could Provide Promising Antivenom

ACS Meeting News: Researchers engineer E. coli to create potent… Read more >

Harnessing The Microbiome To Curb Hunger

ACS Meeting News: Microbes genetically engineered to produce appetite-suppressing… Read more >

ChemChina To Buy Tire Maker Pirelli

Acquisition: $7.7 billion deal snags fifth-largest tire maker… Read more >

Targeting Brain Metabolism Could Offer New Way To Treat Epilepsy

Neuroscience: Inhibiting lactate dehydrogenase in mouse brains calms overexcited neurons… Read more >

Nanoparticle Takes Photodynamic Therapy To Deep Tumors

Biomedicine: A new nanoparticle makes it possible to target cancer… Read more >

NIH Launches Competition For A Better Alcohol Biosensor

With cash prize, agency hopes to spur development of a… Read more >

Red Rock’s Jet Fuel From Wood Gets Lift

Biofuels: Startup company hopes to succeed where others have failed… Read more >

Budget Conflict Ramps Up

Congress: Republicans seek tighter federal budgets that could curb research… Read more >

Cough Suppressant Tames Type 2 Diabetes

Medicinal Chemistry: Ingredient in over-the-counter medicine blocks receptor… Read more >

Chemistry Is Key To 3-D Printer’s Record-Setting Speed

Manufacturing: New machine uses photocurable resins to cut print times… Read more >

Graphene Defects Help Transfer Protons

Materials: Atomic-scale imperfections act like a bucket line, passing… Read more >

Some Biodegradable Plastics Don’t Live Up To Their Claims

Environment: Plastics with additives meant to promote biodegradation don’t… Read more >

DSM strikes a deal with CVC for Polymer Intermediates Business

Dutch firm furthers transformation by forming new company with investment… Read more >

Accelerating Chemical Production With Biology

Report: National Research Council outlines 10-year road map to… Read more >

European Polymer Makers Invest In U.S.

Plastics: Three expansion projects are slated for the Southeast Read more >

Charged Water Droplets Reduce Foodborne Microbes

Nanotechnology: Highly charged nanosized droplets formed by electrosprayed water can… Read more >

Chameleons’ Color-Changing Science

Lizards shift shades by tuning guanine nanocrystals in their skin… Read more >

Food & Drug Administration Approves First Biosimilar Drug In U.S.

Agency's decision paves the way for cheaper biologic pharmaceuticals… Read more >

Newfound Antibiotic Is Gargantuan And Unfortunately Deadly

Natural Products: Large macrolactone features a 52-membered ring and… Read more >

Alzheimer’s Treatments Could Go Acoustic

Neuroscience: Ultrasound removes amyloid plaques and restores memory in mice… Read more >

Machine Automates Assembly Of Small Molecules

Synthetic Chemistry: Tool could speed up search for new medicines… Read more >

Turmeric Compound Spices Up An Antimicrobial Surface

Antibacterials: Nanosized vesicles filled with curcumin and attached to a… Read more >

Pharma Firms Make Biotech Staff Cuts

Employment: After buying small biotech businesses, big pharma decides to… Read more >

Optimism Reigns Among Instrument Firms At Pittcon

Instrument Conference: Despite currency concerns, analytical toolmakers look for strong… Read more >

Machine Automates Assembly Of Small Molecules

Synthetic Chemistry: Tool could speed up search for new medicines… Read more >

Newfound Antibiotic Is Gargantuan And Unfortunately Deadly

Natural Products: Large macrolactone features a 52-membered ring and… Read more >

Alzheimer’s Treatments Could Go Acoustic

Neuroscience: Ultrasound removes amyloid plaques and restores memory in mice… Read more >

Bandage Releases Multiple Drugs Over Time

Materials: A bandage that rapidly releases a blood-clotting agent… Read more >

2015 Perkin Medal To Cynthia Maryanoff

Honors: Award recognizes outstanding contributions to drug commercialization Read more >

Climate-Friendly Refrigerants

Regulation: EPA approves five products that have low potentials for… Read more >

European Chemical Firms Struggle To Secure Growth

Finance: Outlook for 2015 remains uncertain Read more >

Motion-Powered Fabric Could Charge Small Electronics

Nanotechnology: A textile-based generator uses friction to convert mechanical… Read more >

Helping Brains Relieve Anxiety

Neuroscience: Phosphatase inhibitor restores regulatory circuit Read more >

Food & Drug Administration Approves First Biosimilar Drug In U.S.

Decision paves the way for cheaper biologic pharmaceuticals Read more >

White House Taps Transportation Official To Head Chemical Safety Board

Embattled organization has been beset by management woes, departures Read more >

White House Taps Transportation Official To Head Chemical Safety Board

Embattled organization has been beset by management woes, departures Read more >

Lead Dioxide Coating In Pipes Can Help Reduce Lead Contamination Of Drinking Water

Water Quality: A naturally occurring lead scale in old water… Read more >

Interest In Biobased Levulinic Acid Grows

Green Chemistry: Italian firms pursue development of intermediate from cellulosic… Read more >

Abbvie Wins Pharmacyclics

Pharmaceuticals: $21 billion deal helps firm become a leader in… Read more >

AstraZeneca Will Spin Off Antibiotics

Drug Discovery: Stand-alone company to be formed after no… Read more >

Shrinking The Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Instrumentation: Researchers develop the first miniature analyzer for mass spec… Read more >

Ancient Mars Had Enough Water For A Giant Ocean

New data suggest 20% of Red Planet’s surface was… Read more >

Computational Models Of Multistep Reaction Are Called So Flawed They Are ‘Not Even Wrong’

Reaction Chemistry: Study reveals mechanism theoretical work didn’t predict… Read more >

Chemical Mergers Jump In 2014

Finance: Focus on core businesses drives chemical deals Read more >

Computational Models Of Multistep Reaction Are Called So Flawed They Are ‘Not Even Wrong’

Reaction Chemistry: Study reveals mechanism theoretical work didn’t predict… Read more >

Shrinking The Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Instrumentation: Researchers develop the first miniature analyzer for mass spec… Read more >

Glowing DNA Strands Measure Toxic Mercury In Fish

Analytical Chemistry: A new assay provides a simpler way to… Read more >

Bristol-Myers Squibb Accesses Small Molecules For Immunotherapy

Cancer Research: Company signs two deals that bolster a toolbox… Read more >

AstraZeneca Will Spin Off Antibiotics

Drug Discovery: Stand-alone company to be formed after no… Read more >

Bioinspired Antireflective Coating Could Help Devices Capture More Light

Materials: A design similar to the compound eye of a… Read more >

Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline

Energy: Congress will attempt override move but likely lacks votes… Read more >

Calcium Channel Fingered In Ebola’s Infection Pathway

Virology: Two-pore channel 2 could provide a druggable target… Read more >

Reconfigurable Emulsions Might Find Use As Chemical Sensors

Surfactants tune the surface tension between liquids, cause droplets to… Read more >

Englerin A Targets Uncovered

Drug Discovery: Natural product kills kidney cancer cells by activating… Read more >

Reconfigurable Emulsions Might Find Use As Chemical Sensors

Surfactants tune the surface tension between liquids, cause droplets to… Read more >

Rajendra Pachauri, Chair Of Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, Resigns

Former IPCC leader faces allegations of sexual harassment Read more >

New Insecticidal Strategy Kills Crop Pests With RNA Interference

Insecticides: Researchers stop the Colorado potato beetle in its tracks… Read more >

This new folding electric bike can fit in your backpack

Ever wanted a bike that you can fold up and… Read more >

WATCH: This band-aid gel instantly stops bleeding

Meet the band-aid of the future - VetiGel is a… Read more >

WATCH: Do Beards Make Men Sexier?

The science is in - studies have shown that there's… Read more >

Here's everything that kills us in one morbid chart

Researchers have reviewed all the causes of death recorded in… Read more >

This is the first look at what happens to uranium fuel during a nuclear meltdown

Scientists have managed to observe uranium fuel becoming molten for… Read more >

Imagination and reality flow in opposite directions in your brain

Scientists have finally found the neurological difference between fantasy and… Read more >

New Alzheimer’s test detects disease 10 years before diagnosis

A new blood test for Alzheimer’s can detect the… Read more >

QUIZ: Which famous brain is your mind most similar to?

Procrastinating from work? Why not map your neurological activity and… Read more >

WATCH: Gecko-inspired Spiderman sticky pads are here

Ever dreamed of scaling the side of a building like… Read more >

New study reveals what checking your phone is doing to your neck

New research suggests that looking down to check your phone… Read more >

WATCH: The Sixth Extinction - this time, we're the asteroid

A whopping 98 percent of the species that have ever… Read more >

This new plastic breaks down in just 3 hours

Researchers have used fructose to create a new type of… Read more >

The Large Hadron Collider has observed two brand new particles

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